Serie A club will accept a loan-to-buy offer from Arsenal

Arsenal could get Arthur Melo now after Juventus made it easier for them to secure the midfielder’s signature.

The Brazilian is surplus to requirements at Juve after failing to impress since he joined them in 2020.

He has not been in good form partly because of the system being employed by the Italian club.

At Arsenal, he will play under a more attacking and fluid system which could give him the chance to return to form.

However, signing him has not been easy for Mikel Arteta’s side. They first attempted to add him to their squad in the January transfer window, but an agreement could not be found.

A report on Sport Witness suggests the Italians are now prepared to make life easy for Mikel Arteta’s side.

It claims they will allow him to move to the Emirates on an initial loan deal.

If Arsenal likes what they see, they will retain an option to make the transfer permanent.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arthur could return to form at Arsenal, but he might also continue his downward spiral.

The best thing we can do is to sign him on a simple loan and negotiate a transfer fee much later if we are impressed.

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  1. A pointless transfer whether its a loan or a purchase . His particularly poor season at Juve should not be ignored . Why would he suddenly improve playing a bit part at Arsenal . Tielemans is the player that we need…Melo is not!

    1. Did you see Kulusevski at Juve? He was horrible. Couldn’t make a single pass. Now see him at Tottenham. Football doesn’t work that way. Style of play, emotions and so many other things can affect players. In my opinion Arthur would fit into arsenal playing style

  2. Oh dear, seems this deadwood rumor has more legs and has finally outpaced the old Benzema rumors.

    The Italian media deserves a commission for how hard they have been pimping Melo.

    Why take out Juventus trash for them? Sackable offense to bring him to Arsenal. He lacks the heart and will to fight for a place at Juventus, not the “right mentality” that Arteta talks about.

    Please pass on this player, I’d rather keep Xhaka.

    Vieira, Odegaard, ESR, and even Zinchenko need playing time in the midfield.

    We don’t need the 3rd worst player in Serie A dragging down an already pedestrian midfield. If Melo was from Argentina Edu probably won’t have even brought him up.

      1. Look at spuds manager mostly. Not as simple as you make it out to be, Conte is a proven manager with CV to back it up.

        Don’t recall those players being voted 3rd worst player in Italian league either. Melo had 1 decent loan year, now he’s dreadful. Hasn’t evolved, adapted, or adjusted to what manager asks him to do.

        Surrounded by good players at Juve and still a flop.

        Better players available than deadwood Melo, rather see our players like ESR and Vieira get chances than a lifeline to a overrated Melo.

  3. I dont see the point of this, just a squad filler and another 5′ 9″ player well less than that. NOT WHAT WE WANT OR NEED.

  4. It seems to be that all Gooners are not having this player at all.
    So many rumours start from a hopeful agent tweet or post but have no truth to them. Nor does this one, IMO. And why not? Cos it makes NO sense to those who are prepared to think properly about it I said right from the very start that JESUS WOULD COME.

    This sad rumour is plainly nonsense, so reject it as the tosh it is!

    1. Jon, there must be something to it, a simmering ember that refuses to go out.

      Edu took Arsenal to the edge of getting mugged with the previous loan and obligation to buy for 40 million! (IF reports were true, IF)

      Thankfully an adult with sense killed the mugging before it happened, I’m thinking Josh Kroenke. Why would Arteta let any negotiations proceed only to kill it at the finish line?

      I surmise Josh because apparently all deals pass through the owners, which makes sense given how long it takes to make deals, and they have invested over 350 million and still going.

      It makes sense to be involved in potential deals considering it’s their money, pushing towards half a billion in 2 1/2 years. Let’s not forget the tens of millions spent by Sven and Raul.

      Perhaps they should also get involved on the selling side, as that bunch are piss poor at selling. I still cringe at the give away prices for Guendouzi and Mavroporas.

  5. His value has plummeted due to a saturation of quality midfielders available this summer.

    A keep saying we need not rush to address this area in our team another striker or even a winger could be given priority.

    1. Melo’s value also plummeted after his dreadful performances, worthy of being voted 3rd worst in the Italian league.

      He had 1 decent loan year, followed by considerably poor performances, a Red Flag to anyone with eyes and common sense. Avoid him like the plague, it’s a waste of money and opportunity for our players.

  6. OT. You know that story about shirt selling?

    It’s just been reported by the club, that we have seen record sales for our forthcoming kits…. so much so, it has been estimated (not by the club of course) that the revenue received from said shirts will pay Jesus’s wages for a month!!
    That’s correct, over £1,000,000 in sales receipts…. just imagine what revenue was received from shirt sales from around the world previously 🌍😂😂

  7. “… Juve has made things for Arsenal …. ”

    When we needed this the most, they were spoilers going by the reports.

    Anything currently involving Juve should just be kept at a distance from Arsenal

  8. I said in another thread that I’ve got a feeling he will be battling with Elneny to be Partey’s back up this year.

    A one year loan with option to buy isn’t a bad shout if Arteta likes him. His highlights suggest he’s got a bit of a poor man’s Carloza in his game. And yes, I know youtube highlights can make anyone look good but I’d encourage inquiring minds to have a look.

  9. “… Juve has made things easier for Arsenal …. ”

    When we needed this the most, they were spoilers going by the reports.

    Anything currently involving Juve should just be kept at a distance from Arsenal

  10. I think he just had a really bad spell at Juve, owing primarily to his injury and their playstyle doesn’t suit him as well.

    I feel he can be a great addition to the Arsenal team, and will thrive with the possession style of play that Arsenal plays. His balance and ball control is something we haven’t had since Cazorla, not that I’m comparing the two, but that’s how bad our midfield has been in the ball carrying department ever since. Odegaard is one who has that in the current squad, now with Viera and Zinchenko in, we have substantially improved that aspect.

    If we can’t get a physical DM who can fill in for Partey, I would prefer a technical one who can evade pressure and get the ball moving, like Melo. Tielemans is more like upgraded Xhaka imo and would be caught out in the DM position similarly to Xhaka, so I would be happy if we could get Melo on loan and probably push for Paqueta instead of Tielemans.

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