Serie A manager shortlisted as a replacement for Mikel Arteta

Mikel Arteta has been struggling to get his players to provide the desired results for large parts of this season.

The Spaniard won the FA Cup and Community Shield just months after becoming Arsenal’s latest manager last year.

Those wins have bought him more time and the club seems to believe that they have a good manager on their hands.

They backed him in the last two transfer windows to bring in players that can turn them into top four contenders.

However, this has been a poor season and they will be lucky to end it inside the top seven.

The only remaining positive is that they can win the Europa League because they are in the semifinals of that competition.

However, if they get knocked out by Villarreal, then Arteta might be fired, according to Tuttomercatoweb and apparently, the Gunners already have a replacement lined up.

The report says they have plans to make Roma manager, Paulo Fonseca their next boss.

Fonseca enjoyed a lot of success at Shakhtar Donetsk before moving to Roma and he is helping to re-establish them as one of Italy’s biggest club.

However, he could leave in the summer and is set to be replaced by Maurizio Sarri.

Arsenal will then make Fonseca their next boss if they are forced to sack Mikel Arteta.

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  1. If MA dont win EL he’s out….Plain and simple…..I think indeed we have a good team but is Arteta the right man to take US forward…..

  2. l was well pleased when we back Mikel to the Arsenal to be coach, but unfortunately as the season has gone we have become an embarresment, so unless we win this Europa League Cup and get something from this season, Arteta must go, but then we say that it seems like he has the backing of the team so it will be like starting over again which we can not keep on doing every 5 minutes!!!!!

  3. Arsenal’s best bet is massimilano Allergri. Proven, successful at Juve, good style of futbol, & can do another Conte. Fonesca can be good, but the devil I know is far better than the Angel that is coming that I don’t know.

  4. As an ardent arsenal supporter,I gave up long ago about any success under the current environment we operate in.
    We can’t have a mix of the mad owners (kroenkes),a naive&clueless manager and a walking dead squad under one roof and expect anything good.
    I hope one day we wake up under a new owner with Marcello Bielsa as manager and without all the dead wood crowded in the arsenal dressing room.

  5. Don’t know anything about Fonseca but we do not want to finish 7th and play in the European Conference league qualifying rounds. We should concentrate on winning the EC, failing that we should forget about Europe and use the time to get the team fit for purpose and hopefully challenging for a top 4 spot. Tough ask, but that should be a minimum objective for any AFC manager.

  6. There is no point in any of this speculation because Arteta won’t be sacked whatever happens this season. There is a 3 year plan that Arsenal have bought into to bring back the good times.

    1. This is what I believe Declan, but Arteta will need to show tangible progress sharpish next season.

      1. You still want to give me another season 😂🤣😂. We can change manager, the owner even all the club staff but we still struggle to achieve old glory days because our fans have set the standard so low. They have accepted failure and actually see progress in that failure. You put Man city, United, Chelsea in our boots and ask their fan if they see progress and if they are happy with result I bet 99.99% will say no but on the other hand look at the Arsenal fans. Do you guys think so less of your team. You need to change your mentality otherwise we will never rise again.

  7. True.

    There are reports out there as reliable as most I would guess (Ornstien for example, previously posted on here) that state M A is central to the Krankies plans going forward .

    Given the footballing environment, in “normal” circumstances Mikel would be gone if we do not land the Europa.

    However under our “process” he will get at least the length of his current contract of not longer.

    I only hope he succeeds, but by the same token I desperately want KSE gone.

      1. If Roma intends to let Fonseca go to employ Sarri, why would Arsenal engage Forseca when they can go straight for Sarri, a proven EPL manager?

  8. The only Serie A manager who would make any sense at the Emirates, considering our financial limitations and desire to provide a more “watchable” product would be Gasperini, from Atalanta…that said, I highly doubt we would look towards the Italian League for a replacement should the unlikely occur and Arteta was dismissed come season’s end…If this were to happen I have a sick feeling that we would chose a far more underwhelming cheaper puppet option again, like when the rumours were swirling around the possibility of Eddie Howe being Wenger’s successor…never a fan whatsoever of this idea, albeit he had considerably more experience than our 2nd, or should I say our first option, Arteta

  9. When the guy landed at emirates we were glad we’ve finally archived it but as we can all see without being told or convinced he’s posed the track arsenal may not be his potential club we need an experienced guy. Everything has limits it’s high time we bid him bye bye

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