Seaman – Trust Wenger, Arsenal just need a tweak

The former Arsenal and England number one David Seaman is clearly one of the AKBs rather than one of the WOBs and he does have the benefit of actually working with Arsene Wenger to help him form an opinion. So his former manager might be pleased and relieved to hear Seaman declare that the Frenchman is definitely the right man to help Arsenal challenge for the Premier League title.

Despite the fact that Seaman, like most Arsenal fans, was hoping that the Frenchman would do more business in the transfer window this summer, he was also very impressed by the signing of Petr Cech from Chelsea. And he is happy top put his faith in Wenger and trust that the boss knew what he was doing in not spending money on transfer fees just for the sake of spending.

The club legend was speaking after seeing Arsenal knock our old rivals Tottenham out of the Capital One cup. That ended a two match losing streak that has seen our pre-season promise eveaporate into a sad sense of deja vu for many of us. But as reported by The Express, Seaman does not think there is much wrong with the team and he is sure that Wenger is the man to make the little tweaks that we need.

He said, “I wouldn’t say winning the Capital One Cup this season was enough. I would expect Arsenal to be pushing for the title now.

“That is the progression that they have made by signing a great goalkeeper and with the players in the squad getting better. It just needs a little addition.

“Signing Petr Cech was fantastic – a big boost. Arsene needs a spark for everybody and buying a player provides that.

“I am a massive Arsene fan. I will defend him as much as I need to because I know it is just frustrating.

“I can understand the frustration. When the transfer window closed, I felt ‘Okay, so we haven’t got any more’. Now we have got a few injuries and we are already looking to the transfer window and thinking ‘Is he going to do it then?’

“But where will Arsenal be in January? They will have to be in very close contention. Manchester City started strongly and Chelsea are on a run now. When they were in the bad spell they had, that was the opportunity.

“Anthony Martial looks like good business. So does £22m on Son. But it is still early. He didn’t go for either of those but that is Arsene’s decision. He knows the players that he likes. Obviously he didn’t like the players who were available.

“That is where the market is at, at the moment. It’s just Wenger wants to make sure that he spends it on the right one.

“It is the hardest decision of the lot really, because there is no way of knowing unless you buy a trusted striker and that won’t be £20m, it will be £50m. But I still trust in Arsene.”

The fact is that we all expected a lot more goals from our front line of Walcott, Alexis and Giroud, even without any new signings and if they had been firing on all cylinders we would not be half as worried about our title hopes. So should we listen to Seaman and have a bit more faith in the prof?


  1. Robertthegooner says:

    In Wenger We Trust lol
    We haven’t won the PL in 11 seasons but perhaps 12th time is the charm without a Top striker

    1. chaitanya0411 says:

      With recent Sitty one comments that Wenger is not under any pressure its either that shit guy from portugal is correct or Wenger will respond by winning us the title! It has been too long now!

  2. Lethal Prince 9 says:

    “You know what, I am not scared to work anywhere in the world. I promised to myself that when I was 20 years of age, no matter how hard the life will be, I will stand up for it and not be scared to work from morning until late night. I grew up with the game, and I will die like that”.

    1. ArsenalGenes says:

      He lost his wife to football. His dedication is amazing. Too bad he is being called to be under no pressure by some disrespectful crackpots. The pressure on him made him lose his marriage. Sadly those crackpots won’t get the respect like wenger does, no matter how much they cry for it. Because he does his job everyday. #Respect for the guy.

  3. Greg says:

    Trust wenger? Im more concern about us travelling to the king power stadium, to play our hearts out against a determine and never say die leicester city team who refuses to go away! We must be up for this one, ready to fight and grind out this match, we cannot afford to be complacent if we want that all important 3priceless points!

    1. Lethal Prince 9 says:

      I also know, this will be a very difficult match for Gunners. They have to show their top performance just like they did against Crystal Palace with additional confidence and efficiency.

  4. k-ool says:

    Should be a great game tomorrow.
    Can’t wait! 😀

  5. Gigi2 says:

    Well….I like seaman.
    So it’s difficult to argue with anything he says hahaha

  6. Koss says:

    Trust Wenger=> delusion. LOL!

  7. Horliquegold says:

    I started supporting Arsenal because of wenger just because he has not won the league for a long time does not mean i should jump ship. Football is just like life.
    Cos your wife is beautiful now does not mean when she has wrinkles in decades to come, you have to divorce her and marry another one… Learn to be true supporter not a glory-hunter.

    Everyone is talking about Barcelona,Real madrid and the money spending chelsea/mancity. There was a time these clubs were not winning anything for years…

    I met my old grandparents who still love themselves. One day i asked my grand dad” how many times have you quarell with grand ma he look at me and laughed” he said ‘more than a million times’

    supporting arsenal is not a do or die affair. There are hundreds of other clubs go and support them leave us alone…

  8. YingYang69 says:

    Trust is an issue for some people, they may be saying I don’t trust the guy but for all we know they could have problems with trust itself. If you want to prove that you have no trust issues you can all send me your bank details and I will choose to ignore them me.

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