Serie A side’s fans protest over failed transfer negotiations with Arsenal

Fiorentina fans have shown their dismay at reports claiming that they are ready to reject their option to buy Lucas Torreira from Arsenal this summer.

The midfielder spent the season on loan in Florence, earning himself a first-team role with a string of fine performances, and it had seemed inevitable that they would take up their option to buy.

The fans had even voted Torreira as their Player of the Month three times since the turn of the year, and with reports that the club are unwilling to meet his lowly €15 Million option, a banner has now been displayed by the fans reading ‘Torreira to Fiorentina, Barone to Arsenal’, MilanNews reports.

The club is claimed to have until tomorrow to trigger their buy option in order to seal the transfer at the pre-agreed price, but the club are claimed to be unwilling to negotiate, claiming that they don’t believe the fee is fair.

I think Fiorentina’s fans are in agreement with me that the pre-agreed price is actually a steal. You would be very lucky to land a player as talented as Lucas for that price, and one who is already settled into your squad seems crazy to turn down. It seems to me as if they tried to play hardball in the wrong way and aggravated the player and his representatives, and the fans clearly feel that their club is in the wrong here.


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  1. Fair comments Patrick but as Gooners what we care about now is how to get a decent fee for Torreira anywhere.

    He will not play again for us – except in the remote chance we cannot shift him anywhere else at all and he just MAY then become a temporary makeweight in lesser comps, such as Carabao cup.

    We need him gone and some fee in for him and that’s all I care about.

  2. Those who are willing to let Torreria go at any price, are the same “fans” who belittle kronkie for not supporting the club – then, quite brazenly, give away his money as if it were theirs.
    There is no way in earth that this is a good deal for the club and, whoever put this meagre buy out clause in the loan deal, should be held accountable…. just as they should be with the Guendouzi and Mav deals.
    Torreria was one of our best players after he arrived, so what happened that turned him into a “get rid at all cost” player?
    That’s the question we should be asking AND if we sell him on for more than his buy out clause, who will be held accountable?

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