Selfies the biggest threat to Arsenal title? Okay Roy…

I have seen some strange things written and said about Arsenal over the years, especially in the trophy free years when the Gunners seemed to have become like the football equivalent of Cecil the lion; fair game for any idiot with a typewriter or computer keyboard.

But I reckon that the accusation laid at the feet of the current Arsenal team by the man who used to be our main adversary due to his running battle with our former captain Patrick Vieira has taken the anti-Arsenal to a whole new, and bizarre, height.

Roy Keane has issued a withering condemnation of the modern Gunners and revealed why our hopes of winning the Premier League are doomed before we even kick a ball, as reported in The Mirror.

Keane said, “There’s too many Arsenal players ­interested in selfies.

“Instead of focusing on winning Premier League titles, it’s all about how their bodies look, how their hair is, more so than winning football matches.

“They’ve got really good players, it’s just that some of their players are more ­interested in selfies and six packs.”

Well there you go Gooners. The reason why Arsenal have been struggling to win games and have not won a trophy in years. Oh wait a minute, how about our back to back victories in the FA cup Roy? Just a thought Keano, but have you thought that it might be possible to care about how you look and still be able to play well?

I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of the selfie but they are just a part of modern life and I really cannot see how they have any bearing whatsoever on a team´s ability or inability to win a league title. Correct me if I am wrong but did Germany not take selfies on the pitch after winning the World cup? How is that even possible?

Thanks for the chuckles Roy. Keep em coming.


    1. i don’t want to hear how this game meant nothing. you can t tell me that mourinho didn’t do everything to beat us.

      doesn’t mean we will win the league, but it means that we can go toe to toe with any of the top 5 and beat them.

      onwards and upwards

    2. Keane should worry more about getting the Irish National squad to Europe and the World Cup and STFU….

  1. A good team spirit and a winning mentality beats just about anything. So what if our players are enjoying themselves taking photos and looking good in underwear. Didn’t really stop Giggs/Beckham/Ronaldo from success did it?

    Grumpy gus hates Arsenal. Loves to try and rub salt in the wounds. Sadly, we’re actually winning stuff at the moment while his beloved United just struggled to get into the CL despite splashing 150m…

    1. Exactly…

      This victory to me really tastes like the CL trophy.

      King Julien’s voice: IN YOUR FACE, Mouron!!!

  2. Some people just love to play Arsenal down….Well, We are used to the negative remarks about Arsenal. That will even make the team better and they will prove their critics wrong…

    The Look on Mourinho and Terry face (Priceless).

    Love the gesture Cech made to the fans after the game….


    1. He really doesn’t deserve an article, lol. He’s said more bizarre things than that though. This is just what Roy Keane does.

      However Roy Keane was an absolute winner. One doesn’t have to behave like he does, but a little bit of his winning mentality wouldn’t be bad. Without his mentality, he would have very much been a lower Premier League player.

  3. Don’t care we won a preseason treble. Roy Keane is someone that would wilfully end another man’s career just so his team don’t concede. I have zero respect for him.

    That’s not being competitive, it’s being a cheat and a sorry excuse for a human being. To be in a position where you have to make a career-ending tackle, clearly you’ve already been beaten by the other player.

      1. I know. I’m just saying if he was in a situation where he was beaten and had the choice of conceding a goal or ending someone’s career, he would have no hesitation in making that tackle.

  4. we should not get complacent….its only a friendly…

    the real season is starting and we will be facing chelsea again for at least twice….

    1. Anything to disrupt their momentum going in to the season is a good thing. Plus the confidence boost it gives us. It may have been a glorified friendly, but it did matter.

    2. no man.
      it is not a friendly
      it is a recognized and oficial trophy
      and it was won vs the champions of the league, not vs any team
      and they were there to win it too.

      so no.
      no no and no.

      its not a friendly

  5. On a side note.

    Chelsea fans: Hazard is better than Alexis because Alexis doesn’t turn up in big games.

    Alexis Sanchez scored against Man City, Liverpool, both goals in the FA Cup Semifinal, scored in the final as well. In Barcelona he scored Barca’s only goal in the title decider vs Atletico, and he’s scored in the Classico as well. It may have just been a penalty, but he also scored the pen that won the Copa America.

    What’s Hazard ever done in a big game? Scored a penalty or two?

    Beyond spooning a clear-cut chance well into the crowd today, he did nothing. Honesty, Alexis had a bigger contribution and wasn’t even there.

    1. And the point of this post isn’t to down Hazard. I think Hazard is an exceptional player, but no where near what he’s hyped to be. Ronaldo?? Ronaldo scored over 40 goals just in the league last season. Hazard scored 14. The difference…

      But my real point is that everyone really underrates our players when really they don’t know what they’re on about.

    2. I rate Hazard but no-one will convince me that he doesn’t go down too easily. If he wants to be compared to Messi he should start off by staying on his feet as well as little Leo.

      Fruitless task to try and compare Alexis to Hazard but if Hazard scored 14 for us and had a similar season with us and Alexis was at Chelsea doing his thing the narrative would be very different. Helped that EH played in a title winning side of course but their title win was a genuine team effort – Hazard just caught the eye from time to time, as flair players tend to.

      1. He will never ever be compared to messi or Ronaldo in my eyes! He’s not even as good as Suarez Neymar or aguero it’s debateable that’s he’s better than silva and alexis

  6. I think selfies are making us better. Keep em coming boys! But seriously, Keane is just being his usual bitter self. Nothing to see there.

  7. Makes me laugh all these ex players saying about selfies! It’s not my cup of tea but it’s the way of the world now,21yr old lads are gonna do it because they can the only reason why the ex players didn’t do it was because they couldn’t . Carragher annoys me the most because he moans about it yet he does them himself the clown

  8. The reason why we finally beat Jose is becoz first time we had an organized team. GK Cech,
    Back 4 which has improved massively, Coquelin as CDM has done wonders and the work rate of Cazorla and Ozil has improved very much as well. I just want forward players not to waste chances to score goals. Need Benzema.

  9. Why am I requested to log on to a comment this days whem your system had already recognized my Username and my password. What’s the proplem? I labour for nothing yesterday night around 9:30 pm after login on again and wrote a comment on Arsenal victory over Chelsea. But wasn’t published. I expressed how happy and joyful I was and even about to celebrate the Gunners victory with a dinner of pounded yam prepared with the new yams for first time in the year. And I encourage the complaining Gooners to gettison all complains yesterday and join the Gunners to celebrate their victory of our bitter rivals as we retained the Shield. Yesterday was not a day for agitating for the signings of a World class striker and a supper DM. It was a day to thank God and celebrate. Because Arsenal have won a prestigious trophy which only the Champions can contest for.

  10. The Irish football team has not won anything substantial in recent history; I guess they have been taking lots of selfies

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