Seriously? Fabrizio confirms Aubameyang in talks with Chelsea

To be honest, i found it very hard to believe that Chelsea were interested in signing the ex-Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after he had left Arsenal under a cloud just six months ago.

But now it looks like it really is happening, with Fabrizio Romano reporting that the Gabon hitman is meeting the Chelsea heirarchy today.

It is especially weird timing considering that the Arsenal All Or Nothing episodes concerning Aubameyang’s controversial departure in January was being screened. And the fact that the Gabon hitman stopped scoring completely for Arsenal in his last six months at the Emirates.

But then again, Chelsea seem to have a serious habit of signing hotshot strikers that simply forget how to score as soon as they get to tamford Bridge.

Maybe Aubameyang will be the next one on the list!



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    1. are you being honest. Gabriel is no where close to Auba… no where except you want to be sentimental about it

  1. Auba had his opportunity. It was time for bothe club and player to go their separate way. The club did its best to show its appreciation to him, did its best for to accommodate him with his poor attitude since 2020 when he signed his bumper contract.

    He had become a joke all last season.

    Lets move on. Good luck to Chelsea and him..

    I think we are in a completely different set of mind / mood nowadays as a club and majority of our fanbase.

    1. Good luck to Auba, he was quite the hero and talisman when he was firing on all cylinders… my worry is if he has the same instant impact for Chelsea as he had for Barca and us for that matter when he arrived. The theory of top 3 or 4 being a shoe in for the Gunners would get a tad bit more complex at that point

  2. Could make a massive difference for Chelsea
    He knows Tuchel very well and he knows how to get the best out of him .
    If they are only paying a reported 23 million for him then it could be a bargain .
    Or he could flop ,but he’s usually a goal machine when he rocks up at a new club

  3. Well best of luck to him, will he perform for chelsea?:I don’t know, hence we at arsenal are scoring no need looking at him on chelsea’s blue

  4. Expect him to be prolific for a few months then revert to type, but good luck to him ,but not to Chelsea of course.

  5. Perhaps Woolly Boolly at Chelsea will go for Lacazette next, and maybe even Ozil too.

    That should pretty much ensure our top 4 finish!!!

  6. I for once never liked the idea of giving Auba a bumper deal as it is not all players that can thrive under the pressure of such deal and I think it affected him. Auba is an assassin in front of goal and he showed that in his short Baca’s career. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes to Chelsea and shine.

  7. am i right in thinking that arsenal gave auba to barcelona for free ?!.maybe my memory has finally left me, but i would swear that he went to barca on a free. and now we are talking about chelsea paying barca a fee in the region of 23 million.even by our clubs standards, if this turns out to be true,then our bosses need to be put in the stocks outside the emirates and have rotten vegetables hurled at them .i have heard it all now.

    1. That’s one take but might be more nuanced than that. Aubamayang’s transfer value last winter was nil given his salary (almost 400k pw according to Marca), his attitude and his mediocre performances. After he redeemed himself with Barcelona on a much lower salary (€95k) his transfer value went up.

      I tend to agree with those above who think he’ll probably smash it for a few months and then the same problems will creep in. Anyway, I’m not rushing out to buy any rotten fruit as it’s not my money and hasn’t stopped us from having an exceptional window and start to the season.

  8. Why would Barca let him go? I’m happy he is not with us anymore. Thanks Auba n good luck to you.

    1. Whatever people may think about Auba,in this Chelsea team he would score goals,no problems.also Barca are reported to be asking for 23M,imagine if they manage to get anything close to that.

  9. Well according to Tuchel,when asked about Auba’d discipline and the documentary.he answered that he had and still has a very good relationship with Auba.he also has only good memories from their time at Dortmund.

  10. Good luck to our former player and captain but I’m glad he is not with us anymore. We have levelled up big time with G. Jesus. Mark my words, Jesus will be top goalscorer this season in the Premier League. He will fire us to the title. Last week you could see that he was not happy with just two goals and two assists, Jesus is hungry and he seems to have a huge appetite. In Edu’s own words, in Brazil the attitude they have about football is that on the field there is one plate of food so when you are up against another player only one of you can eat and the other will starve. That’s the attitude I see in Jesus, pure hunger.

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