Semi-fit Sanchez STILL a must start for Arsenal at Liverpool?

The good news for Arsenal fans this week, and boy could we do with a bit after watching the lads defend like schoolgirls and lose to a decent at best Stoke City on Saturday, is that Arsene Wenger has said that our Chile international star Alexis Sanchez is back in full training after his abdominal strain and could be in the team to face Liverpool at Anfield on Saturday.

The bad news, reports the Daily Mail, is that the Frenchman also spoke about the striker not being at his brilliant best if he does play at the weekend, due to the long time out since he last played, which was the Confederations Cup final that Chile lost to Germany on July 2nd.

Wenger said, ‘If all goes well through the week, he should be available to be selected for the next game.

‘He has not played for a long time. Look, we will prepare him well. He was out with a muscular strain and hopefully he will survive the tests first before he comes back.

‘He’s not played now for six weeks and it’s difficult to be at your best in the first game straight away.’

If Alexis does pass his fitness tests, though, is there any reason why Arsenal should not start him against Jurgen Klopp and the scousers? Surely even a semi-fit Sanchez would make Arsenal a better team than we have seen so far this campaign. Just his drive and enthusiasm alone and the way it rubs off on those around him might have seen the Gunners get a result in the Potteries, so do you expect him to start?



  1. Duncan Lax says:

    I think so….he breeds enthusiasm at the very least.
    If he played against Stoke, I agree it would most definitely have been a different result. As it stood, we did the same old predictable down the middle, not utilising space out wide….infuriating. 77% Possession & no goals? Something wrong there is feel….. COYG & play Alexis……

  2. Dalinho says:

    An unfit alexis looses the ball a lot but it don’t matter coz xhaka will loose it way more as ozil waits for the ball and monreal backs off and let’s anyone run threw on goal aswell as the weak mentality of kicking the ball out of play for no reason and not even trying to argue with the officials we might as well chuck Alexis in and out him in goal then put giroud at CB! Until this tiny petty manager and owner leave football to the real passionate experts out there we won’t even exsist as a top club so we’re better off waiting for that day to come in 2/3 years and hope usamanov is the man to take over and cleanse the whole club from top to bottom and rid of Wengers cancer and loosers who get paid way to much just to install a tiny weak loser mentality and petty training and transfers Tactics with teeny weeny transfer fees and huge wages for mediocre staff n players Bring on 2020

  3. Josh37 says:

    Yep sure…
    And if the injury re-appears I’m sure no-one will blame Wenger for rushing him back!

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Do not start him. Don’t mess about with injuries. We need Alexis this season (his final season with us).

    I was going to say bring him on when we are comfortably ahead but that is just a fantasy. If we are losing or drawing then bring him off the bench

    Alexis is a hard worker. Gives 110% every match. That effort though admirable could aggregate the injury

    That said, I can’t wait till he is 100% fit. We need him badly with Lacazette. Ozil needs to step up fairly quickly. On paper Alexis, Ozil and Lacazette sounds awesome but not if one is off

    But again don’t bring Alexis back too early. Ease him back

  5. Dalinho says:

    Maybe we can try 3-5-2


  6. Finding Dory says:

    Bring him on. Start him. Who cares if he gets hurt? If he does get seriously injured then he’d be more likely to stay if he can’t show he’s worth it to other interested teams. If he gets hurt; tough break. Perhaps that would force Arsene to sign someone like Draxler or Lemar.

    We need to sign a Lemar, Draxler, Mharez, or Seri ASAP!!!!

  7. Viera Lyn says:

    Is there really people out there that truly believe Sanchez is injured? You mean like Cutinho? Everyone and their brother knows that it’s not uncommon for teams to not even dress players that might be on the move, especially high-valued assets…can you even imagine a Sanchez that was emotionally invested in the future of this club not playing to start the season; considering the stakes and his penchant for playing injured…he should be chomping at the bit after his Confed loss and lengthy layoff…there is clearly something wrong here and I don’t mean an abdominal strain…either the club is freezing him out, for whatever selfish reason, or he’s simply using every last tool in the shed before dropping the request for transfer bomb

    for Sanchez, playing without any long-term security might seem unnecessarily careless in light of his potential future earnings(this next contract, wherever he is, will likely be the most lucrative deal he will ever sign)…for the club, there is a delicate balance between protecting their monetary interests and not appearing shady in the process…it rarely works, especially now without 24hr access to all things club-related

    with this situation, which is undoubtedly Wenger created, the waters are so muddy now I’m not sure things can return to normal…no matter what is said through official club channels, this is clearly their fault…when they rolled the dice with the whole Sanchez negative media spin to protect Wenger, when he didn’t start Sanchez against Liverpool last season,(how ironic) they sunk to a new low…it’s become too easy to deceive, just think of all the manufactured lies that have come from the mouths of Wenger and Gazidis since we’ve arrived at the Emirates…the only reason we allowed them to happen for so long is that we hoped it would eventually lead to something of some consequence and all would be forgiven…well I don’t forgive them and I certainly won’t forget anytime soon…the worst part is the lies are oftentimes so juvenile that you can only conclude that the club must think that we’re a bunch of intellectually challenged 10 year olds….so don’t be surprised if Wenger announces that Alexis isn’t available for Sunday’s game because the dog ate his Sanchez

  8. ClassyGunner says:

    Sanchez must play even if he is 10% fit. Simply because, he has played through injury for Chile several times. If he can do that, why can’t he do the same for Arsenal, who pays his wages?

  9. Gonna me says:

    Sanchez + Ozil = Double panic buy by Barcelona on the last day.⚽️

  10. M60 says:

    Please sign Draxler to complete our final 3 Welbeck is not regular starter or a first Choice striker no. Draxler. Sanchez and Lacazette maybe can make sense.

  11. Shark says:

    IMO, if Sanchez will play, there is a sign that he is willing to stay at least this season. If Wenger keeps saying that Sanchez is still injured, probably he doesn’t want to play for us anymore.

  12. Willy007 says:

    The hard truth. Alexis won’t wear the red and white again.

  13. sadly I really don’t care anymore about Sanchez staying or not.. if he doesn’t want my arsenal so be it. most importantly he should not cause any unrest in the team

  14. sadly I really don’t care anymore about Sanchez staying or not. if he doesn’t want my arsenal so be it. most importantly he should not cause any unrest in the team for f***kin sake

  15. Turbo says:

    Wenger is hedging his bets with comments like that so he doesn’t have to say anything specific about Alexis’s contract situation and potential quality for the team this year if he does stay. That way AW hopes he can minimize the potential slaughter from press and fans when/if things go sour (which is seeming more likely by the day regardless of whether AS stays or goes).

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