Sean Dyche on Burnley’s visit to Arsenal – “We’ll take the challenge”

Burnley are set to visit Arsenal tomorrow afternoon after having had their last two League games, against Leicester City and Watford, postponed because of injuries and Covid, so this will be their first game in two weeks.

Arsenal on the other hand, have played four games this month, and still had two matches postponed despite also being ravaged by injuries, Covid and AFCON.

But Sean Dyche is certain that the Clarets will have enough players tomorrow as he reveals that they had 16 players at training yesterday and are gradually returning to full strength.

Burnley may have only won one League match all season and is expecting a “tough game” in North London tomorrow. Dyche told the Burnley website: “Arsenal have come a long way from a tough start, and they are in a better place than earlier on this season with what the manager is trying to get them to do, and they’ve worked to get in that better place.

“I’m sure that the manager is continually working to push them harder. It’s always a tough game going to Arsenal, as is any game in the Premier League, but we’ll take on the challenge.

“We have to look at the realities of the players that are there. They have got some very good players and they’ve changed the way that they have been playing, with the urgency and the edge as the season has come on.

January has been particularly hard on both teams due to AFCON, Covid and injuries caused by overplaying, but Dyche admits it’s the same for everybody. “Everyone has challenges across the Premier League, they are no different, but they have got some very good players.

“It’s been difficult but it’s what it is. Various clubs have been going through the ups and downs of it and hopefully we’ve come through our spell, but it’s the reality of the industry.

“We’re getting back to where the group wants to be, so we should be fine.”

Burnley may be bottom of the League table, but we always know we can expect a tough physical battle with the Northeners, but we can only hope that Arteta can get our team motivated to grab our first win of 2022.

With home advantage as well, we should be feeling confident ahead of tomorrow’s match, shouldn’t we?

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  1. Guess he’s confident cos They did it last season to the same Arsenal and Arteta.
    Arsenal can be Arsenal, who knows, they might do it again to Arsenal 🥴.
    You see this thing called “Process”, I stop trusting and believing in it last season.

  2. We have been very strong in the league at home and against teams we should beat, apart from palace? I can’t see us not beating Burnley comfortably. 3-0 to us 🤞

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