Sean Dyche backtracks on Arsenal diving accusations

The Burnley manager Sean Dyche was not very happy after the defeat at Arsenal, telling BTSport that players were “falling on the floor, diving all over the place today” although he didn’t actually name any Arsenal players. But he did say “today” which implies that he was talking about the only game he was watching!

But later he must have realised that his comments were out of order and said in his post-match news conference that he did not specifically refer to Arsenal. He said: ““I said I was unhappy with the greater good of the game. Not Arsenal. The game is in a really poor state for players diving, feigning injuries, all sorts. I find it peculiar,”

“I was at a Premier League meeting a couple of weeks ago and they told us that the worst that can happen is a yellow card. So basically every player in the Premier League can cheat at least once a game.

“I don’t know any sport where they tell you that you can cheat once a game. I’ve never seen that in sport before. It’s so poor for the game.”

When asked how he thought it could be stopped he continued: “Simple. Ban them. It would be out of football within a month.

“If you’re a manager, why would you want to lose your best players? It’s got to the level where it’s every week now. They used to highlight it on Match of the Day. Now, they don’t even show it. That’s peculiar.”

Well, obviously he wasn’t talking about Arsenal, let’s be clear about that in public shall we?

Darren N


  1. Sore loser, jive talks other clubs but lets his maulers like Barnes knee and kick the $hit out of opponents.

    Despise him, his repulsive football, and his whining. Someone get that grown man a tissue.

    Almost wish Stoke was back to maul his thugs, but not quite there yet. Eagerly waiting for Burnley to drop down the table and get relegated for not playing football.

    Does anyone rate Dyche besides Burnley? Do their fans even like how they play?

      1. NY Gunner you are right. He’s well aware of Barnes antics and Burnley as a whole.

        Pity Dyche didn’t address the maulers and thugs who ruin the game too.

        Perhaps he should straighten his own house before pointing fingers at others.

      2. Dean is the sort of ref that would need to see the bullet holes in Arsenal players back before he gave a yellow card to the Arsenal player for laying it on a bit thick. Even then we would have to be grateful for him not sending someone off for bleeding all over the pitch. All because the soft southerners act like poofs when they step on a landmine or 2 accidentally left lying about.

          1. Declan, He did famously look like he was celebrating Luis sahas goal against us for 3-0 (we went on to beat spurs 5-3), and googling Dean celebrating he can also be seen celebrating a spurs goal against villa in a match he is reffing. I always assumed he was a spurs fan, until I saw a video of him in the tranmere crowd celebrating one of their goals. Hard to claim impartiality when you are so public about your favourites.

            I dont think I can post links but have a quick Google and then tell me it looks kosher.

          2. Declan, I will say this as a fan of football first: I know refs can make mistakes, but there seems to be a bias with certain referees towards a particular team. Mike Dean is notorious for giving bad calls and red cards…

          3. He celebrates when he gets decisions right, these cases there was fouls ahead of the goal and he let the game play on.

  2. They have an ex-Stoke player – Pieters… and not too long ago Joey Barton was on their books – says it all!
    Well if you’re a fan of kicking the crap out of the opposition, then Burnley are your team! I can’t stand Barnes! And listening to Dyche has become really boring… you lost.. end of.. deal with it! He must be sick to death of the sight of Aubameyang ?

    1. Sue-you compare Burnley under Dyche to Bournemouth with Eddie Howe.Both very small clubs with very limited resources.But see how much respect Howe gets as opposed to Dyche.Bournemouth never come to shut up shop and always play open attacking football.They often get results against bigger and better sides simply because they have a Manager who knows the clubs limitations yet refuses to kick his way to stay in the League.If ever an English manager deserved the opportunity to go to a bigger Club then its Eddie Howe.Dyche?Him And Burnley deserve each other like a Stoke and Pulis.And look where they are now with zero hope of ever getting back to the EPL.

      1. Howe employs tactics and has a gameplan. Dyche is a two trick pony; lump it forward, and any free kick anywhere lump it into box.

      2. Brilliant, Phil! And I must say you really have made me laugh today.. ranging from the playboy mansion to other things ? Nice one! ?

    2. ? Burnley fans must hate Aubameyang so much, because he likes to score against their team

      I hope Aubameyang can follow Henry’s footstep to bring another EPL title to Arsenal

  3. Am sure he wouldnt talk about his players slowing on trowing, trying to waste 10sec on trowing as early as 50min. What do you call such if not cheating. There is nothing like cheating in trying to get all 3points, everything is fair in war, whatever method one chose, so long its not against humanity or rule of the game, its fair, result matters. Either you score a goal then pack bus for entire 90min or you play beautiful tikitaka, no one care, we are all interested in the winner,.
    Mou use negative tactics and today he is one of the most respected figures of the game, Arsen Wenger play beautiful posession with little success, no one respect him, he became a joke and just a local champion with no europe success. Today Mou earns far more respect than Wenger. This is how life is

    1. Earns far more respect in what way? No one respects him? What a myopic view. Your own opinion anyway. Because you don’t respect him doesn’t mean others don’t. Don’t let hatred for Wenger blind you.

    2. Mou get no respect in my house bcos anyone who thinks beyond the soundbite knows he’s a faggot.
      Mr. Wenger acheived a great deal but because his intelligent comments were too complicated for most media men they hated what they couldn’t have any chance of understanding.

      1. True! sadly for him Wenger was way ahead of his time! the guy was a visionary but time catches up with all of us!!

    3. What planet are you from?? ?????????????
      Obviously from a planet full of humour… And zero football knowledge.

    4. No one respected Wenger,most English coaches (Ferguson included), pundits,..all agree he changed the EPL for the best, the invincibles, doubles..,and no respect really! Ferguson thanked Wenger for everything he did for English football,I think I ‘d take his word over yours!

    5. ‘Arsene Wenger played beautiful possession with little success, no one respect him’
      Have you missed the entirety of 1998-2004? And he’s always commanded respect, from pretty much everyone.

  4. Arsenal is the only team Burnley haven’t gotten any points from leave this guy to mourn in peace

  5. I didn’t notice any diving

    Anyway Burnley played very well and Dyche is taking away from that fact by making these pointless accusations. He will be facing real divers later on. He should be focused on how well his team played. Losing 2-1 away to Arsenal isn’t a shameful result. They played admirably

  6. Dyche will soon be out of job once his team gets relegated.VAR will messed up a lots of average aggressive team. Stoke fc,Burnley will have to change or settle for penalties and red cards against them week in week out.
    Remember Sam, allen Pardew, pullis all use to hate us Arsenal constantly? where are they now? you reap what you sow and this guy call Dyche will soon follow suit.

  7. Dyche should learn to swallow defeat and accept the result of the match. It is no use crying wolf when the head is off. Sean Dyche please, Arsenal are no divers.

  8. By today I think he meant 2019 and not 17 Aug 2019 exactly.
    The current culture of cheating and not our game.
    Some of you need to be less precious about stuff.

    1. So then why say it directly after the game, whilst answering questions ABOUT that game, if it doesn’t apply to it??? It’s purely and only sour grapes.

      They weren’t terrible or way over the line to be fair. There were quite a few late tackles that just got waved on and Guendouzi goes down easy sometimes ‘anticipating’ contact but not a single obvious dive. He just doesn’t like losing to Arsenal (ALL the time) and the scores are really tight which make it worse. He deserves to be called out on it, it’s not ok.

  9. He was talking about Arsenal, but then as you say he backtracked and said it is in general. I think the time wasting bit he is talking about us, the feigning injury also Leno at the end doing what all the other keepers do. I think it was Torriera who stayed on the ground a bit but the replay looked like it was just a bump that knocked him to the floor, I thought at the time that he might have landed awkwardly but no I think he just feigned it a bit. This stuff really bothers me too when opponents do it, we have opponents doing this with still 30 or even 40 min to go, it is very annoying when you see a player staying down and waiting for physios before limping out to the side, then running back on without a bother and diving straight into the next challenge. Torriera didn’t go that far, he must have only waisted a few seconds or probably Dyche thought we were up to something else. All the top sides do this stuff well, they were always better than us with the small tricks/cheats. It is used to disrupt the flow too. Smaller teams always do this stuff when they have something to hold onto against us. Maybe Dyche’s team is different I don’t know but I doubt it.

  10. The diving comment was made up by Dyche because he never accepts the truth. I saw no diving from Arsenal players, so what is he talking about. Truth is that all Burnley can do, is lob high balls forward, and sooner or later they get found out. Boring, boring……Burnley. Sooner or later they will go down. Try having some sort of integrity Dyche, like Eddie Howe of Bournemouth. You, Dyche, are just a winging pain in the ass.

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