Serge Gnabry ready to rejoin the Arsenal first team

The young German Serge Gnabry burst into the Arsenal first team last year after being very impressive in pre-season and at the Emirates Cup, so much so that Arsene Wenger promoted him to the First Team squad.

Gnabry went on to make 8 senior appearances for the Gunners, including scoring his first goal against Swansea, but then he fell foul of Arsenal’s injury curse and has been out with a knee injury most of this year. He admitted on that he has remained focused on getting ready for the squad despite his frustration at not playing. “It’s very tough.” he said.

“It’s the worst thing that can happen to you as a footballer. You have to learn from it in terms of discipline – you have to be resting as much as you can and not doing bad stuff that will effect your health. It’s good for your mind as it makes you keep going and stay focused.

“I’ve been out for a long time now, which isn’t easy to see players out there enjoying football and you aren’t running. You have to take it as a learning curve and try and get into the best shape after you come back. I’ve learned a lot about my body, what exercises are good for me, what exercises are bad for me.

“When you watch games you see more than you do when you’re on the pitch so I’ve learned a lot from that. I try to stay positive most of the time – it’s part of our job. It’s not the best part but it’s there.”

“I don’t think you can be a player without getting injured at least once in your career so I try stay focus and motivate myself from day to day. I tell myself, ‘if you keep going then you’ll get the result out of it’, so that’s what keeps me motivated.

But now the 19 year-old is getting fit and ready again to fight for his first team place and show that his early promise was no fluke. “I’m very happy.” he continued. “I came here with a target of being a first-team player and I’ve achieved that so far. Now I’ve had a good season but I’ve been injured since the end of it.

“From now on I’m looking forward to giving my best this season and trying to get a few games under my belt to establish myself. I’m just coming back from my knee problem so I hope I’m in better shape than I was before. In training I try to improve, give my best and show that I’m ready to be involved again.”

He has certainly been unlucky in coming back at the same time as Theo Walcott, and with Alexis, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Podolski and Joel Campbell all ahead of him for his favourite position he will not get many chances to impress this ear, but I sincerely hope that Wenger gives him a few games to help him get match fit quickly. He can hardly perform any worse than our current selections!

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  1. A recommend read for all Gooners is an open later to Wenger which is available on the she wore a yellow ribbon website.

    1. @ mr lean……not sure wenger loves reading open letters …close it up like the zippers of his new puma coat and he may just love it

  2. Firstly it’s great news gnabry is back fit and well but he is another attacking player and no disrespect to him but rather have kos back.

  3. I rather have the boss back…Sanchez and Walcott will take the wings…Gnabry should go on loan before he rots on the bench like Campbell……howdy to all my people from Nigeria.

  4. No issues with the forward line..Its the back line that let us down this season..
    I would like to see Ramsey doing some defensive duities and leaving the goal scoring buardon to Sanchez and co.. ramsey needs to stay back and prevent our back line as Flamiini is clueless .
    I really wish Kos back soon

  5. In todays Telegraph:
    Arsene Wenger’s six-point programme to follow to get Arsenal back on the right road this season

  6. I don’t see him getting any good chances, not because he’s not worth it, but because its Wenger we are talking about.

    1. With theo and gnabry back we should send sanogoo and campbell on loan.

      Theo/sanchez/podolski should get oppurtunity

      1. …up top allowing yaya a good loan.campbell needs game time asŵell and gnabry is a capable back up

      2. With Walcott, welbeck, alexis, ozil, chamberlain, podolski, giroud and cazorla hopefully all back to fitness quite soon, we will have our best 8 “attacking” players available.
        This then means the likes of rosicky gnabry campbell akpom and sanogo will be 3rd choice at best. Of those 5 it’s rosicky and campbell that I would say are most under threat, simply because they take places in the 25 man squad. However, to be fair, we may be served better by selling podolski and cazorla, where we might raise £30m and promoting campbell and rosicky into the best 8. This would give us more balance to the squad and if we released diaby, sold flamini and coquelin we would open 5 spaces in the squad for new signings 2 defenders, 2 midfielders and another attacker.

  7. Very disapointed at the abuse monreal is getting. Hes one of the few players that have been very consistent this year especially during his spell at LB.
    Its funny how when ozil transforms into absolute dogsh*t just because hes playing outwide (a position he has played many times in his career) its wengers fault, but when monreal plays poor at cb (a position hes never played in his life) its all his fault and his sh*t.

    1. He did well he had 100heading duels and 80 % tackle succes vs anderlecht whilst recording 93% pass accuracy

      Unfortunately for him he didn’t make the right turn in the build up to the penalty

  8. #Ganbry iz going to warm the bench just like what that #brainless man iz doing to #JOELCAMPBELL what makes him diffrent from #JOELCAMPBELL. #FreeJoelCampbell & I wish u the best #Ganbry hope u dont get wasted on the bench #COYG!!!

    1. it’s crazy to think that AW loves to over populate the attacking midfield but won’t spend to buy a decent DMF

      same goes to buying a striker he had to be tricked to go to a charity game in the Vatican in Roma so we can buy a striker behind his back.

    1. Hope he gets a game or two but can’t see it Even if others are not playing well AW’s favouritism towards his favoured few will come into play so you will get midfielders on the wings instead of proper wingers. Pathetic!

  9. Walcott is now back, don’t really need Serge ATM.
    Worse thing is, his return means Campbell could be pushed further down in the packing order.
    Sorry for the kid. He deserves better chance, at least better chance than Sanogoal.

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