Seaman reveals what he thinks Arsenal fans should have done to Aubameyang

Former Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman reveals he wanted Arsenal fans to boo Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang more when the Gunners scored against Chelsea at the weekend.

The striker had moved back to London with the Blues in the summer despite his spell at their rivals Arsenal.

It is a move most players will not make out of respect for their former side, but Auba didn’t care.

He even starred in a promo video where he said it was nothing personal for him to down the Gunners in the game.

However, he was left red-faced when Arsenal won the game 1-0 and he was ineffective during his time on the pitch.

Graham Potter subbed him off almost immediately after Arsenal had scored their goal and Seaman wished he stayed on the pitch longer for the Gooners to boo him

He said on his YouTube channel: ‘The only disappointing this about the weekend is that when Arsenal scored, he sneaked off.

‘I wanted the Arsenal fans to proper boo him. They didn’t get that chance as he got hooked off straight away as soon as we scored and all the Arsenal fans were too busy celebrating.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Auba’s decision to move to Chelsea was clearly personal and he destroyed all the legacy he had remaining at the club with that promo video.

We wish him the best in London, but not against us and it will be superb if he is on the losing side every time he faces us.

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  1. I always like him for that iconic celebration against Spurs, his return to a London big rival has done him more harm than good in my opinion.

    1. Yes I agree I liked him but what he said was wrong , obviously Arsenal fans would have wished him well against everyone apart from us but his problem was with Arteta no Arsenal or Arsenal fans who loved him. For whatever he did breaking rules or upsetting Arteta was between them, Arsenal had to back the manager and the team and fans had to suffer so didn’t deserve him doing and saying what he did, we didn’t want him to leave that was Artetas choice , he should have set out to prove Arteta was wrong in not giving him another chance and letting him go but he chose to disrespect the club and fans which shows to me Arteta was probably right to get rid of him . No disrespect but no player bigger than the club , London is red

  2. I can’t get sentimental about former players unless they have served the club well throughout their time and didn’t court unwelcome controversy.
    Aubameyang unfortunately failed to treat his employer and, therefore, the fans with the respect they and we deserved.
    He got his comeuppance at the Chelsea game and all that he did achieve so brilliantly at Arsenal has been tarnished as far as I’m concerned.

    1. So correct and so true, as usual!
      I have never understood quite why some fans get so attached to players who have let Arsenal down , just because at one time that player was playing well.

      Players are enormouslywell paid to do their job and personally I expect them to either do their very best or be booted out.

      I am very pleased that our manager also believes in booting out all players who tarnish the name of our club and team , by either constant laziness , ill discipline and bad time keeping or behaving like a childish brat. MA gets my admiration for putting the club and team above any player who lets us down in any way at all.

      Some fans ” think” differently. I do not call that properly thinking at all.

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