Seriously – Does Arsene Wenger deserve one more chance?

Does Arsene deserve another chance once again?‏ by KM

Hello guys, yes it’s me again with a theme on Arsene, but truth to be told, Arsenal bottled a season when it all could’ve gotten so good for us. Imagine Arsene winning the league and then retiring. It would be like, yes he paid for the stadium, now won the title and now retires – legend.

But truth is things are far from that. Arsene isn’t the only one who helped this stadium being paid off (hello ticket prices) and you kinda feel season after season it wasn’t the money that failed us that much, especially with this season having Leicester and Spurs above us.

The away fans have come up with the ‘you know which banner’ and it’s interesting because they sacrifice everything they can to see Arsenal wherever they play and when they disrupt it’s a warning sign for things to come. A lot of people think that rioting at the games is a bad thing and I see the point in this, but if that doesn’t happen Arsene gets away with it.

People booed Arsene at Stoke and he ignored it, but when people booed his Campbell sub against Swansea you could feel the rage. The fans react to how the team plays. Mostly to the commitment. When players don’t put in the effort, the fans get angry. And we hear too much about character, so this surely shouldn’t be a problem, but Arsene said he feels bad that criticism comes from the fans after the Everton game.

Paul Scholes was right – the fans were cheated. We showed effort against Barcelona, still we lacked quality (another stone in the managers garden), but the effort was there. Against Swansea and United the effort was missing and we had the quality to win these games.

Another huge question is the lack of a bigger picture. There is no plan for success, we just roll over 4th and that’s it. In the past we at least relied on youth players, now we go into the window with big promises, just to renew season tickets! Then we sleep all window and at the end make one signing to give some hope, when clearly the side needs more.

We brought Flamini for free, than waited till the last day to add Ozil, who gave us a massive lift, but we needed more. This was 3 seasons ago and to this day we still need a CB and a Striker and a new DM since Flamini didn’t work. Next year we signed Sanchez which was a great start, we added Chambers and Debuchy and in the end, Welbeck.

I still don’t see the CB or the world class CF. Last season is beyond any comments. Cech was a sublime start, but again the CB and the striker. Will this season be different? I doubt it. We apparently don’t want Ibrahimovic (which is sad), but with all the money in the bank, we can’t find better than Giroud and Walcott?

The real measure of progress is Europe, where the whole of England has moved seriously backwards, but regarding Arsenal it’s six seasons in a row we go out at the round of 16 in the CL, and we lost 5 of the 8 games we played.

But the biggest pain remains the fact we bottled the league. No matter how much of a die hard Arsene fan you are, you surely can’t be happy with the way we lost easy games – West Brom away, Norwich away, worse Chelsea side ever at home, Worse United side ever away, bottled the lead at Liverpool, failed to beat Stoke, again! Swansea reserves!

If Leicester can close games to 1:0 wins, why can’t we? They have better players or better money? No, they have better desire, better tactical awareness and overall a better manager. Wenger had 12 years to build a title winning squad. Thats 3 generation of players if we take 4 years as an average span of a player at a club to do something and he couldn’t.

Enough chances have been given. Time to give change a chance too.


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  1. The man has had numerous chances to make it right and it seems the players are now not comfortable playing the game under Arsene, Ozil seems to be wanting a front-man with lethal quality or another winger who can score 30 goals a season. Walcott,Giroud,Oxlade are very rigid players who can’t perform the tasks. I think that the fans should continue the chants till the pressure gets to the old man and he cracks.

  2. Excellent article, i think AW has lost the plot. A better manager can have the best out of this quad and it’s clear to me that AW can’t do it anymore. People complain about the lack of spending as the cause of our failure but i think such reasoning is lazy. It’s not only about the amount of money you spenb but how smart you spend for whatever you need. And lately AW hasn’t shown smartness in that department. For one good transfer, there are 4 to 5 bad transfers. So my point is even with big money and the desire to spend, AW could still f%$·$ it and bring the players we don’t need. If he really loves this club as he claims, he should put his arrogance aside and resign.

  3. After twenty years his tactics have become stale and predictable and he seems to be unable to break out of the pre-emirates stadium money saving mentality.
    Its all moot because as Arsenal has shown it doesn’t care about what its loyal fans think – its bums on seats that matters and if its the bum of a fair-weather fan on a day out to see Arsenal or the bum of a loyal fan it doesn’t matter.
    I don’t think Arsenal are an ambitious club, just one looking to milk its fans with a sub standard product.

  4. Arsenal weren’t dead before Wenger came. So, the hell it won’t be dead after. Bring on a manager with immense hunger and drive. That’s what this team lacks. COYG!

  5. The last three seasons have really exposed Wenger for how bad he is, because the financial burden had been lifted. Everyone keeps talking about blowing the league this season, and rightly so, but we should have also won the league back in the 13/14 season, if it wasn’t for two awful transfer windows!

    If we can’t get past an injury ravaged Monaco in Europe, and we can’t win the league when ManC, ManU and Chel are all out of the title race, then what hope is there with Wenger in charge!

    If Wenger is in charge next season, then expect more of the same: Shocking transfer windows, Ramsey starting every game, no tactics, no fight, no determination, strange substitutions, and last, but not least, the obligatory injury crisis!

  6. Another great article by KM! I think he deserves one more chance simply because i would like to see him leave with a major trophy and not with his legacy and reputation being tarnished. I’d love for us to win to EPL or CL like any of us would but i’d like it a lot more if it was under Wenger. I’m no AKB and i’ve criticized him a lot before but it would just be sad to see someone who’s done so much for us and probably gave Arsenal its best years so far leave in disgrace. Before you give me flak and thumb me down, remember how Sir Alex Ferguson left? I hate Man U with a passion but i’m sure i wasn’t the only Arsenal who respected him as a manager.

    Wenger has pissed me off more times than i could count in recent years but that’s how i want to see him leave, like a club hero and legend and not a stubborn, senile and delusional old man despised by most of his club’s fans. That is pretty much why i’d give him one more chance. If he manages to mess that up again then he’ll get whatever he deserves.

    1. and it seems to be the same quote every season

      “why i’d give him one more chance. If he manages to mess that up again then he’ll get whatever he deserves.”


      HAND THIS MAN (Wenger) THE RETIREMENT HE DESERVES….So we couLd move on!

  7. There’s this great song from a movie “Frozen” called you know what… Just EFFING LET IT GO, Konstantin. You’re truly like a broken record. I haven’t had it with Arsene, but I’ve had it with you, dude. The lamest, pointless, most ridiculous articles that I have ever come across anywhere. Do you even think before you write? Yes, Lester have so far enjoyed a great ride. Do you know why? Because they are playing 1 (that’s ONE!) game a week, and have a luxury of resting their players when they have to. Our titles chances took a huge hit when Santi, and then Coq both went down. Take Vardy, or Mahrez, or even Danny Drinkwater away from that team, and they are DONE! Yes, this season was there for the taking, but the likes of Chelsea, City, Utd, Pool, and pretty much all the other “contenders” failed to show up. It’s not just us. It’s football. It’s like a mini game of war out there on the pitch. And if you don’t have your best “soldiers”, you’re going to lose. Granted, you need tactics as well, but it’s just plain stupid (and at this point nauseating) to blame everything on the manager. Go read a few books, and perhaps a few decent articles (like the most recent one on Wenger at Arsenal Blog), and then come back here, and perhaps we can have a different discussion. Cheers!

  8. Lift those banners high!
    Chants echo through the sky!
    No more bums on these seats!
    Till Kroenke and Arsene leaves!

    Change! Change! Is what we need
    Oh see, how our gooner hearts do bleed
    Arsenal! Arsenal! We came to see
    Instead we leave with hearts full of greave

    Kroenke leave!
    Arsene leave!
    For the sake of our beloved Arsenal Please!

  9. Blah Blah Blah.
    That is all this article was.

    Anyone who can think for themselves already know the real issue is with the owner and not the boss, the owner isn’t interested in winning trophies, Silent Stan has come out and said that!

    Why not consider that the problem is Silent Stan and not Wenger?

    Look at how Arsenal operated when Wenger had the backing of the board in transfers, for people who don’t know when that was, it was when David Dein was a shareholder and working to get transfers done for Wenger.

    Let us all unite against Silent Stan and get that yank out of our beloved club! Protest against the owner who has no ambition rather than the manager who has to make profit for his boss.

    1. Please just stop it, stan kroenke but AW is the PROBLEM. Arsenal fans are really the worse, someone has dissapointed for years and you’re asking to support him. Honestly stop moaning about the lack of success because we don’t deserve it

      1. I’ve supported Arsenal since before Wenger, I have not been disappointed by Wenger for years, I have been disappointed by the board for years.

        Why don’t you “please just stop it”… Jeez you sound like a damn child whining to his mummy!

        Look at Silent Stans other teams you muppet!
        Look at how he uses them as cash cows to buy more.
        Look how he used Arsenal to get a loan so he could buy a ranch.
        Look at how he rents out stadiums during seasons for cash, he tried it with Arsenal but the courts stopped it!

        If you are a supporter then you would know all this and wouldn’t need to be slapped in the face with some truth!

        Do you even know what Arsenal was like before Wenger?
        Do you know what Wenger was like when Dein backed him?
        Do you know who Dein is????? and what he done?????
        Dein, the ex shareholder who was on the board and done the transfers when Wenger 1st arrived, the same guy who said that we would not win things unless we invested what we made and as such needed an investor who would allow that. Thats where Usmanov could of helped, the guy who offered to loan Arsenal money at interest free and as long as the club needed for the debts so we could spend what we made on players and player wages.

        Look what has happened without that investment.
        No trophies.

        I do not blame Wenger, when Wenger had Dein helping him and as such the boards backing then he was winning titles.
        I blame the board.
        The board changed and titles stopped.
        Silent Stan has said himself that trophies are not his objective.

        What the f… else do you need to show you that Silent Stan is the real issue?
        Stupid short term supporters!

        1. says the guy who’s whinning like a child. Th fact that you haven’t been disspointes by AW only shows your lack of ambition, because AW has been dissapointing for years. Maybe you’re a the short term focus because you’re satisfied with a half decent season year after year, and afraid to take risk in order to secure your beloved 4th place, but i’m not. I’m in for fresh ideas and a new direction. Will it lead to immediate success? I don’t know but i know that if i don’t try, i don’t take that risk for change, nothing will happen. AW has been a great manager in the past but today he’s average at best. You keep bringing the lack of spending as the cause of our failures; if leicester wins the EPL with less money than AW ever had even during the period of financial restrictions, what excuses will you have then? Nothing. Because even with less money you can still compete, but for that you have to be smart during the transfer windows; adaptable and show tactical awareness not the same tactic week in week out; and motivate your players and bring the best out of them and he can’t do that; not anymore. Look at how they play, they are too comfortable, because the manager is too confortable. But i agree that an owner who is emotionnaly involved is a great asset and if that was the case, AW would have been sacked years ago. Like i said stop it, is Arsenal FC not Arsène fc. Arsenal exist before AW and will continue to exist after him, but the time has come for change.

          1. “Th fact that you haven’t been disspointes by AW only shows your lack of ambition”

            Learn to type, proof read yourself you child, making primary school mistakes only backs up that you are a child in your head.

            As for the ambition, I am sick of THE BOARD, I know what Wenger was like when he had Dein supporting him on the board, you don’t so STFU. Avoided that side of my comment didn’t you, troll!

            “After the owner said that he owns the club to earn money”

            Look, it is what I damn well said.

            I am moaning at the board and saying that Wenger is only doing his job, if his job was to win trophies then we would be winning trophies.

            Only a damn idiot will call for Wenger to go without realizing that it is the board that is at fault.

            Now you gonna spray a load of BS and ignore what I said, yet again???

  10. For as long as kroenke is still in the club, arsene can stay for as long as he wants, given he leaves at a time he still has some of his dignity left. There are better alternatives than wenger, no doubt – but the problem in arsenal is kroenke and the other scrooge-like boardmembers rather than wenger alone.

  11. Look at Villa and how they have done since a yank took over.
    Look at how UTD had to pay for themselves due to a yank.
    Look at Arsenal failing to win anything due to lack of investment due to a yank.

    Yanks see our teams as profit making machines.

    Does Wenger deserve another chance?
    Of course!
    Do Wenger deserve the moaning that people on here give?
    HELL NO! Silent Stan deserves the moaning and then once that has changed then we can truly judge Wenger.

    You couldn’t judge Garde at Villa fully because he was promised funds to invest and then every player he went for the owner blocked it. Villa fans know it is the owner and dont moan at what-ever manager tries, they know until the ownership changes then Villa is nothing more than a cash cow.

    Why are Arsenal fans so deluded?

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