Seaman claims it would have been ‘interesting’ to see Ramsdale’s reaction

Aaron Ramsdale came in for criticism for being at fault for the opening goal against Liverpool, and Arsenal legend David Seaman has claimed it would have been interesting to see how he reacted to that had he not got injured.

The English shot-stopper missed our most recent outing against Aston Villa at the weekend with injury, and could potentially miss the international break also, and David Seaman was keen to see how Aaron performed after his mistake.

“It’s disappointing that he has got his injury because the first goal against Liverpool was a mistake,” Seaman told Sky Sports (via HITC). “I know that and he knows that.

“What was the most interesting thing, for me, about that, was how he was going to react afterwards. He’s not really had any knock-backs.

“But knowing Aaron, I know he will be brilliant. I know he won’t let that affect him. That’s how you judge good goalkeepers.

“You make a mistake in the first minutes, then can you concentrate for the rest of the game? That’s what sorts out the good goalkeepers from the rest.”

I agree that there is nothing to worry about after Ramsdale’s mistake, and it could well depend on if he dwells on that mistake while he is out injured, but he doesn’t seem the type to beat himself up. He seems more like the type to focus his mind on getting things right without losing much confidence, especially as I don’t believe he is overly cocky in thinking that he is the best he can be just yet.

Do you think the mistake could have played on Ramsdale’s mind after the loss to Liverpool? Could the injury allow him to stew on his mistake?


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  1. Yes he was at fault but he obviously thought it was going across goal and got caught out ,but his performances this season out way any mistake he made and any mistake he makes come season end .
    Big up to Leno as well in his first start against villa ,when I saw fans say before the game had even started that we would lose because he was in goal ,real fans don’t forget how good he was for us in his first 2 seasons .

    1. I really rate Ramsdale but was really pleased with the celebration the team had with Leno after he saved the Villa chance late on and after the final whistle. Leno played well and he has not moaned about being benched as far as I’m aware.

      1. Player of the season for us Declan .
        I slagged the signing off having watched him countless times over the last few seasons but he made me eat my words .
        Proper goal keeper I just wish sometimes he keeps the over dramatics in check .
        Leno who I loved when when we signed and he was at a LVl I believe was above ramsdale but I’m happy now for all parties and I wish him well for next season when he moves on .

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