Selling Sanchez is right, but will Arsenal really get a real replacement?

Selling Sanchez is best for club IF we buy adequate replacements. by Konstantin Mitov

Well, I’ve been a huge fan of Alexis Sanchez over his Arsenal career. Truly the best player we’ve got in the squad, but at the end of the day no player is bigger than the squad. If I had to chose I’d keep Sanchez and get rid of Wenger, but it doesn’t work like that.

Truth is Arsenal needs a rebuild. The club has sunk to it’s lowest point in years and although deep inside I feel like it’ll get worse, because we’ve been heading downhill for a long time, I want to be positive this year and I’ll start with a few good things that actually have happened.

We’ve sold Coquelin and despite some really good moments he’s given me, like that 2-0 win at City, we’ve removed some dead wages and thank god, we’re selling Walcott! The never-ending potential that will just come tomorrow, playing well only when his contract is up for grabs, Theo symbolises the failure of the English core project and I wish him all the best at Everton.

We’ve offered Wilshere a new contract with some wage lowering and with his injury record I think a performance based contract would’ve been nice, but right now Arsenal needs Jack a lot. We need players who actually care for this football club.

Now it’s time for iffy land, which is a land I hate when it comes to Arsenal, because we always end up on the wrong side, but since we’re selling Alexis, it’d be better to get someone in return. Mikhitaryan is the mentioned name and plus 35 million pounds, it’s a bloody good deal for an out of form player with less than 6 months left on his contract.

Besides look. He’ll get a 30 million sign on fee + 400k pounds/week. This is insane and adding this to the fact that he’s not very popular amongst his team mates, if I was in charge of the club I’d sell him, get Mikhitaryan and use the money on more reinforcements.

Latest rumours suggest the deal hangs in the balance of the Armenian agreeing a move, but Sven Mislintat knows him from his time at Dortmund and at the current state of our midfield I think he is an improvement. And speaking of our new German scout, the hot pea on the pan is Pierre Aubameyang.

It’s a big IF whether we would get him, but this would be a huge boost to the club. It’s the best possible transfer and considering his goalscoring record and our lack of ideas up front, bringing him in could create a real force of Ozil, Lacazette and PEA up front.

Since this is Arsenal though, unless I see him in our shirt, it’s still just a nice dream, and we were also linked with that Malcom guy, who apparently we’ve not enquired about according to Bordeaux representatives, so yeah, it’s all just theory and with Arsenal it’s usually false.

But what could be nice is seeing other people apart from Wenger making key decisions at the club. This is ultimately the best thing that can happen to us. If we manage to strip him of some of his power, because it’s frankly impossible to get him out without either Kroenke selling the club, or fans making an outrage, with both seeming unlikely events.

Anyway, I’m used to disappointment here at Arsenal so even if we fail to get anyone I won’t be too bothered as it’s just pointless to care while Arsene is sinking the ship to rock bottom and digging lower.



  1. ŞÜKHJÖT says:

    It will be difficult to get a direct replacement for him in the winter window. We will need to get 25 odd goals for the remainder of theseason from 2-3 players. But I am confident that the board will spend in the summer to find a suitable replacement for him… We can get someone for sure in the summer but the question is whether he will be able to fill the void that has been left by sanchez ?????

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      if we get Auba and Malcolm …don’t think there will be any big signings in the summer

    2. neil says:

      Its quite clear Kroenke only wants to make money from Arsenal…. same with all his sporting investments !!

      Wenger got hoodwinked by a snake oil salesman !!..

      10 years ago… “Arsene… help us design a great stadium and academy.. we wont be able to compete but the Stadium will be your legacy and once we have paid it off I will give you all the money you want to win again… lets also develop young players which you really enjoy”

      5 years ago…” Arsene its taking a bit longer to repay plus I need to get paid a huge consultancy fee for the role I am supposed to play.. keep going another year”
      4 years ago .. ” Ok the fans are saying really bad things.. you can buy someone on last day of seaspn if you get a good deal “…” Oi Gazidis lets tell fans every year that we have 200mn to spend a few weeks before the season so they renew their season tickets…will help pay for one big transfer per year ”
      Nov / Dec 2016… “Hey Arsene.. you know those two players Ozil and Sanchez .. theyve just asked to double their salaries.. we cant afford that.. “.. Wenger replies..” But theyre our best players and our title challengers all pay more than us.. we need to keep them and get more like them to win the Title again !”
      Kroenke ..” yeah about that.. I didnt mean what I said all those years ago… I know you could have gone to other clubs and earned more as well as won titles.. But they love you here and you managed the Invincibles blah blah blah…Just renew your contract and maybe next year we can give those 2 guys a pay rise and get some more..”
      Wenger…” but they will be in last year of contract ? ”
      Kroenke just walks away smiling !!

      Anyone want to finish the story ?

      1. John0711 says:

        Yet wenger pockets 10m a year it’s a tough life

      2. jon fox says:


        1. neil says:

          guys .. rather than make ongoing rants why not try ro justify comments with facts or proof so its a proper discussion !

      3. Lugdush says:

        Woaw arsene, putting on that way u have suffer a lot the last ten years…aside the 10 million u have pocket a year with any demands on the field…but ok, u are another victim i guess

        1. neil says:

          He was offered a lot more at other clubs ! Any fan thinking any manager doesnt want success is mad !

  2. John0711 says:

    IMO you can’t replace Sanchez without spending big money. Don’t want miki apparently it’s a straight swap so UTDs worst player in exchange for our best and a seagull agent in toe no thanks
    Abam I can’t see it if we wanted him why buy lacca I hope we spend nothing get rid wenger and bring in a top manager and give Home the funds

    1. neil says:

      who’s the top manager you have lined up then ?!?!

      .. and I presume you have a hotline to Kroenke to get him to dust the cobwebs off his wallet… get real – he is a business man not a football fan !!!

      1. John0711 says:

        Neil I said I hope ? What do u hope for wenger to stay ?

        1. neil says:

          Very easy to moan without saying any solutions.. I notice you didnt answer my question ! so who is the top manager currently out there that you want at Arsenal ?

  3. Zimbo says:

    For some funny reason, l am very optimistic that we will get both Aubameyang and Mkhitaryn. Or l am just blinded by some desperation to see them in our squad.

    Just worried though that even if they come Wenger might fail to get the best out of them.

  4. Innit says:

    Goodbye Theo. Thanks for your years of service. You will always be a gunner.

    I wouldn’t mind getting Aubemeyang and Mktharyan. It would ease the pain of losing Alexis and Theo.

    1. Phil says:

      Goodbye Theo and GOOD RIDANCE.Overrated Over Valued and Overpaid.How desperate must Everton be to pay £20m?

      1. jon fox says:

        I HAD BEGUN TO THINK, FROM SO MANY DAFT COMMENTS ON HERE, that I was the only one who could actually see what a trainwreck “player” Walcott was. THEN GLORY BE, ALONG CAME PHIL. WHAT DRINK DO YOU WANT PHIL, I’M BUYING!

  5. Durand says:

    I’d be surprised if Arsenal spend money on more players. Miki to fill void, and £25 million goes right in bank account or pockets.
    Good news is, £25 million is like 12 more Holdings and Mavoros (spelling)

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    Right to sell, but at the worst possible time. Should have sold him in the summer of 2016 to maximum valuation, as there was no contract extension.

    Liverpool schooled us on ‘how to sell your best player’. Sold Coutinho, and got the Ox, Salah, AND Van Dijk in return.

  7. Innit says:

    Even if we got Aubemeyang and Malcolm/Mktharyan, we still need CB And top Central midfielder plus CAM/#10 if we lose Ozil in summer.

    Wenger will stick with Xhaka and won’t replace Coquelin. Cazorla is out. That leaves a big whole in Midfield innit.

    We need at least one Top CB ie Verane, Godin, Hummels, Koulibaly etc as Koscielny is getting older, Mustafi is good but not great. Chambers, Holding and new guy need more experience/improvement. Monreal is a left back, not CB.

    And let’s be honest, none of us are confident that Wenger will do all these things

  8. Alf says:

    There is no direct replacement for Alexis, he is the best player in the league! De Bruyne and Hazard both play in teams full of capable, world class and experienced winners. Alexis has literally pulled Arsenal to cups and an unnatural league position. Arsenal players, except from Ozil, have been terrible, on the whole, for 2/3 of the time Alexis has been at the club. You cannot directly replace that and considering everyone was shocked we got him in the first place, getting someone of his stature again is now not possible. Ambitious stars do not want to come to a club who are not capable of keeping their own ambitious stars.

    On the other hand… that is not to say someone else cannot come and do a great job. It’s only football afterall, there are always talented players… look at what spurs and Leicester have done with cheap unknowns.

  9. BIG RADDY 7 says:

    Great News The Coward Walcott is Going Now Get Welbeck Out And Yes Another Money For Nothing Steve Bould No Respect For Him Just a lap Dog To this STUPID OLD FOOL WHEN WILL HE BE GONE I ASK IT WILL BE TIME TO CELEBRATE

  10. Alf says:

    And the problems with Arsenal’s recruitment are perpetual. We need to sort out the midfield, which is far and away the most pressing concern. We have never replaced viera, for a brief period Song looked promising, but was sold and flopped and then partnered with the brilliance of Santi, Le Coq had a season of looking good but that didn’t last and he is now gone. Since then we have tried just about every player on the books and we continually lose the midfield battle, which results in losing the game so often. And we cannot plan around Santi coming back so we need someone to control the game from our own half and dictate tempo.

    But now, just as pressing, we have lost pretty much all of our natural wingers. No ox, no Walcott, Sanchez leaving, iwobi has turned into a shocking player since his break out a couple seasons ago. Not going to mention any youth player Arsene decides to play out of position. With three at the back the full backs press higher but we need to get pace and presence on the wings back into the team.

  11. DANDY GUNNER says:

    I have a funny feeling that all this talk about buying quality players is just talk and Arsenal will end up with Jonny Evens. This is Par for the course with Wenger and the Arsenal Board.

  12. Steve says:

    I love arsenal but lets be realistic, how many of the current first team would get in our 1st 11 from the late 90’s -early 00’s. I’d suggest not a single one (apart from Sanchez and he is out the door). We have been on a slow decline for years and right now we are club full of mediocrity. I’m afraid we are going to have years in the wilderness because the rebuilding job thats needed at our club is huge. This will probably go down like a lead ballon but I wouldn’t replace Sanchez because we won’t get anyone of his quality. Lets use the money to address the massive holes in defence and midfield and for the rest of the season give playing tine to Wellbeck, Iwobi and young Neilson to see if they can really cut it.

  13. barryglik says:

    Mhkitaryan for Sanchez?
    Arsenals most lethal player for
    a United player badly out of form!!!
    Mkh cost 27m Sanchez 34m.
    Straight swap would be a huge bonus for United.
    Maybe there is more to come in the horse trading?
    Ozil is out of contract in June he must be sold too so we don’t lose him for free.
    Ozil for Martial would be a fair trade.
    Holding and Chambers for Smalling?
    Perez, Wellbeck and Giroud for Aubameyang.?
    Campbell and Asano for Lord Bendtner 🙂

  14. Ray says:

    The only transfer i want to see is Wenger transferring his arse with a one way ticket to Paris!

  15. Taf says:

    Nightmare scenario
    No Sanchez deal…Lose him for free
    No Ozil deal…Lose him for free
    No worthy replacements…
    Wenger extends contract another 2 years
    Most of us are laughing at Evans2Arsenal but our current back 4 aren’t better than he is…
    Bottomline is: Even if Messi and Ronaldo joined the team…With Wenger at the helm we’re going Nowhere

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