Sean Dyche “not bothered” about Arsenal’s title hopes, he just wants Everton to focus on perforning

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta’s approach to leading his team has garnered a lot of praise for his effort, dedication, and hard work. Many are impressed by his dedication to the course. The Spaniard not only pays close attention to his opponents’ recent performances but also carefully analyzes the press conferences of rival managers.

The Arsenal manager is clearly always on the lookout for an advantage heading into games. He meticulously examines every little detail that could potentially give his team an edge over their opponents.

Next up, the Gunners will be taking on Everton at the Emirates Stadium. Mikel Arteta is probably well aware that the Toffees are on a roll, having gone unbeaten in their last five matches with four wins and a draw under their belt while conceding just once.

He should be aware that Sean Dyche is calling on his team to stay focused and not let Arsenal’s title-race hype distract them. The goal is to keep up their current momentum and deliver a strong performance on Sunday, as Dyche said in the BBC when asked about Arsenal possibly winning the title tomorrow: “I’m not bothered with it. It’s more about us continuing the thought process and mentality we’ve put in place this season. We’re on a good show of form for our own reasons, and it’s about keeping that mentality going into the final game. It’s more focusing on us going and performing.”

Ultimately, Mikel Arteta should be well aware of what his team needs to do in order to come out on top versus his former side Everton in a crucial match, that they absolutely must win in order to be crowned league champions if Manchester City falter.

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