How secure is Arsenal’s Champions League place?

Arsene Wenger might be saying that Arsenal are still fighting for the Premier League title, but who really believes him? We do still have a chance of catching and finishing above our north London rivals Tottenham, which would be nice but not really all that important in the grand scheme of things other than keeping our long held bragging rights over the spuds.

The actual benefit of finishing second instead of third is just a bit of money as apart from the actual champions, the other clubs in the Champions League are seeded according to their individual UEFA coefficient. The fourth placed club has to play a home and away qualifier at the beginning of next season and the Gunners could do without that, for the stress levels, the two extra matches and of course the chance of not qualifying for the group stage.

However, Arsenal are not yet guaranteed to finish in the top four, especially after the fifth placed team Man United and their under pressure manager Louis van Gaal got a timely boost with an FA cup replay win at West Ham last night and a semi-final against Everton at Wembley nine days from now.

United are just six points behind Arsenal and we both have six games to play. One of ours is away to Man City who are themselves fighting for a top four spot and we could easily lose that match. Is it really hard to imagine us losing one more game of the five against Crystal Palace this weekend, West Brom, Sunderland, Norwich and Aston Villa?

You would normally expect Arsenal to win those but after the disappointments of this season I am far from certain now. United’s next two games are at home to Villa and Palace and then they have the cup semi. Win those three and they will be on a roll and if Arsenal have dropped any more points they will be right on our tails and we have seen how well (or not) we cope with pressure.

So I think we cannot afford to not win both of our next two games. Do that and we will definitely have a place in the Champions League next season. How secure do you think our UCL place is?

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  1. honestly believe if liverpool somehow overcome dortmund an win europa league for that 4 th spot, we in trouble cos man city will fight us for third an its very close.
    then again if we get fourth an qualify we might get schalke or valencia in qualifiers- banana skins lol

    lots of ifs buts an maybes
    an i couldnt give a monkeys, cl is a nothing trophy for us. just the arsenal plc
    i fancy us having shot at europa league trophy.

    ot. how the hell are west ham paying 2.5.million a year rent for the olympic stadium next year-
    wtff? is no one investigating this…this has got dodgy east enders written all over it.
    un bloody believeable

    1. What if..

      We finish 3rd, United 4th, City 5th, BUT City and Liverpool both wins the European competitions?

      Champions League places will go to Leicester, Spurs, City and Liverpool? I’m not clear with this.

      1. Dortmund will win tonight, Or at least do enough to qualify, be it by away goals or extra time etc.
        So forget that senario ?
        And City will finish in the top four regardless of what they do in the champions league.

        Coming from a fat gut that knew that Barcelona and PSG wouldn’t make it to the semi’s. ??

    2. There are very many ways of missing out on 4th place

      I really do Fear!


  2. “How secure do you think our UCL place is?”
    No worries, that’s Wenger target and he will never mess it up …

    1. Yes. This is the gospel truth. Wenger’s trophy. He will never allow it to slip off. This is when you’ll see the genius in him. This is the reason we always do well at the tail end of the season.

  3. Concerning the Premier league, we have no chance. Don’t care what Wenger says, he just keeps dreaming. Now the CL is a tricky one I think its a bit hard to predict. As for the CL cause we always seem to mess things up it seem beyond our control. What is important for us moving forward is, who should be our new manager next season ? That is what should happen. If we look at our last CL campaign it is getting worse. We almost didn’t make last 16 and I don’t foresee any progress with Wenger still around.

  4. Don’t really care that much about CL anymore.

    What’s the whole point, just to show up and not even fight for it. If we go out while fighting like Wolsberg (sp) or the way Athletico are fighting maybe our chances of winning might increase and I can rediscover my love for Arsenal’s participation.

    We need to take this competition a little more seriously than we have in the past, in the group stages we were playing our 2nd best team in certain games, what’s up with that, its CL not capital one cup or FA. The club needs to show more ambition and fight for trophies like this and the EPL and not just pretend. We are the laughing stoke of Europe now and labeled pretenders.

    1. 007,

      The status quo will never change with the triamuvirate of incompetence in charge and yes Arsenal will continue to be a pretender club that embarrasses itself yearly in Europe.

      Looking forward to Ramsey, Ox and Wilshere signing lifetime contracts over the summer @ $140 a week.

      Wake me up when the African billionaire sends Kroenke, Gadzis and Wenger packing

  5. If Liverpool win Europa and Man City pull a Chelsea in champions league then only the top 2 qualify for Champion’s league next season.

  6. There’s no excuses for not being able to win 5 of our last 6 games and hopefully at least getting a draw at City.

    Even though it is still mathematically possible to win the premier league, it does seem highly unrealistic when you take into account that Leicester just keep on getting stronger with 5 wins and cleansheet’s on the bounce.

    Some fan’s also need to be realistic that Wenger will still be the Arsenal manager next season no matter how many banners they make or how many blood vessels they break!

    If Arsenal fail to qualify for the champions league then just maybe the Board may talk Wenger into stepping down,
    But then again I wouldn’t hold my breath on that, as Wenger is a specialist in 4th!!

  7. Has Wenger ever missed out on the Top 4? NEVER
    That’s something he aims for every season.
    Trophies aren’t a priority for him
    BUT Top 4 he will always get

    1. I used to hear that allot, then I heard them say how he hasn’t even got the ambition or know how to nab us an FA cup. At least that would be success Id hear, but he hasn’t got the ambition to win anything. Trophyless this, and trophyless that, before fans completely going back on what was said. Typical though!

  8. I was thinking about how our boss always makes the CL (please don’t jinx), well I was thinking, it’s a real pity we don’t revert back to the old system. When Champions only qualified.

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