Sean Dyche compares Arsenal to Man City after tough win at Everton

If Arsenal has shown us anything this season, it is that they are not a one-hit wonder. After a 2-2 draw against Fulham on Match Day 3 of the 2023–24 Premier League season, critics who failed to acknowledge how good they were last season were convinced Arsenal would struggle going forward, but two deserved wins — a 3-1 win over Manchester United and a 0-1 win over Everton — are proving them wrong.

In reality, their dropping two-point versus Fulham a few weeks ago now appears to the Gunners just being unlucky in that occasion.

After witnessing his side being dominated by Arsenal on Sunday, Everton manager Sean Dyche couldn’t help but compare the Gunners to Manchester City. He did so in terms of how technically good the Gunners are becoming.

Arsenal had not won at Goodison Park since 2017 and needed to overcome that hurdle to demonstrate progress.Thankfully, they did, and their dominance over the Toffees convinced Sean Dyche that they are the real deal.

“I must say, that’s a very good side,” Dyche, gracious in defeat, told Yahoo Sport at full-time; unbeaten Arsenal staying within two points of Pep Guardiola’s pacesetters.

“Some say they haven’t started that well. But they’re an outfit that went second last year and spent a couple of hundred million quid.

“It’s not just with the ball, I always mention about Man City that they’re technically bright with the ball and work very hard and anticipate the game very well without the ball.

“And there were signs (that Arsenal can do the same).”

It’s a good thing Arsenal is being compared to Manchester City. However, Arteta and the boys must outperform the Citizens this season and win the league in order to build their own identity and be their own team, a team that others will aspire to emulate.

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  1. This is so good for me as an arsenal fan, we have not been playing well yet nobody has been able to beat us. So, by the time we start playing well city will be playing cache up behind us. I feel good about this.

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