Scouting for Arsenal – This is the beast of a defender we need


After the last five matches with bad results where Arsenal won just one, lost three and drew 1, a far cry from the high flying 22 match unbeaten streak, every Arsenal fan must have a fantasy of hearing that we are signing Virgil van Dijk or Kalidou Koulibaly. Bad news, these calibre of players would cost colossal sums that Arsenal are just not known to fork out. You could say, they are unavailable.

However, who says there isn’t the calibre of these defenders that Arsenal can target. We have all seen that Wolverhampton Wanderers are performing wonders defensively especially against the top six sides, just the place Arsenal would be happy to improve.

Just to emphasize how impactful Willy Boly has been at Wolves let’s compare his statistics with those of Virgil van Dijk. Here is Statistically Boly Vs Dijk.


  Parameter of Comparison Virgil van Dijk – Liverpool Age 27 Height 6’4 Willy Boly – Wolves

Age 27 Height 6’5

1 Appearances 20 20
2 Goals conceded (Team) 8 23
3 Clean sheets (Team) 5 11
4 Tackles 19 52
5 Tackle Success % 79% 62%
6 Last man Tackles 0 1
7 Blocked shots 6 2
8 Interceptions 23 43
9 Clearances 101 88
10 Headed clearances 52 62
11 Clearance off the line 0 0
12 Recoveries 95 133
13 Duels won 114 136
14 Duels lost 39 70
15 Successful 50%/50% 5 7
16 Aerial battles won 81 70
17 Aerial Battles lost 32 28
18 Own Goals 0 0
19 Errors leading to goals 0 0

Looking at these numbers and realizing that Willy Boly has just had half a season at the EPL, it is clear that in a short rum Willy Boly would become a high calibre defender at the same levels with the likes of Virgil, and Arsenal should tempt the resolve of Wolves to release him. We could give them a negotiated deal that includes an immediate loan back for the rest of the season if they insist. This is a purchase Arsenal should make right now when Boly is still available at the bargain store.



  1. Xxnofx says:

    So this I pulled off BBC
    With no major departures expected in January and heavy investment in new signings and contracts over the past year, Arsenal do not have significant funds to spend in the upcoming transfer window.

    Any permanent acquisitions, loan fees and salaries will be drawn from a modest budget and therefore loan deals are more probable, with out-of-favour Barcelona midfielder Denis Suarez, 24, among those under consideration. That budget is likely to increase substantially in the summer

    Now don’t get me wrong but “heavy investment “seems like a big word to use .
    I just don’t get where our clubs money goes
    I can see the same bullsh1t happening like the summer ,wasting money on cheap short term players .

  2. Xxnofx says:

    I know you shouldn’t believe what you read online but that was David ornstein whos is pretty good when it comes to arsenal story’s

  3. Uwot? says:

    I agree.we definitely need a big willy it was never the same when we lost our coq!

    1. cannonspike says:

      Classic 🙂

  4. Sean says:

    Stan Kronke is a miserable yank, simple as That! That’s why he’s a billionaire I suppose but we need some sort of investment as Ramsey, Welbz, Cech & Leicstenier all Free to walk away so no money, wage bill freed up abit.

    Ozil & Miki will leave as they are not in Unais Plans going forward, Lacazette won’t put up with the bench all the time. Xhaka isn’t good enough for Arsenal, either is Mustafi & Iwobi. We don’t even have a proper winger bar Nelson & he’s on loan developing nicely is a plus this season so far.

    We need an overhaul on the squad to be honest, we won’t get alot of money in for that lot but we need to spend Arsenals own money already in the bank plus what we generate if Stan won’t invest a penny now he’s 100% owner… He will be the next one that has to go in time if he doesn’t help the club then what’s the point for us fans as we will have no hope with this buffoon as owner/dictator!

    This isn’t doom & gloom but Unai can’t work miracles with an average squad that he even doesn’t fancy the top eaners at the club in the team (or leaving) & their on the biggest wages (Ozil, Laca, Miki, Rambo & Cech)

    We still have alot of work to do but COYG…

    1. Ethio gooner says:

      I can’t help it but laugh when fans act like we have the ability to get rid of the owner. He is the Owner. Arsenal football club is under the name of kroenkes sports & entertainment. or Is there something that I hadn’t understood?

      1. jon fox says:

        Ethio, You are correct but too gloomy. Other owners have been got rid of by fan power. It all depends on how much action the entire fan base is WILLING to take. It needs the complete fanbase to take action if we are to succeed. As most realise, standing still in life means regressing in actuality. We have not been even standing still, prior to Emery. Good news though is that the internal regime, Kroenke apart, are true football professionals with a hunger to succeed. Given the paucity of defenders and the last severel years of steady decline, I predict that UNLESS Kroenke seriously invests by next summer, there will be serious fan action taken. The sooner the better for those who REALLY care.

      2. nikkogunners says:

        All that is hot air if the fans decided to go on strike…not buy anything for merchandise proceeds, not buy the season tickets, not attend games…etc. So in the face value he owns the club but the money the club generates comes from the fan base…he can be hurt and lose interest and sell off

    2. jon fox says:

      Well, top marks for fully identifying the REAL problem. HOW to rid our club of Kroenke though is the important decision and most urgent one we need to consider. If you have an owner who cares, you can quickly recover lost ground. But OURS doesn’t care.

      1. nikkogunners says:

        he cares…not for football though…for profits. Son has taken some interest in Emirates so they are probably beginning to feel the heat the last few years of Arsene

    3. Ddog says:

      I believe we need a fan revolution, where fans take back control of at least 50% of the club. Fans should have a stake in the club it is only fair.

  5. nikkogunners says:

    Can all our fans take a decision – to attend a match and deliver a message through peaceful protesting…We should start now so that in a season or two we will have recovered

  6. nikkogunners says:

    People can carry grey Handkerchiefs for starts – Grey Color Meaning – The colour of compromise. Grey is considered to be an unemotional, detached colour seeking to avoid attention. It conveys gloom and depression. Very conservative, grey has a stabilizing effect as it is very neutral, but can also conjure up feelings of frustration.

  7. nikkogunners says:

    Some bad record finally gets to be exorcised. Arsenal finally have a lead at half-time

  8. Skills1000 says:

    We don’t need a complete overhaul. Rather, we should sign Two wingers and a central defender. Gary Cahill, Zaha and Nabil Fekir. We need pace in the team.

    1. Sal says:

      nabil fekir doesn’t have the pace you seem to beleive he is ok at passing, good at croosing, ok vision creativity, loves to take shots but not pace and defenitly won’t be the best at pressing even though he likes the tackle, he can’t seem to shut the passing channels so don’t see him in our team, and overrated in my eyes to me he is a stay away player not worth the 60 mil or whatever they quoted him for 🙂

      1. Skills1000 says:

        U may be right though. But we do need two Wingers in the mould of Raheem Sterling. And our defending has been poor this season. The team needs composure. Experience at the back. Since Rob holding injury, the defense has been disappointing. We should sign Gary Cahill ASAP.

  9. Sean Williams says:

    The billionaire ‘Greedy Stan Kroenke’ owns 5 clubs in different sports. The are all in grey-land, nowhere clubs. His attention is on the LA Rams and NOT Arsenal anyway. He is a ‘nightmare’ owner. Some owners want to win and invest considerably. Not Kroenke. The Anal Retentives who support the Greedy Stan’s policy of not touching his own money, should look at the successful clubs of the world. A’tight ass’ is a description of psychological character. There are ‘tight asses who claim to be Arsenal supporters. They are not Arsenal supporters. Read Freud on Anal Retentives. They are damaged beings, tight asses. Over the years Chelsea, City and Liverpool have invested properly in the playing quality in their clubs. Kroenke could too. He does not want to. You who support Kroenke are not Arsenal supporters.

    1. jon fox says:

      Forgive my surprise, not at what you correctly say about Kroenke, but at the impression you have that SOME Arsenal fans like him. I suggest to you that ” you who support Kroenke” are either entirely absent or virtually 100% absent among Arsenal fans. Where did you get the odd idea that some support him? In my experience of our fans, which is extensive , as I have been a Gooner all my long life, the polar OPPOSITE has been exclusively the case.

  10. inkfight! says:

    David Ornstein is the club’s unofficial mouth piece, so this is the information the club would want leaked to the fans. I also don’t think there will be “substantial” funds available in the summer.

    Emery knew this when he took on the job, and these are the limitations he would have agreed to work under (same as his predecessor). While I remain unconvinced (as he doesn’t seem to have a preferred or attractive playing style), I am happy to give him time to try to improve our team, especially the defence.

    By my reckoning, we will need to bring in 5 players over the next two transfer windows, setting us back anywhere between GBP 120-150 million. I only see us managing to recover around GBP 30-40 million if we manage to sell off Ozil, Elneny & Chambers.

    The positions we need cover for (in priority):
    – Quality centre-back, and this is probably where the bulk of our budget will be spent,

    – A proper winger; we have been linked with Pepe, Pavon and Sarr though Pepe might be out of our price range,

    – Mid-field passmaster / playmaker; probably the trickiest one and dependant upon what sort of style Emery wants to impose on the team. Will it be someone more battle-hardened, like Ever Banega or someone who can create chances in the final third (and has some bottle), potentially the poor man’s Mesut Ozil, Hakim Zeyich,

    – Back-up / Plan B striker, with Welbeck’s contract not being extended, Nketiah being unproven and budget restrictions, we could do worse than re-signing Olivier Giroud on a free – purely as a Plan B, and finally,

    – Back-up full back, depending upon if we extend contracts for Monreal & Lichtsteiner (neither of which we should be doing).

    1. enagic says:

      CB – fernando Calero
      Wingers – pepe, pavon, Sarr, Cengiz
      Playmaker – Banega/Denis suarez
      Striker – Wesley Moares

      100% posibility in this open transfer window is Banega and Denis suarez

    2. nikkogunners says:

      If I was charged with the operation through this window, I would move both Ramsey and Ozil and bring in Hakim Zeyich…I would bring back Reiss Nelson as backup in these areas. I fear Kolasinac. he is good going forward and poor defending – so i would sell him and get Alex Telles I would replace Konscienly with Gary Cahill and buy Willy Boly. Right wing we have Ainsley Maitland-Niles to challenge Bellerin. For an additional Striker i would look to the championship for Neal Maupay (Brentford) or Tammy Abraham (Aston Villa) if chelsea can let him go…

  11. patH says:

    I do not know what Arsenal is currently valued at but assume its 800 million+. If fan pressure forces Kronke to sell, my question would be who can and has the resources to make such an investment. Having paid the asking price the new owners, according to some would need to invest upward of 200 million. I totally agree that Kronke must invest if he has any realistic idea of a return on his money in the not to distant future. However, there is no guarantee that any new owner would invest either. Its a bit of a quandry don’t you think.

    1. nikkogunners says:

      Aliko Dangote from Nigeria was interested. ready to put in 2B for purchase…He loves football so he would invest

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