Serie A striker to join Arsenal in January? IF…

There is a long way to go and a lot of football to be played before we start to look seriously at what Arsenal and Arsene Wenger might do in the January transfer window. Bugger all would be my guess, but an injury or two as well as the form of our current Gunners could all have a big effect on the Frenchman´s thought process.

Another major factor is going to be the fitness and injury status of our England international forward Danny Welbeck. The former Man United man has already been out since last season and has recently had to go under the knife to fix the recurring knee problem.

As usual, there seems to be utter confusion about how long it will be before we see him back in an Arsenal shirt. Assuming Wenger´s prognosis is correct or even close, then I assume that the boss will think once again that he does not need to sign any strikers unless a `top, top, top´ player suddenly becomes available.

If, as many of us suspect, Welbeck´s return is not going to be until much later, the Wenger may be forced into the transfer market and an early candidate for a move to Arsenal, according to a Metro report, is the young Italian international Simone Zaza. The 24-year old was signed by the Serie A champions Juventus in the summer but they have a wealth of options up front and he is yet to get a game in the league.

An Italian website has revealed that Juve would be receptive and I reckon a loan deal could be on the cards, although it would be better all round if Welbeck can recover before the need to sign anyone arises. How much transfer pressure do you think Wenger will be under in January?

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  1. RUBBISH! i would Link us with Zero player in january considering we had zero interest in signings over the summer!

    1. If by WE you mean yourself and your family then maybe you have a point. But since Arsenal signed this summer three players of which two will actually be part of the first team makes your post silly. Besides, why would you want Zaza, Zara etc ? Do you even know who he is?

        1. I defend every AFC policy put in place. It is my duty as an Arsenal supporter to do that. I can be critic at times but I have the decency to keep it civil.

      1. You are very funny character but also incompetent otherwise you would have replied to my comment and not to yourself.

  2. We are still nursing the just ended transfer window should we already rush to discussing the next one, and how sure are we things will be different then!

    Lets give the transfer window a breather and concentrate on the current like our mis-firing team, lack of dominance at the Emirates, injuries, tactics for the next games, our new striker Own Goal (OG), a chant for Cech, etc.

    1. That is because this new wave of online supporters. Fortunately they can’t really barge in at the Emirates as the atmosphere there is always nice and crowd get behind the team. Is funny how media is mocking these supporters and manage to actually manipulate them into thinking they hold a divine right to win every game just because they can. You all remember Benzema tweet saying all saying that he will leave Real are clowns. Be prepared to hear that Benzema said that Arsenal are clowns. This is the media today, these are the supporters they create nowadays. In fact if you look for real supporters you should look in the lower leagues. Long gone are the days when supporters were getting behind the team on every loss, gone are the days when you heard the best stories in the corner pub from old chaps knowing every minute played by your favourite team. This is what Abramovic and Mansour brought into (once the best) league today. A bunch of spoiled rats thinking that if they buy a teeshirt then they are entitled to demand a victory every game they watch. I never met Chelsea or City supporters before the new millennium. I have met Leeds, Nothingham, Liverpool, United and Spurs supporters. No one was back then supporter of Barca or Madrid. Everyone was in love with the heavy metal English clubs. These are the powerhouses of today, an artificial creation, an easy start, an easy come. But there is one club, one crazy club doing their own thing these years and still be there, in the top, being talked, trashed, mocked, dismissed and belittled. And somehow this club managed to respond everytime is been called to the judge. We never been a normal club since I remember 30 years ago. We always did things our way, we were always rebels in this game. This is a legacy of more than 100 years and god damn it, I am proud of it. You lot can bash Wenger for penny pinching board or Giroud for a pass behind given by Ozil (which Giroud scored though) but nothing will change and that is a good thing. Because there’s nothing cooler than a rebel in these full of political correctness, excess and conformity world we are living in. I love the sporadic cameos Jack puts in, I love the languishing movement from Ozil and I love the fact that Wenger still calls young talents in the squad. Do what you have to do but in the end of the day when Arsenal will lift the EPL trophy or the UCL one (and that day will come, make no mistake) you will be the ones crying “Finally!” and I will be the one saying “Thank you!” . Because it is not right to ask for love when you give hate.

      1. Wow Budd, that sounded full of heart. Take it easy though its a game after all.

        Don’t blame the new comers or the new generation of fans, I mean we all started from somewhere after all, non of us where born Arsenal, Liverpool, Man U and the likes (not even Arsene). Besides as the club grows expect new funs, its the only way will reach full dominance. Arsenal is now like a big family, and like every family expect it to have a crazy cousin Larry, always drunk uncle Charlie, slatty cousin Mary, always moaning Grandad, etc.

        Point is we all cant speck one voice, others have to support the system and others have to oppose. Its the balance of nature and even 30years ago such was still happening and it will continue long after we have gone. What makes me happy though is at the end of the day we are ALL ARSENAL, AOB’s, AKB’s or flip floppers like me.

    2. Preach Buddha……….Preach!……….Arsenal win, Lose, Draw, Lifts trophy, drops trophy, finish 4th, finish 12pts…….. WENGER OUT! …..whatever happens to his ball lickers becomes their choice……… Done tolerating a decade of Mediocrity

      1. So, you support Arsenal for 3 years now and you complain about a decade? If anything you have been spoiled with trophies in the last two seasons.

      2. Mediocre – of only average quality; not very good.
        If he wins or lifts a trophy how is that in any way mediocre? Your tirade against Wenger is just naive, especially when you completely discredit results, which is his main, if not primary, obligation to the fans.
        Judging by your constant ‘loooool’s i’m highly skeptical as to whether you’ve ‘supported’ Arsenal for anything close to the decade you claim you’ve ‘tolerated’.. If you’re not judging him on his results, or how the team performs the only thing you could possibly be referring to is the lack of signings which is only relevant if we under-achieve.. Or if you were hoping for some new toys to play with on Fifa?

  3. Can’t we just concentrate on the season now?
    We have PL, CL, FA, League cup matches ahead of us.

    Just put out these rumour articles in January

  4. Don’t forget we have Wilshere and Welbeck to come back – Wenger before transfwer window closed

    Transfer window closes.

    Welbeck and Wilshere have both suffered setback.

    Next, when we lose it will be because of injuries, or fatigue (we play 4-5 away games in a row), plus he will say this international break had an affect becuase we had ‘x’ amount of players playing for their national team., that was why we played with handbrake. These are the excuses you will here should we lose in the next 4-5 games.

  5. Well if I’m being honest when I first heard how we tried for Zaza I was a little disappointed we didn’t get him. All I knew about him was that he competed for golden boot playing for a smaller club and that he was bald. I looked up some of his best goals and seen that he was strong looking and had a good height, he looked quick too but not lightning quick. That along with the fact they were saying Arsene is interested made me rue the missed signing, how many times have we seen Arsene pluck someone from a top hat and that player doing the business. I thought this summer was going to be a case like that if we were to get a striker.

    Now though, I don’t for a minute believe there is interest from ourselves towards this player, lets face it we would have gotten him if that were the case. I am hoping that some of the players who moved this summer end up either not working out and then becoming avail ..or else players working out better than expected then pushing a former fan favorite down the pecking order making things easier for us to sign.

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