Seaman says Arsenal’s players are not getting their fair share of the blame

Former Arsenal goalkeeper, David Seaman claims that Mikel Arteta is rightly under pressure, but the club’s players are getting away with murder with their terrible performances.

The Gunners have started this season with three consecutive league losses and they have also not scored a goal just yet.

Their only competitive win this season has come in the Carabao Cup but they followed up beating West Brom 6-0 in the competition by losing 5-0 in their next Premier League match against Manchester City.

After outspending their rivals in this transfer window, Arsenal knows they deserve more than they are getting.

Typically, the blame has been on the manager, Arteta, but Seaman says even the players have to take responsibility for their performances.

He insists it hasn’t been good enough, yet everyone points at the manager which is a bit unfair on Arteta.

‘The players haven’t turned up, even towards the end of last season,’ the former goalkeeper told TalkSport

‘I know Arteta was getting a lot of stick but the players weren’t turning up and I was like, ‘’hang on, these guys are getting away with murder’’, because there’s not a lot being said about them and they’re not performing to their best. 

‘I went to the Chelsea game and I was like, ‘’oh God they’re way ahead of us at the moment’’.’

Arsenal’s next match is against Norwich City and they are expected to have arguably their strongest squad so far to execute the match. They have to win it.

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  1. I said something similar a few weeks ago, no matter how bad the Tactics are, a player should not be getting sent off, disposed of the ball, not jumping in your own box to clear crosses, giving their all etc….these players should look at Emma Raducanu for professionalism and fight….

  2. I do agree but when you are obsessively micromanaged I would imagine it’s difficult to affect a game in the ways you know how to.

    1. I disagree.
      Guardiola is well known for his micromanagement yet he is considered one of the greatest managers in the world.

    2. PJ-SA, you miss the point, the Seaman suggests that the players are to blame as well, yet you take the opportunity to relinquish all blame from the players, blaming tactics. It would result as no surprise if years ago you were one of the Wenger Out noisy minority. These players get played millions to be professional and play for their team. This is about individual players and attitude, and desire to be competitive and wanting to win. When was the last time we saw this fromthe likes of Auba and Laca?
      We will win nothing when our defence consists of Chambers, Cedric , Kola and Holding. You can only choose the players you have that are fit and available. You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Arsenal is not in danger of losing his job YET. We are buying young players for a reason… The media cannot get theirheads around that bit…
      I choose to support my team holistically especially when the chips are down.

        1. it is so heartwarming to read your post and know that there are real fans who understand the issue rather than blindly blame Mikel for everything that goes wrong. Please keep posting my friend, fans like you are a big support to the club

  3. Agree with all of this. Micro-management is definitely a problem. Arteta got used to it when the stadiums were quiet. As a coach I never tell players what to do play by play, they just need to be aware of the options and make quick, correct decisions for themselves – and if those decisions are wrong you tell them afterwards so they improve. Now he has more of his own players and more time on the training pitch i truly believe we’ll see a turnaround.

  4. I think the players ARE getting their fair share of the blame. Even though the tactics are stiffling, the players are getting the stick they deserve when they don’t perform.

  5. The players are not getting enough blame imo. The defending in particular such as Tierney and Chambers against Chelsea and City respectively. White against Brentford, didn’t do much. Defenders should pick their moment when to attack. Throwins to teammates, all important details. When rewatching our Brentford game we were simply not prepared, covid or no covid, following a disastrous preseason.

  6. Players don’t have enough heart and freedom to express themselves in the opposition half……they are micro-managed……Wenger allowed his players to express themselves in the opposition half…they could go with their what they want to…. that’s why Wenger’s team mesmerized……I don’t think anyone can micro-manage creativity……

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