Selling midfielder would not be the cleverest move by Arsenal

Arsenal have hardly covered themselves in glory with some of their transfer business down the years and it is difficult to trust them not to repeat mistakes from past years.

So, the news that AC Milan is interested in making a move for Lucas Torreira is a little unsettling and made worse by the fact that the player himself has admitted that he misses Italy, in particular, the weather.

Torreira was not exactly world class for us last season but he was definitely one of our better midfielders and in fact, this poll we are running here has him and Aaron Ramsey as our two best midfielders by a country mile last season and Ramsey is already gone.

There are three or four players that we have to hang on to no matter what and Torreira is one of them, if we lose him we will be weakened terribly and we already need to buy midfielders to shore up the centre of the park as it is.

A fee of £32 Million was mentioned and the truth is that we would have to spend almost all of it, if not more, to replace the diminutive Urugyuan so what would the point in selling him be?

It is one thing to sell a player for £100 Million and bring in three quality players but it is a whole different matter selling one proven Premier League player and then having to use all the cash raised to replace him without no guarantees.

Put it this way, if we sold Torreira and kept say Mohamed Elneny then the fans will have a meltdown and rightfully so.


  1. If we were offered £50m for Torreria I would grab it.Decent start to the season but fell away alarmingly.I don’t feel he is physically equipped to make a real impact in the PL but I hope he proves me wrong.

    1. Doucoure is a box-to-box CM, not a specialist DM

      40 M would be a decent money for Torreira, because we still have Chambers, Bielik, Maitland-Niles and Guendouzi in the DM position. We can even use Mustafi or Kolasinac as a DM if necessary

      Torreira sale could fund a lethal winger, which is the player type Arsenal really need to pin the opposition’s fullback in their own half

          1. Selling Torriera because we have Chambers, Beliek, AMN and Guendozi is never a good thing to do. If we are selling Torriera we should go for an upgrade

      1. My point is to get Doucore to cover for Ramsey… He’s strong and have PL experience, try Chambers and Co in DM role during the pre season or look for a tall DM to cover the DM role. We really need tall, bullish CM… Don’t really think Lucas T can cope with the pace of PL

      2. Mustafi and Kolasiniac as CDM?Are you sure?Why would you even dream of this?One is a left back who can’t defend.Thevother is a CB who can’t defend.And you feel they would be able to operate in midfield to defend?
        Seriously PAL you need to think before you write.You are far too eager to post a reply.Just slow down a bit.Otherwise you will find yourself being crucified for one of the most ridiculous posts ever on this site.

      3. No point in selling Torreire,Arsenal is no longer a team with financial might.Kroenke must go,for the club to go back to its old status.

    2. I don’t know why nobody is talking about taking Doucoure from Watford.

      Such a good player and I don’t think he will cost much.

      1. Watford wanted 40 mill. pounds last year and as his contract is until 2023, he would not cost less this year or 35 at least (which is value for money, but not when you have our amount to spend and higher priorities on other parts of the pitch – wings, CB, LB…

  2. Neither AMN nor Guendouzi are defensive midfielders and the prospect of using Mustafi or Kolasinac in that role fills me with despair.I cannot believe any rational Manager would consider using them in midfield.

      1. A proper DM needs:
        1. excellent tackling
        2. excellent marking
        3. at least decent in interceptions

        AMN and Guendouzi have neither 1 nor 2. That’s why even the suggestion of using Mustafi (but not Kola) is probably better than Niles or Guendouzi (and also why Chambers was somewhat okay in his new position for Fulham, as a defender).

  3. Sell him for £55 mil “+ sell on monies.
    He looked good because he was surrounded by dross. Loads of energy but world class,no.

  4. Torreira has fight in him but I accept his physical limitations do not allow him to impose himself and dominate other players like a true DM. Could barely stay on his feet and spent a good part of last season getting shoved into the ground. He started off quite well but I guess gradually regressed to the standard level of the rest of our midfielders. I’d take the money and throw it at Watford for Doucoure like Valentino suggested.

    1. Torreira first season was ok
      Hard to keep up the pace all season
      2nd season he will he stronger
      The fear is if he does go and we pocket 55m for him, I can see the boss only getting a fraction of the money to find a replacement.
      The rest will be going to the good old USA

  5. IF offered 50 million or more then I would have to say sell, and use the money to bring in Doucoure. Chambers was good DM for a lesser team last year; he can play our style, and can be disciplined and sit back to defend.

    I feel we really need a box-to-box CM to go to take things to the next level, and Doucoure is PL proven, and so is Chambers now at DM.

  6. I would sell AMN for 10m than selling torriera for 40m
    Niles english over rated player over torriera this is unthinkable
    The problem is no quality in tge team to cover for him at moment or else we are buying another DM (doucoure)

    1. Chambers, Bielik, Maitland-Niles and Guendouzi in the DM position

      I have heard it all…

      We them we can only go south

  7. Keep this in mind. If we sell Torreira and get a DM as good or better, then all well and good

    But I would rather say NO to £40-50 mil and not getting a replacement or getting an inferior DM.

    We have been Begging Wenger for over a decade to get a Quality DM. A DM is required to win the PL. It’s such an important position

    So if we can get good money AND get a better DM, I’m all for it. Otherwise keep him.

    Another thing to note is that not all top players adapt to the PL in the same way. Torreira was very good at the beginning but his quality decreased. Maybe the coaching staff can fix this. Maybe he needs more weight training or cardio. Maybe we need to get another DM. Maybe it’s something else. I say give him another season. I think he will be stronger and better in season 2

    Btw Chambers, Bielik, Niles and Guendouzi are not good enough DM. Guendouzi could become one. The others haven’t proven themselves yet. So we shouldn’t rely on them to be backups and certainly not a replacement for Torreira.

    1. Well said bro…
      Some even wants him to be replaced by Niles a player who is among the contenders for our worst player of last season

  8. I read the article saying Terrier may be wanted in Italy, and that he moaned about his stay in England — the country is too big, the weather is crap, and the language is a bar to communication.

    But he also said at the end of his interview that he was adjusting and as the years go by he will adapt.

    Funny Ornstein seemed to miss out that last bit.

    It’s the funny season — oops — the transfer Window — so believe all you read.

    1. Well hellooo… I like your avatar, just trying to figure out if the horn coming out of your head is 7 inches ?

      I’m glad you included the part Ornstein had forgotten about, as I was just about to call Lucas a miserable little sod.. and how it’s not as if he’s here out of the goodness of his heart blah blah blah ??

  9. I heard he is gonna give up football to do panto this year in snow White and the seven dwarves so he probably won’t be going to Italy as they don’t really do panto.

    So yeh, sell him, get an inferior player for more money and let’s all call it a day. We ain’t gonna win stuff anyway.

  10. As much as I want OZIL to leave, he is a very generous man.

    He is paying for operations of 1000 children to celebrate his wedding.

    He has a HUGE heart!

  11. The guy’s reason for not feeling well at Arsenal is the LANGUAGE BARRIER? Are you effin kidding me?
    To say something like that is pure disrespect. You commit yourself to learn the bloody language of the country you WORK IN. As far as I’m concerned he can pack his things right now and take the first plane to Milan. Ask 40 million quid for him and ship him. There are suitable replacements at that rate, I’m sure.

    1. he did also state that he would adjust as time goes on so calm down. he just sayed that it was difficult with the language barrier.

    2. Who are the suitable replacements for that price? Guys like you like to demolish a house before you find another one. He will be with Arsenal next year. The language of his profession are his feet, not English!

  12. Some fans are really too quick to judge and criticize these players. He was a asked question about his first season in epl and the challenges he had. He answerd honestly and all of sudden that was interpreted as he wanted out and Arsenal want to sell him and some here are abusing a guy who did not wrong but answered a questio. Maybe some need to double check what they read here before they jump to conclusion.

  13. This article is unnecessary alarm. Arsenal is happy with the player and the price offered is not much more than we paid for him. I see nothing here that will even make Arsenal consider the offer for the price offered. I can bet my money on this.

  14. His price will only go up and he has value to us, dont sell. Auba has hit 30 and will only lose value. Makes more sense to sell him if we need funds.

  15. Torreira had just a decent season. He had a slow start (the world can be an excuse). He was brilliant at some point before Jan/Feb. He become just like other players around him towards the end of the season. He can still come very good when he fully settled in. If a bid of around $60 was put in, I would say we take it. He is not totally irreplaceable based on his first with us.

  16. FFS people, get a grip.
    If he wants to go then get rid. Get as much money as possible from his sale.

    Can’t force a player to stay somewhere he does notwant to be. Sell but ask for a lot of money like other clubs do when they sell their players.

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