Seriously? Flamini to stay at Arsenal next season?

Is Flamini in or out of Arsenal football club?

Two weeks ago it seemed as if we were saying goodbye to Mathieu Flamini for what is sure to be the last time. However at this current period in time, is there a strong chance he could be staying at the club?

In the build up to the final game of the season, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger stated that the club was losing three big personalities in Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini. Little Mozart and club captain Mikel Arteta both received their well deserved send off’s from the club, but Frenchman Flamini seemed to hide in the shadows, with his future being up in the air.

It has already been reported today that Flamini may be due for a contract extension with the club, as he believes that when his current deal ends next month, a renewal offer could be on the cards. The lack of goodbye to Flam, as well as his outspoken approach regarding a new contract could suggest that he could well be at the Emirates next year! Flamini is also still listed on the club’s website as our number ’20’ and a current midfielder, whilst Rosicky and Arteta have since had their numbers and positions removed. It is a scary thought for the Gunners because we believed we had moved on from the days of having to rely on Flamini holding our midfield together.

However, it is also worth pointing out that whilst Flamini may still be listed as an Arsenal midfielder and still is the owner of the number 20, his name and number is not currently available for printing on next season’s shirt, sparking debate about what chance there is of the Frenchman re-signing.

It could just be a possibility that the reason why Rosicky and Arteta have had their numbers removed from the website is because those numbers have since been allocated to new players, and that is why Flamini still remains as a listed midfielder. However the midfielder’s lack of appearance for next season’s kit could suggest that perhaps his future does not lie with this club after his contract finishes in June.

If Flamini was to re-sign for another season, what would the Arsenal fans think? You never know if he does still around, he may end up making us the richest club in the world with his multi-million pound investments.



    1. He can be a liability at times but it’s good to have players of his experience around, he filled in for Coquelin last season when he was injured and even kept him out of the team for a bit after his return from injury, we need players on their toes. Besides, he won’t exactly be clamoring for playing time even if he wanted to, he knows his place on the food chain lol.

  1. I’m not Surprised, it’s called the power of Money

    How much did flamini pay Wenger to let him retain that spot and shirt? L()L

  2. gabon coach said: “Aubameyang has asked not to be selected [for the national team] because he is changing clubs,” Costa told RFI.

    ARSENE please sign him up at any cost he is a beast of player will love to play infront of ozil, every player loves to play infront of ozil… He will tear apart defences and win us the league hoprfully… COYG!!

    1. @Raja..Heard the news as well

      but unfortunately, Arsene won’t sign him…. Too much money involved and he don’t enjoy throwing that around especially on one man

      Here’s how the transfer merry-go round could probably look like

      Lewy => Real (if bid accepted)
      Auba wants out (many top team suitors… Madrid/Bayern to lead the race)
      Benzema to Leave Real if a Lewy/Auba arrives

      Our only chance is if we bid big and are able to convince him on the move (seeing as he’s desperate to change clubs)


      No Chance….He’s going elsewhere, Not Arsenal

      [But i want this boy at Arsenal….i really do]

  3. OK. I get it. There is not much Arsenal news right now so the media decide to get the fans’ undies in a bunch with talk of Sanogo and Flamini.

    I am NOT biting.

  4. Yea, I saw the quote too…

    And it was said that Arsenal were talking to a secret striker..
    Madrid, Barca, ManU don’t enjoy covert transactions,as everyone will know their plans…

    Some were saying the secret striker is Vardy..but maybe it is Aubamayang..if it so,that will be massive and a true Henry-like striker….

    I really hope it is Arsenal!

  5. Maybe keeping Flams is key to retaining Ozil????. The two of them are apparently inseparable!

  6. Shocking new evidence! Nobody wants to claim #20 so that means Flamini is staying?!?

    This just in. Nobody has yet claimed #52 OR #26. Proof positive Bendtner is returning to Arsenal.

  7. from latest reports it could be Lewy to Madrid, Aubameyang to Bayern but that means Benzema ll be free to join Arsenal or United.
    about him joining Arsenal I’m beginning to have 2nd thoughts about his finishing.
    about him joining United, that could free Zlatan to join Arsenal 😀 …. but it’s only if Wenger actually want Zlatan 🙁

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