Scrappy Arsenal open the scoring in controversial fashion (Video)

Arsenal have taken the lead in tonight’s late kick-off, but it looked it looked awfully controversial initially.

On initial viewing, the video review looked certain to be in line to rule out Alexandre Lacazette‘s headed goal, but the goal stands.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang played a key role in the goal of course, teeing his team-mate up with a neat cross to fire home from the edge of the six-yard box.

The evidence shows that we were kept onside by the slimmest heel which appears to have allowed us to take the lead, amd hopefully the goal will give our side some impetus to push on, as we have so far struggled to find our rhythm.

Will the goal settle our side?



  1. Ozil was onside people said he has nothing to offer the team 🤣. Only one goal but a win is a win thanks to the headed pass to lacazzette.

    1. I should have put by only one goal 2-1 Leno played quite well a nice one handed save although the defence was not the best today.

    1. That’s what VAR is for Declan. It didn’t make Moyes happy, nor did the non hand ball non penalty decision (hit top of arm/shoulder) . My question to Moyes would be if West Ham had those decisions go for them, would he complain?

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