Serge Gnabry opens up on moving to Arsenal and whether he would do it again

Serge Gnabry has revealed that if he had the chance to do it again, he would still make a move to Arsenal at the start of his career.

The German is one of the world’s best attackers at the moment as he continues to tear defences apart for Bayern Munich.

However, Arsenal was lucky to be the team that spotted his talents from early on and the Gunners brought him to their academy in 2011.

He worked his way into the club’s first team and he was afforded some chances to establish himself in Arsene Wenger’s team.

He never really made the breakthrough and the club even sent him out on loan to West Brom in 2015, where he barely played.

He decided to leave Arsenal permanently, and his return to Germany would see him move to Bayern Munich in 2017 via a stint at Werder Bremen.

Today, he has fired the German champions to winning the Champions League and Arsenal can only wish they had kept him.

The attacker was speaking about his journey recently and he claimed that if he could do the Arsenal transfer again, he would do it because it helped his career.

He said to CBS: ‘Most of all it’s a test of character. You have to leave your comfort zone, your friends, your family. It helps you a lot in building strong character because you’re in some way by yourself or in a whole new environment.’

‘It’s always good for young people. I would recommend them to do it.’

‘I would do it over again if I was in that position because it helped my character a lot. You experience new things, also in other countries the leagues and teaching of football is also good. It’s never a wrong thing to move abroad.’

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  1. Typical misleading headline , written as if it may be his intention in the future, rather than him merely talking about if he had his youth time again. These misleading headlines are dishonest! Not my sort of ethics!

    1. In journalistic lexicon it’s called clickbait. A strategy designed to bring traffic to an article. In your case I believe it worked.

  2. What a shame you didn’t include his words regarding Arsene Wenger.
    A really good interview that covers his time at our club and why HE decided to leave the club… at least that argument has now been put to bed – it wasn’t the club or AW, it was the player’s decision.
    He talks fondly of our club and his comments about the spuds made me smile and the hope that he might come back to the club one day.

      1. Ken@1045- is this the same Arsene Wenger who decided the development of this young player would benefit from a years loan at WBA managed by Tony Pullis?
        And some wonder why Gnarnby never wanted to stay another second at Arsenal after that, Total mismanagement by Wenger. If anyone ever wondered when exactly his marbles had been lost, just look at the timing of this decision.

        1. And yet Phil, unlike yourself, Gnarby recognises the influence, help and sheer professionalism of Arsene Wenger.
          Strangely enough, you don’t consider that the player chose to go to WBA as well?
          Without all sides agreeing, a loan deal is impossible isn’t it?
          A player who still holds his time at The Arsenal under AW with fondness… so much so, he talks about returning.
          As I said, it puts to bed the false claim that the club and/or Arsene decided to let Gnarby go – it was the player’s decision and he’s telling everyone who cares to listen, the fact is that is what happened.
          Yet another lie put to bed – it all comes out in the wash, given time.

            1. Yes Ken- and yet he thought AW was that influential on his career that he did what exactly? Oh that’s right. He couldn’t wait to leave the Club. Funny that don’t you think?

        2. at that age he should be playing regular football instead of sitting at the bench….

          WBA was keen at that time and so Gnabry went….

          At that time, whenever he played the fans and the media was critical and wanted to Wenger to spend more money instead of playing another youngster……

  3. Glad we sorted out the details regarding the loan deal Phil, now on to your next beef regarding the fact that Gnarby left.
    He returned to the club, still not having got match fit.
    Despite this and the fact that he had a very serious injury that kept him out for nearly a season, the club saw his potential and offered him a new contract.
    He refused to sign it and and moved back to Germany.
    These things happen in football and what, exactly, you wanted Arsene and Arsenal to do, I really don’t know?
    Handcuff him to the training room until he was fit? Force him to sign the contract?
    The thing your also missing, is that Gnarby has never blamed Arsene or the club, rather he talks about his time as something he remembers with fondness and gratitude – to the extent that he doesn’t dismiss the thought of returning – his joy at scoring against the spuds and all that means to him.
    If he felt any negativity to the situation, he wouldn’t be saying these things would he?
    I feel quite good that he holds our club and AW in such esteem, aren’t you?

  4. Ken- I’m not sure we agreed the loan. Wenger is on record as describing Stoke City, managed by Pulis, as adopting Rugby tactics. I’m sure you remember that Ken, knowing how you hung on to every word the Frenchman said before he was sacked. And despite this, Wenger allowed a prodigious talent like Gnarby to play for a team managed by Pulis. And the players reaction? Total shock at the prehistoric tactics, which is why he never played. Do that turned out well don’t you think? Gnarby suffered, and the club paying Wengers list the opportunity to give this young player valuable experience. Ridiculous management, better described as total negligence.
    And regarding the contract, if the player had the loyalty to his manager and club, he would have signed. But the disastrous loan to WBA, sanctioned by Wenger, cost us this very talented player.
    Totally on Wenger Ken, and nobody else. Another nail in the coffin before we were thankfully put out of our misery with his long overdue sacking.

    1. He was a talent but did the fans at that time see that?

      Fans and media was criticising Wenger for playing another youngster and not spending…..

      its the same with Saka, Willock , Neketiah, Saliba and etc…..

      they can improve by playing regular football…..

      if they cant get it at Arsenal, they will have to on a loan….

      5 years later, fans will slate the manager for allowing them to go on a loan and leave.

    2. So you are completely ignoring what the player himself is saying then Phil and pursuing your own second hand version of the events.
      At the time he moved to WBA, Pullis’s reputation was not that which he had at Stoke in any way, shape or form… defensive maybe, but that’s it.
      No Phil, I’d rather go with the factual words of the player himself, than some conspiracy theory that those words destroy completely.
      Agree to disagree on this one.

      1. So Ken. The player was happy to be at a club that never played him? He just trained every day. Never played. And the club and player were both happy that a dinosaur such as Pulis was mentoring this talent at such a critical phase of his career.
        Spin this as much as you like Ken but this was on Wenger

        1. So let me ask you this question Phil, if Balogun decides he doesn’t want to sign a new contract, who will you blame?

          As I say, with regards to Gnarby, I don’t think he’s “spinning” anything, just telling the situation first hand as it happened and while he was in control of his loan agreement – keep trying to blame others, but it was his decision to go to WBA and his decision to leave The Arsenal… try spinning those facts to suit your personal version of events and you will never accept the truth… now what about Balogun?

          1. Again Ken, you are mis- interpreting what I’m saying. It is YOU who is trying to spin in trying to shed Wenger in a good light, (no surprise there) when in my mind Wenger is responsible in his total mismanagement of the player. Has Gnarnby ever commented on his time at WBA? How he learned so much under the guidance and coaching ability of Pulis? It was a ridiculous decision by Wenger and this clearly helped the player make the decision to leave, He was, at the time, clearly pushing for a regular first team starting place, and the correct decision would have been to gradually introduce him into the team. But Wenger knows best Ken, doesn’t he?
            In regards Balogan, the issue is totally different. The club have kept him to convince him his future is at Arsenal. They did not allow him to be sold or loaned while in the final year of his contract. If the player himself sees he has a future at Arsenal, I have no doubt he will sign for the three years he was offered.

            1. Well Phil, I could argue straight back that you are, as usual, blaming AW for everything.
              If Gnarby thought as you do, that AW was to blame for mis-managing him, why does he praise him and the club?
              It’s your opinion that differs from the player himself, not mine.
              Yet you just can’t see it in your determination to blame just AW.
              As for pressing for a place in the first team, you are arguing with your own observations – Gnarby wasn’t fit and that’s why he went out on loan wasn’t it?
              He came back still unfit, yet suddenly it seems, he was pushing for a first team place?
              Look at his stats, injuries and refusal to sign a new contract and you blame AW?
              Sorry Phil, just can’t agree with you and as for Balogun, you haven’t answered the question – let me put it another way… who will decide his future, the player or the club?

  5. True footballer will do anything to play regular football, except Ozil. Amusingly, he have bunch lazy supporters too.. What a shame!

      1. What a joke of a comment – yet another ridiculous and childish claim from someone who has no comprehension of what supporting the club involves – sitting behind a keyboard typing “lazy” is not one of them, that’s for sure.

        1. Ken, Great to see you and Phil BROUGHT TOGETHER AT LAST, EVEN BY A SHARED LOVING OF OZIL! At least whil eyou wer disagreeing on Wenger, THERE WAS ONE REALIST BETWEEN YOU!

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