Seaman discusses one thing Ramsdale needs to avoid doing too much

Former Arsenal goalkeeper, David Seaman, has discussed how exciting Aaron Ramsdale can be between the sticks and wants the England international to watch it.

Ramsdale joined the Gunners last summer from Sheffield United and he has become one of the finest goalies in the Premier League.

His form between the sticks has been one reason Arsenal is currently challenging for a top-four spot.

The former Bournemouth man is effective in goal, but he is also an exciting presence on the field.

You can see him enjoying himself as the game goes on and Seaman doesn’t have any problem with that.

However, he believes there should be a limit to that because it could become too much.

He said on the Seaman Says Podcast: “With Ramsdale, when I watch him, the excitement level that he’s got right now, I don’t want it to go any further because it might start getting too much, but at the moment it is working for him”

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Having been one of the most successful keepers for Arsenal and England, Seaman is experienced enough to advise Ramsdale on what it means to be a successful goalie.

The current Arsenal first choice is just 23 and has a lot more seasons left in him as a professional player.

If he listens to advice, he would go far in the game.

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  1. THIS NON ARTICLE IS A LOT OF NONSENSE ABOUT NOTHING. We are expected to believe that Seaman has told RAMSDALE , well, what EXACTLY!??

    He should not celebrate our goals so much or not interact with our fans maybe ? Those are nonsense and I do not for a single ,moment believe a wise man such as Seaman, who is a massive ,would dare suggest that tosh to Ramsdale.

    What other”excitement ” then might Seaman be referring too? He seems to be saying, IF WE ARE TO BELIEVE IT AT ALL, WHICH I DO NOT , NOT FOR A MOMENT, that Ramsdales present level of excitement – whatever that may be- is fine but that mysterious level of excitement most not become any greater than it is now or it will be to our disadvantage!!

    JA, who report this bogus so called report, must think we were all born yesterday.

    Well we were not and this whole sham article is arrant nonsense and is profoundly untrue and does not even exist at all.
    Perhaps Seaman thinks that sooner or later Ramsdale will start doing a tap dance when we score or else a lap of honour.

    Or perhaps Seaman never said anything remotely like what has been reported(or invented!!!) at all!

    I know WHICH I believe!

  2. Well it has been working i don’t know why he should now,we sure will not like to see him have a hard look like that of leno who looks like a military man.

  3. I haven’t watched the cast so no real context as to what Safe Hands is saying here but if someone like Seaman is giving advice to a young Arsenal goalkeeper that goalkeeper should be listening

    If Seaman is implying that Ramsdale should throttle back on the malarky I agree with him, it is a bit needy, a sign of immaturity and a possible lack of concentration in my opinion

    As I recall Dave had a fairly tough start with us Gunners because we didn’t want Lukic to go but he quickly won us over with his performances and had a good relationship with the fans

    Ramsdale’s got off to a good start with us, pitch personality wise he didn’t have much to beat with Leno but he’s got a lot more to do before he is truly accepted for the longer term, we Arsenal fans can be a bit judgemental and cruel with our keepers, certainly unforgiving of errors, Ramsdale needs to survive errors that will come sooner or later and maybe he is trying just a bit too hard to get credit in the bank for when they do, or maybe he is just being himself

  4. I think Seaman means Ramsdale shouldn’t get too excited/enthusiastic while the game is on it could cloud his judgement……my opinion

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