Selling Aubameyang debate shows something has gone very wrong at Arsenal

There is an argument that now is the right time to sell Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and use the money raised to bring in new players.

Arsenal, it is being argued, can replace Aubameyang within its ranks with the likes of Gabriel Martinelli and Eddie Nketiah primed to play in his role in the event he is sold.

What utter nonsense.

Not the proposal, that on the face of it does make sense but the idea that it has to be Aubameyang sold to raise funds that is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion.

When a club is unable to sell its deadwood and instead have to offload its top scorer then you know something has gone badly wrong somewhere.

Selling players to raise funds is normal transfer business, Liverpool sold Coutinho, Tottenham sold Bale, Man Utd sold Ronaldo and so on but each time they were forced to do that in the face of massive offers and the respective players desire to leave.

That is not the case with Aubameyang.

Arsenal has a ton of players that are simply not up to scratch, their names are so common I do not even have to name them but it is the Golden Boot winner that is being mooted to be sold.

Our top-six rivals have no issues selling their fringe players and for the most part, getting a decent transfer fee in return and yet, for some reason, Arsenal struggle to do the same.

If we sell Auba and keep the likes of Mustafi I would be utterly speechless and the sad thing is, I would not be surprised if that actually happens.


  1. Agreed, I can’t believe some people are saying it is a good idea.

    Lets sell Laca, Torreira and Leno whilst we’re at it…

    1. What other fan base would want to sell one of their players who had just won the golden boot!

      Utter madness! I wouldn’t mind but it’s not as if they sell him for 60 million any of us would be getting any of the money.

      Keep hold of him regardless of what is offered- have we learnt nothing from the RVP debacle.

    2. We should learn from past mistakes. Our squad is not strong enough for competing with the likes of Pool or City. While City have unlimited pickets, Pool made the most of Coutinho fees and got back to winning ways. So, selling a star who does not have a resell value in a year or 2 is worth it. Other option is do a Spurs, give youngsters a chance, either at club or good loan moves, and sell them on for profit to fund first team transfers. Ofc we dont have Bale or Modric, but we have some that can generate enough for us to compete for top 4. Our current model of no sellable superstars in squad wont sustain after a point.

  2. There is nothing wrong if we can replace Aubameyang with a young winger

    Aubameyang’s goal tally looks great, but he missed a lot of important opportunities and his hold-up play/ trickeries is not on a par with the other world class strikers. He would be badly missed because Lacazette’s positioning is not as good as him and he is our best RW currently, but he will be 32 years old in two years time

    As long as he is replaced by a 70+ M young winger like Dembele or Pepe, Arsenal will be fine since they still have Lacazette, Martinelli and Nketiah

    1. A piece of advice, brother

      It’s not wrong to have a different opinion and a foul mouth will not help you in life

    2. Him being 32 doesn’t mean he won’t continue to be prolific. Look at zlatan. Auba is still sharp, Hungry and frankly our best shot at champions league and please which striker doesn’t miss chances. Selling Auba is doom no matter who you replace him with

    3. And Pepe/Dembele will sore 30 goals for is? Why is is this aconsideration at all – we are hopefully getting Zaha or Everton and Ceballos- they should bring the much needed balance to the team

    4. Dont agree we need a 70m+ winger. We can get 2 for that price, which will upgrade our squad. No 70m+ young winger will join Arsenal without UCL, except likes of Zaha who dream to play for us.

  3. Auba only has 2 years left on his contract so we have to sell now, unless he signs an extension. Wenger/Gazidis got slated (and rightly so) for consistently letting players run their contracts down, now fans are unhappy that the new regime want to avoid this?

    Selling him now allows us to reinvest in a quality replacement. Or shall we let him run his contract down and then swap him for Lingard?

    1. Where he will go at 32?!
      Another case of lack of brains! He will agree extension next year and thats it!

    2. This.

      If he doesn’t want to leave us, he will gladly extend NOW, knowing it guarantees him the same wonderful salary when he’s in his thirties and playing for the Gunners.

      So we can judge by his willingness to extend now.
      Next year, entering his last year, his fee will fall by 25 – 30 mill., which is too much for us.

      Of course, he wants to stay, so he will extend in the following weeks.

  4. It depends on the contract extension negotiations. He only has two years remaining so after this season he will be free to run it down which the club has openly stated will not happen anymore. I would hope for at least a 70 million plus fee with adds on for success to the new club if he is sold but it wouldn’t be the end of the world and could actually benefit the squad and season as a whole. Bringing in Zaha would counter the sale impact and help the average age of the squad meaning we would also have money to strengthen the cb position. If all other targets are brought in this might actually help us achieve a competitive season hitting the goals our fans hope to achieve. This could make sense even though I highly rate auba, it’s a for the good of the team decision if the money is spent right and balance of the squad made

    1. The bit of the original article that rings truest to me is that we seem to struggle to get a good price for our players when we sell. I don’t want Chambers sold but if we do I’d wager we won’t get close to what Mings went for. And Bielek was a revelation at the U21s but we will probably let him go for a song. Gnarby. Ramsey. Hayden. The list is endless.

    2. Please please please ? don’t buy zaha average player.would be better to spend 55m on top centreback.

  5. We just can’t afford to sell him now not when the likes of mustafi, kolasinac, jenkinson, ozil, mkhi, xhaka, elneny, koscielny, monreal, chambers are still stuck here. Wow, we have so many players that are not good enough at this moment.

  6. Liverpool sold Coutinho and invest the money wisely, they got to the champions league final back to back.Selling a 30 year old striker who only have 2 years left for 70million is not a bad idea as long as the club reinvest the money wisely, though unlike some people on here I prefer aubamayang to lacazette because of his positioning but still we can do without him if we spend the money wisely on a young winger and sort our defense.

    1. There are not many strikers as good as aubameyang out there. He can play as a winger too. He should not be sold. He’s a guarantee 20 goal striker every season and he doesn’t look like he will stop anytime soon. He’s a born finisher. Let’s keep him who knows he may just become like zlatan (who scored more goals in his 30’s)

      1. If we had a top winger last year instead of Auba AND played Laca as the main striker all of the time, the total goal tally would be similar as what we had with Laca + Auba + Iwobi.

        Auba scored 22 league goals, but he also took 5 or 6 penalties, scoring 4, let’s not forget.

  7. Is it true crystal palace refused 55million and Nelson on loan for zaha? We are talking about a player who in my opinion is not even world class, I think Arsenal should just get the Everton boy.

    1. I dont really understand d Zaha madness. 55m is ok. Infact highly ok. If CP reject it, it means CP isnt ready to sell the player at all.
      though winger is our priority, in fact more than CD, but we cant be unreasonable

    2. I totally agree.everton would be younger,cheaper & by all accounts is a gem of a player.with our Brazilian connection it would energise midfield massively.still need centre backs

  8. Selling deadwood is easier said than done. U claimed our rivals didnt have same problem? How come man utd is having issues with sanchez and co., chelsea isnt fairing better. Look at Bale at RMD. Its a difficult situation especially when the players are not ready to moce. Our players are too comfortable

  9. We are terrible and some people want to get rid of one of our best players. Makes sense……not!

    Aubameyang will still be good this season. He’s 30 and he won’t automatically become rubbish at 31.
    Ibrahimovic was good into his mid 30s. Some deteriorate quicker than others.
    Aubameyang looks good. And we have Lacazette. If one gets injured, we will have the other. We don’t know how Martinelli or Nketiah will do in the premier league yet

      1. Rubbish. Aubameyang is a world class striker and Zaha an overrated diving cheats. 31 goals for 10 goals. Abject nonsense

        1. Sorry but aubameyang miss few sitters let’s be honest he is 30 years old with his big luxury head I go for zaha mile away better

        2. Sorry forget to say world class striker did he play from France or an other successful country in world cup ha ..

  10. Why not swap our unwanted ozil for bale both on loan at same price I will be happy for that

    1. Not a bad shout but Bale makes £250,000 a week more than Ozil. He would have to take a 40 per cent pay cut – man’s gotta eat…

      1. I know but zidane dont like him as much as we don’t like ozil so why not making some concession lol

  11. Higuain was going for serious money when he went into his thirties because of his positioning and ability to find the back of net. That is not a simple ability to replace, Auba’s pace is a strong suit but he will score goals even when that is not the case. He needs to sign on for an extra couple of seasons though, otherwise we’ll have to sell him next season, I think we’ll still get big offers when he has one season left because he’s a bonafide goalscorer. He likes it here, I haven’t heard noises from him about wanting to join a challenging side, he’s professional. I honestly believe if we sell him then we will bring in another striker and he’ll be behind Lacazette and Laca will be our main goalscorer, I don’t want to see that. Also, Nketiah, look at these two strikers that the young lad gets to work with, it should be good for Nketiah to work with these lads and it might give us a chance to replace Auba’s goals with a cadet. We need better wingers but not at the expense of losing our biggest threat in the final third. We simply won’t get another player that bangs them in like Auba, how much would we need to pay for that and we’d still need better wide players.

  12. It doesn’t show ambition for a club that wants to return to top 4 to sell their most prolific striker. You need strikers to score goals and win matches. Why should we sell our best player to a rival club that is desperate to return to top 4? Why not sell Ozil, Mustafi, Mkhitaryan and other fringe players? Why does age matter so much for Arsenal more than ability and quality of the player to deliver on the field? Look at what Messi, Ronaldo and other players above 30 years are doing and earning in their clubs. Ambition should be the driving force for a club and nothing more. I also think that Emery should be more vocal and strategic in the quality of players he seeks and their pricing. The value of a player is reflected on his price and determination of the buying club to show the player its determination to value him. It’s insulting and infra dig to be pricing quality players peanuts and expect the selling club to kowtow to you. Arsenal has become notorious for lowball offers for players. Emery should immediately jettison this Wenger’s miserly bargains. They don’t work in today’s market.

  13. “There is an argument that now is the right to sell Aubameyang”. What argument and from where. This is just mischievous nonsense without any basis whatsoever. Nobody is thinking that all. Total rubbish

    1. There is literally a link in the article with Jens Lehman saying we should sell Aubamyeng so less of the total rubbish and mischievous nonsense hey.

  14. If manure have refused an offer for Lukaka, reportedly at £80,000,000 and want to buy our golden boot winner for £62,000,000, there is no contest. NO

    We have no need to sell him, just pull our fingers out, sign the “top players” promised and invest further in a quality CB to replace mustafi.

    Perhaps the management haven’t sold any of the “deadwood”, simply because UE doesn’t see them as such – anyone thought of that scenario?

    After all, they seem oblivious to the fact that we need defenders!!!

  15. It’s not the worst idea, but it’s not going happen. Right now, Arsenal should be trying to get him to extend his contract though or we are heading for another bad scenario. The exact scenario that has ruined this current window for us.

  16. Haha we could not by a CB that will play with us this season with 27M but we want to sell Auba while we still have eleneny. Mustafi, jenk. Chamber .
    Assuming we sold all these guys off our books and we replace with a good CB and strong DM , I’ll allow Auba go, but we want to drop to 8th coming season when u filled crap at the back and u can’t score. Then they will come beg koz to play. They will then remember we have a beilik. Haha arsenal mgt amazes me

  17. Thats true Martin, Speculations upon speculations, News without source, getting tired to be an Arsenal fan, the transfer window is closing bit by bit, we can’t move our deadwoods, neither can we make signing, where is this Great club heading to??

    1. Like others have suggested, I fear UE doesn’t see Ozil, mustafi and Mika as such..

      I find it hard to believe but maybe he can’t see what the rest of us can.

      Read an article today on someone being a little bit sceptical on the whole ozil transformation. It’s ok to turn in a performance at the beginning of the season in a friendly when you fear the club are looking to shift you..

      But will he impact a game on a rainy cold day against Huddersfield or make an appearance in a bigger game in the PL or Europe. History tells me no!

      I hope I am proven wrong but I just can’t see it.

      As for signings , well Martinelli looks like he ‘could’ be a top top player in a year or two but we need to dust of the checkbook fast. Otherwise we will have another disastrous transfer window on our hands.

      Procrastination springs to mind.

      1. Well said ArseOverTit!!

        Ozil will most likely be the same once the new season starts and it gets cold and wet. I don’t see that changing!

        I think Martinelli and a few of the youngster will be knocking on UE’s door this year and strong for next year. I would give Auba one more year. If it’s an average season from him and he has one year left on his contract, sell him then for good money then! If he has a good season and the youngsters do too, we have a problem!

  18. We have bein crying for double digit goal scoller since RVP left.Auba is wenger’s best gift ever for fan.selling our wc strike is nonsense by any means.

  19. Why are we contemplating selling our top striker?
    Its quite simple really.
    Ten years of systemic transfer failures, allowing salaries
    to spiral out of control and collecting deadwood who won’t leave.
    The Arsenal strike force once consisted of
    Giroud 10m, Wellbeck 16m Sanchez 36m Asano and Sanogo free.
    The club wanted a replacement for Giroud and was offered
    Aubameyang for 70m but Arsenal said 70m was “too expensive”.
    So Arsenal decided to “save money” and instead
    bought Lacazette 50m and Lucas Perez 17m = 67m a saving of 3m 🙂
    In the end we still bought the “too expensive” Auba for 60m after the Sanchez fiasco
    even tho we already had 6 strikers Giroud Lacazette Welbeck Perez Sanogo and Asano.
    Welbeck Perez Asano and Sanogo were all complete failures for years
    and the club got the grand total of 3m in sales.
    The much maligned Giroud was sold for a creditable 18m to Chelsea.
    After Sanchez then Ramsey went for free (50m loss).
    With Mkhi on 170k p/w Auba and Laca on 200k p/w Ozil on 350k p/w
    the club is haemorrhaging money and now we are scooping up young cheapies like
    Mavro 3m Guendouzie 5m and Martinellie 7m Kolo free Lichsteiner free and
    promoting a phalanx of youngsters to save money.
    We also now find ourselves low balling and playing transfer poker with
    the likes of Celtic Etienne Palace and Madrid.
    A decade of transfer and salary bungling has forced our hand.
    Selling Auba for 60m to help fund the Zaha Ceballos Tierney
    and Saliba deals makes too much logical sense so if all goes to plan
    we won’t sell Auba but will lose he and Lacazette on a free next summer 🙂

  20. Sell the Premier League top scorer?????? Some supporters are aiming to bring us towards mediocrity and mid- table nowhere land. We are trying to challenge for the EPL. Yes? Look at Aubamayang, he’s in great condition and he’s got 3 good years ahead of him.

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