Second Arsenal player leaves the club today, squad not weakened

Arsenal has officially confirmed that Mohamed Elneny has joined Besiktas on loan until the end of the season. That makes it two players today that have departed the Emirates.

Earlier in the day, Nacho Monreal completed his move to Spanish La Liga side Real Sociedad in a permanent deal in what is proving to be an unusually busy Saturday for the transfer gurus at the club.

Elneny joined Arsenal back in January 2016 from the very successful Swiss side FC Basel, where the Egyptian had won four successive league titles, not something he was able to replicate with us, unfortunately.

He never quite made the breakthrough in North London though he did manage 89 games in all competitions in an Arsenal top and it could be argued that he had a better time with his country where he featured for Egypt in the 2018 world cup and won a runner-up medal in the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations.

It may sound harsh but Elneny will not be missed in terms of his contribution to the team and a parting of ways was always on the cards this summer.

Obviously we wish him the best of luck and hope that his tenure with Besiktas is more fruitful for him than his time at Arsenal.


  1. chelsea draw. Now our players will feel even more pressure to get a result. Don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

      1. of course. Arsenal just need to actually overcome their mental fragility and take these chances. here’s hoping we do.

  2. Our attack picks itself, we just need a midfield to control the tempo.

    OT anyone else like how Sheffield utd play? Hope they stay up, work hard and never quit, a plus to the premier league.

  3. Yeh, you said it, not missed. Although thanks for your effort elneny, at least you gave it your all however sadly short, that was.

    Mustafi next and ozil hopefully gone end of this season..

    That will be the deadwood gone.


      1. i dont think any of us expect to see him in an Arsenal kit again though. Even if he does come back, he’ll be on loan or bench until his contract is up. And considering he is 27 and can still have a good career and seems to have the right attitude he’ll want to leave Arsenal too.

  4. Arsenal have To seize this opportunity now. Strengthen the grip on top 4 and show that we’ve left the complacency of last season behind us

  5. Wenger was said to have paid, I think about £7 mill for Elneny, though I have also seen £10mill quoted. At fourpence he would still have been too much money. Not remotely even relegation zone Prem class, let alone for our team. A complete waste of money and worse still, of a position too, when he played even if only in the 18 starting squad. That he came here AT ALL said it all about WENGERS LATER YEARS.

    1. Yea I agree with you, only God know what Wenger was smoking if the 10million was true. Goodbye Elneny though average but always gave his all unlike one 350k.

    2. That his contract was extended until 2022 BY THE NEW REGIME says a lot about THE NEW REGIME, doesn’t it, though, Jon?

      If you remember, Wenger was no longer in charge of transfers/contracts at the end of last season when Elneny’s contract was extended.

  6. After the game at An field last week,IMO, I feel the lack of experience killed that game at the midfield that’s a lot reason why those of you calling for the head of ozil will have to take it in the chin cuz I doubt he’s going anywhere.

    All we have in our midfield Torriera in exception are bunch of inexperienced players that either needs time to settle or are just not ready. If I were most of you, I’ll pray for Xhaka to be gone before ozil. He is a master of back passes and is too damn slow and tends to commit a foul anytime he attempts to tackle the ball or makes a wrong pass.

    If we have strong and energetic players at the middle of the park then let ozil go. But for now, experience wise he surpasses all we have already. I see Xhaka as the weak link in that middle park with Guendozie a bloody wrong partnership.

    Emery has to be wise here…


  7. Unlike our 30+ M players, the poor guy never got regular chance to start and there are too many players can play in his position

    He has made a good decision to get playing time elsewhere, since he is still young

  8. The fact that nobody has come in to buy Elneny and Mustafi speaks volumes concerning their ability .Nothing against these guys personally.They have always tried hard but are not good enough forArsenal.I hope Elney does well in Turkey.

    1. elneny buy never seemed to make sense. at least you can say mustafi was a german international that was part of a World Cup winning side. But what scouts and AW saw in Elneny I dont really know. Always a bit-part player. Purchased during a strange point as well. The season we finished 2nd and had a chance to beat out Leicester. Elneny is not the player you buy to invigorate a possible title push. Strange transfer.

      1. Made as much sense as Chelsea buying salah then. Both from Egypt, and both from a side that had dominated only in the Swiss league, so, it could have turned out turned out good.

        Personally, I don’t think he’s a bad player. He doesn’t commit howlers, and is more mobile than xhaka. I think arsenals poor coaching and strategies is what kept him from developing (same with bielik, chambers, and every other defensive player we’ve had in the last 6 years, bar 1 or 2. I can even go back to denilsons time. We’ve only had Song after vieria left.) from a 23 year old with potential.

        I wish him good luck with his move. Hopefully he gets better coaching and he’s still open enough to take it in and improve.

        1. true, though Salah really was a flop at first. I dont see any potential for Elneny to suddenly become world class. And I dont think not doing anything wrong makes somebody a good player. You have to be a player with initiative, and all Elneny did was play side passes the majority of the time. And he mustve been doing the same for Basel, so I think that’s what I’m not understnading.

  9. I think there is an option to buy in the loan deal.
    I wish him the very best in his new club.

  10. Elneny, Koscielny, iwobi, Monreal, Ramsey, Bielik, etc gone

    But Mustafi, Ozil, Xhaka still here
    I guess they are difficult to sell

    I was sad to see Monreal, Koscielny, iwobi, Ramsey go as they still had enough quality for 1 more season

    Bielik. I was hoping he would stay as we devoted many years to him

    Elneny didn’t have the quality but was a very hard worker

    Mustafi is #1 on the sell list for me.

    1. Ozil is my number one target to sell. Because his grotesque salary is harming us more than the salaries for Mustafi and Xhaka. Simple as that. I want none of them to ever wear our shirt ever again. Ideally i could wave a magic wand and make the fact that any of them ever wore our shirt not to have happened at all. THREE DISASTROUS BUYS!

    2. I have a strong feeling that Mustafi will be leaving on the last day. The European window ends on the 2nd September.
      Mustafi will wait until deadline day.

      1. Shall we have a whip round on justArsenal and offer say £500 plus I’ve a couple of heavily rusted outdoor IKEA chairs I can throw in to sweeten the deal?

        My back door (oooh er maitron) needs a door stop and I think mustafi could excel in this role..

        All investors will share him on a monthly basis for whatever need they have..

          1. Have a think Sue on how he could be utilised, if you’re interested that is?

            I will maybe do some photoshops of him in potential roles to attract other investors.

        1. I pity your poor door if he is used as your doorstop. He would lunge into it and destroy it. Then YOU would send him off(away)

        2. As an Arsenal devotee, the house cleansing this transfer window is commendable. I want to see Mesut Ozil sold or loaned out. Arsenal can channel his homongous wage to other profitable players.

  11. I’m not happy about nacho leaving Kola can’t defend and playing a back 5 doesn’t suit us. Let’s hope Xhaka is soon to be released
    35M wow awful player

    You couldn’t get 35 for him and mustafi

    1. Xhaka still has value on the market. He’s a starter for an average Arsenal midfield. And though we rate him lowly, I haven’t seen other fans have the same low opinion of him. Mustafi is a different case and has essentially become a meme for how poor the Arsenal defense is. Worth pocket change and everybody knows we want him gone.

      1. You havnt seen others have a low opinion of Xhaka where have you been mars ?
        Recently a thread on him 90% don’t rate him

  12. Lovely lovely Chelski and Man Poo draws. Got to take advantage!

    Attack attack with PAL and ceballos behind with Guenda and Pitbull controlling the mid and we will spank em!

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