Sean Dyche acknowledges the challenge Burnley face against Arsenal

Sean Dyche has been speaking ahead of the Arsenal game.

The Clarets have enjoyed a mini-revival in recent games and they come into this game on the back consecutive wins in the Premier League against Leicester City and Manchester United.

Their form has helped them draw level on points with the Gunners ahead of this game.

They have momentum on their side at the moment following four wins and four losses from their last eight games, however, Dyche acknowledges that facing Arsenal is a different challenge on its own.

Arsenal has been defeated just once in their last nine matches in all competitions and Mikel Arteta seems to be steering them in the right direction at the moment.

They will also welcome back Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from suspension and the Gabonese attacker loves to score against the Clarets.

Knowing that they can go ahead of Arsenal on the league table with a win, Dyche has admitted that winning three consecutive games in the Premier League is hard.

“Putting two back-to-back wins is hard enough in the Premier League, if you can a third that’s a very powerful thing,” Dyche said per the clubs official website.

“Anywhere in the division – top, middle or bottom – it’s no easy task.

“We had a blip and I’m pleased it was a blip. We’ve taken 12 points out of the last eight games with four defeats and four wins.

“We’re onto something but it’s putting it out there again and going and delivering a good performance again.

“We’ve not had our fair share of things go for us against Arsenal, so we want that to change.

“But the only way we can really earn the right is to go out there and work for it and we intend to do that.”


  1. Arsenal, go, fight with your style and bring back the 3 points needed. Good luck and congratulations in advance

    1. chukzenith says:

      That all the team needs now… Support…

  2. Gunnerphilic says:

    Yes, support, not cheap shots about how everybody in the club, player and board member, is sh*t, for the last decade. If you guessed who am talking about, that it’s Tony Adams, you’re right!

    Support, 100%, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. Not the kind that is relentless about what the club is doing wrong, and never about what we’re doing right.

    Of course, a lot needs to be put right in the club. But when your strategy is to always expose and bang about our faults (real or imagined) on the media, then you’re not a solution, but part of the problem. How will the people that matter in the club hierarchy now, ever trust you and whatever you say? When it is clear to everybody and their uncle that you have a beef with the club?

    Support, the unalloyed kind, vocal, moral and immoral, logical and illogical, is what we need. And we need it now. How many times do Man U and other clubs tear into their clubs relentlessly as our ex-players do ours?

    Yes, they all know what is wrong with their clubs. We do too. But they don’t trash their clubs like some Arsenal fans do. Even when these clubs (like Man U) are clearly enjoying immoral favour.

    Enough said. Rant over. Let’s stop doing things the way we’ve been doing them while expecting a different result. Against Burnley and from this time going forward, 100% support or nothing!

  3. ozziegunner says:

    Gunnerphilik, I believe that Tony Adams, in particular, has earned the right to comment as he sees fit on the Club. What Arsenal would have given for someone of his defensive capabilities and overall leadership ability over the last 10 years or so.

    1. Impenia says:

      Sometimes it’s easier to criticize with the benefit of hindsight. But to make decisions in real-time without the foreknowledge of exactly how things will turn out is very difficult.

      I’m sure Tony (and the likes of Henry & Neville) realized very quickly that sitting on a pundits chair to criticize the decision making of others is very different from being on the hotseat making decisions yourself.

      A healthy dose of criticism is good but too much negativity is wrong.

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