Seriously – How much longer can amazing Wenger manage Arsenal?

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has managed more matches at Arsenal than the combined total of games his Premier League rivals managed at their current clubs. Another feather in the already brimming cap of Wenger!

The departure (or more appropriately ‘sacked’) Leicester City manager Nigel Pearson brought Wenger this new acclaim. The match day experience of Wenger alone now dwarfs every single other top flight manager – based on their current spells. All the other managers combined tally is 998 games.

Wenger has been in charge of Arsenal for six times as long as the second-longest serving manager in the top flight; who happens to be Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers. Rodgers managed the Merseyside club in 155 matches over 3 years.

The venerable and much acclaimed Frenchman will be getting into his 20th season at the club. The 65 year old gaffer has managed the Gunners in 1,066 matches. During this time, his win ratio is a very healthy 57.5 per cent.

Owners these days go merely by the trophies won by their clubs. This should explain the short-term approach by most of them and the ‘hire and fire’ policy. In such an environment, it is difficult not to acknowledge the success of Wenger.

After the retirement of his old nemesis Sir Alex Ferguson, Wenger became the elder statesman of the Premier League. His critics may have a different story to tell about the drought of trophies but everyone will agree that Wenger had a positive influence at the club.

The Gunners boss is giving no suggestions that he is ready to call it a day. On the contrary, Wenger is ready to start to push the club and make them genuine challengers for the best trohies again. And if anyone has doubts, the big name signings such as Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez and Petr Cech should be enough to dispel them.

Wenger has already turned the club into one of the most successful in the country. He won three Premier League titles and a record equaling six FA cups. He still harbours the dream of taking Arsenal all the way in the Champions League. And he also wants to get Arsenal back to title challenging ways in the Premier League. He already started his transfer business with the clever purchase of Cech from Chelsea.

So, how long do you think Wenger can manage the show at Arsenal? Could he surpass Sir Alex one day?


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  1. He wants to leave on a high.just like Ferguson. Wenger wants to win the bpl and UCL before leaving arsenal. If I was Wenger I would bring in rues and Morgan.get it over with and win the da!mn bpl.a goal scoring winger could be a good buy for us and we might not need a new striker after all. Wenger needs to spend the cash in hand for the sake of the club,fans and himself. It’s time to spend Wenger.time is running out to win the bpl.

    1. U can give all the thumbs down u want but time is running out for wenger ii f he wants to win the bpl and cl.

    2. By analysing what we achieved in recent past and calibre of signings we are make I see at least 3 more trophy-laden seasons with us.[Hopefully beat Mourinho many times to make his cu*t sore]

  2. We have the best squad in almost a decade. With two quality signings we can turn into a huge European force.Wenger knows that. He has two choices.
    1.sign a world class striker and DM
    2.sign a classy winger and DM
    Either options would do.

    1. Huge European force is a massive stretch in optimism. With the right couple of additions we can be a major force in our domestic title, but we’re not 2 singings away from being like Barcelona or Bayern

      1. Why not???with 2 or 3 world class players more we can compete with the best in Europe. We are that close to challenging teams like barca or Bayern.

    1. Happy to see you guys having faith in welbeck.I think he has a very bright future with us.

    2. I thumbed up by mistake:(
      God damn fat fingers!

      I would ask the 13 who had thumbed up why Wellbeck is irreplaceable when Ospina is.

      Ospina as a GK did his job as a goalstopper (clean sheets & saves. Generally protecting the goal)

      Now Danny, the try hard. As a Forward or Striker, Winger..whatever you choose to call him he is far from effective.

      Striker/Forward: key abilities- vision, touch, skill to beat players, sense of where to be, KNOWS WHERE THE GOAL IS, scores goals with head feet, shin or arse (good examples: bergkamp/Alan Smith/Wright/Henry/Suker).

      Winger: skill, touch, acceleration, GOAL SCORING ability, great crosser of the ball, knows where to be and when to be there..a.k.a a developed football brain (good examples: overmars, Alexis, ljunberg, Pires..)

      While I type the name Pires, I can’t help but think how the f@ck can anyone argue that there is not a better talent in the whole wide world than DW to play on either the wing or up front for AFC.

      Ambition (to be the best) is needed and if it is ever going to be reached we require the sharpest and best tools available to attain it.

      1. Why not get a top draw winger and give more chance to welbeck???welbeck has lots of talent and that’s clear

        1. Sean, I’m’s been a long day.
          But can you please list DWs many talents?

          Help me out here, because I just don’t see it.

            1. So 80k a week for someone who works hard, has energy, pace, and knows where he is. LMAO Jesus christ, I think Welbz can develop into a good player but NONE of what you just listed are reasons why.

              I have every attribute you just named so how come he plays professional football for Arsenal?

              1. @ Charlie

                Having trouble reading Charlie? He was asked to list Welbeck’s talents and he did, he wasn’t asked to list which traits will elevate him to a world beater.

            2. He cAN Run fast, ok (great for a sprinter), awareness (of what?), energy (yes he is an athlete), hard work (kind of the same as energy but yes ok he is a hard worker).

              I would love you to list more because I see no specefic ability or skill set there that makes him a top level professional footballer who can affect games in a big way…

              I will list some skills and you tell me if DW has them:

              Good touch
              Great crosser of the ball (winger)
              Instinct for goal (winger or striker)

              I will tell you what. Let’s imagine I’m an agent and I am willing to offer my client a player who is a CF&RW who is equal to Alexis. Do you really want to keep Danny and let this player go?

  3. there are very few D.Ms left to be Linked with Arsenal and they don’t even look like they coming…….okay this is it!……… I’m gonna Link us with a Winger…….isn’t that how rumours are started?

    1. How about carvalho or even wanayama????to be honest I think wanayama would be a great option.lots of bpl experience and comes cheap.why aren’t we after him???he could be a great back up to lecoq

        1. Hafiz he is much better than arteta and would be a great back up to lecoq. Chelsea had Mikel as back up to matic, was he that good??no, and I think wanayama is way better than Mikel.

                1. Arteta needs to go.time to leave us, we need players with higher quality. Arteta just doesn’t cut it anymore.I can’t believe we offered him another contract.useless

  4. If Arsenal perform and win titles to a standard deemed acceptable to the majority of fans then Wenger could go on for as long as he wants to. I think he needs to win the league at least once in the next two seasons and progress in Europe. If he does this and I’m positive he will then yeah why not give him another contract if he wanted to carry on. Also I’m sure he’ll want to leave the club in the best possible hands when he does go. It’s very very unlikely we’ll see another manager stick around as long as Wenger but I know he won’t just step down if no manager he deems as an acceptable replacement is available.

  5. I don’t know…3pl trophies in 20 seasons, no champions league, only made to final once in 18 CONSECUTIVE seasons, not resected like fergie was in his time, has never defeated jose mourinho even once in his lifetime even after maureen makes fun of him like hell(my God,6-0 in his 1000 game->what a shame), an 8-2 loss at old trafford(only reason he bought players otherwise that season would have been hell),been rated as one of the wealthiest clubs but we still have mediocre first team players like giroud, welbeck etc(before u slam me first answer this->would they get into bayern, barca, madrid, manure, mancity, psg or even chelsea starting 11 cz we rank the same with them financially)?????…..i dont want to be so much negative minded but up to these day people still remember that fergie failed to lift a trophy in his first four years at utd so no matter what u think everything good and bad will be in history books….SO PLEASE WENGER USE THE TIME YOU HAVE LEFT WISELY BECAUSE I PROMISE YOU THESE, IF FOR INSTANCE YOU FAIL TO GIVE US THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND YOUR INHERITOR OR ANYONE ELSE DOES, THAT PERSON WILL BE LITERALLY WORSHIPPED FOREVER AND YOUR LEGACY WILL FADE LIKE IT NEVER EXISTED

    1. Agree on the last part with you,but giroud is a quality striker. Sorry buddy but he has proven time after time that he is an important player for us. Welbeck is another quality striker we have, its true he won’t get in the starting eleven of any top teams right now but he’s not a regular for us. He’s a squad player. In a year or two you will realise how good welbeck is.welbeck would definitely make it into the squad of any top teams but not the starting eleven. We need players like welbeck in our squad. Giroud has scored 20 goals in each of the last two seasons. Not bad at all.

      1. Giroud is quality yes but for instance say we bought ibra at 33yrs now…tell me who would bench the other because i really need to see your point of view…make me understand that he is the forward we need and i will never miss a top quality attacker like aguero again

        1. Giroud offers something different. But compared to IBRA of course I would go for IBRA. I was saying if we get another goal scoring winger like Sanchez it won’t matter if our main striker(giroud) gets 20 goals. As I said before we have two options. A winger and a DM or a striker and dm. But as I mentioned before giroud is quality but not world class.if we get IBRA then he would be a great back up to him. What happens to welbeck if we get IBRA?

          1. By your argument, surely if we had IBra or Giroud bagging 20+ goal up top and an equally proficient winger on the right equalling Alexis’s 20+ on the left, would we not be in a better position to actually win things??????

            1. Giroud has scored 20 goals in the last two seasons. We can get let’s say rues and keep giroud as our main striker with welbeck as second choice. What I’m saying is that a goal scoring winger will do the trick and we won’t need a 30+ goal scoring striker.20+ striker like giroud would be enough. Anyways I can’t see Wenger signing a winger neither a striker. I hope Wenger proves me wrong.

                1. Why are you so against welbz!!!????he has lots of potential and 90% of the fans agree with that. No deal buddy…

    2. It’s impossible to say how much Arsenal could have won in Wenger’s time If he had the resources that people like Jose and Fergie then we’d have won much more. Even in Wenger’s early years he had to sell players well before the stadium was built. He has never been able to keep a group of players together to have a real go at making arsenal a truly dominant club. Because he’s had to make money (profit) from player sales. If we had had more resources I can guarantee other managers wouldn’t have been as successful.

      Also the wealth of the club isn’t relevant we took on 500mil of debt. Quality players are bought with profit (by most clubs). Clubs revenue minus clubs spend (a mortgage on a stadium) left us losing money every season. Without player sales the club couldn’t function.

    1. What if Wenger never wins the bpl again??? What a shame that would be. So Mr Wenger go out and buy the winger and DM we need right away.for your own sake do it. If we get a classy right winger who can get goals we could rely on goals from wings and care less if our main striker gets 20 goals

      1. DM? yes definitely.
        winger? no why? welbeck,walcott,sanchez,ox,ramsey,wilshere,ozil,cazorla.
        striker? yes please.
        epl by 2017? very doable.

        1. WellbeCk, Wilshire, Rambo, Cazorla = NOT WINGERS

          is Bashman a descriptive of what you did to your head today?:)

        2. Bashman welbeck is not a proper winger.if we get a top winger like rues we could use welbeck upfront more frequently. Theo could be used there too. Getting a winger would mean giving welbeck and Theo more chance upfront. Theo and welbeck and Ramsey are not proper wingers.rues is.let’s say we get 20 goals from Sanchez and another 20 from rues. Not bad ey?????how many goals could you excpect from welbeck or Theo to get from the wings???!

            1. Bashman you seriously think jack,Ramsey and welbeck are wingers?? Wenger might use them in that position sometimes but it doesn’t mean they are natural wingers.get it????

  6. Honestly, if we dispassionately and critically analyze Wenger’s reign in Arsenal as regards how many trophies he has won honestly its nothing but average. And i dont think he has much more to offer. Wenger has simply lost the mindset needed to win major trophies. Let him do the much he can to improve the quality of the team while he runs out his contract then leave it to a new coach who still has the winning mentality to win us the EPL on a regular and also get us the ever elusive UCL.

    1. trophy every other season? while building a huge stadium and a sustainable economic model? carry on telling me how that is “average”

      oh and fa cups most winningest manager

  7. Is Krychowiak available? He’s tall and strong, yet incredibly athletic. Even the stats are on his side.

    Coquelin and Krychowiak, verdict: FORMIDABLE.

    1. I cant agree with you more! He would make a fantastic signing. He would not be a back up for Coq but a stiff competitor for our holding midfield position

  8. I have waited for 10yrs now to see us lift the trophy.Luckily it will not be such a long wait to see Wenger contract out in 2yrs.Demarteo won cl with chelsea and he does not count as gr8 coach same to wenger even if he wins cl,to be one of the greatest manager you must win trophies consistently and wenger 10yrs trophy drought ruins that record.

  9. I can’t just believe most of y’all somehow calling Wenger a failure. The man is well respected by the arsenal family, the trophy drought isn’t good for a manager of his calibre but it’s very well understandable why that had to happen. Not so may managers out there can manage arsenal the way Wenger does so think very well before you lash out at him.

  10. Perhaps this little piece is appropriate:


  11. A lot of contracts are being signed and extended until 2019. Is this a hint that Le Professeur Wenger will be retiring in 2019 when he is 70 years old – 2 months after the season starts.

    I think the chap will not go in the boardroom. I am sure he will prefer to travel and watch football matches around the World, being a pundit here and there, all the stuff he could be doing now but chooses not to …. so he can give Arsenal the last that he has.

    If The Emirates was paid for completely in 2015 and the Club had the income it generates today …. only a right blighter would think we would not have won the Prem a few more times by now.

    I am glad he has a statue with Chapman … not happy about George Graham being treated like he did FA for Arsenal. Not saying he should have a statue, but I think he needs more acknowledgement. Terry Neill management is what I started with and after that the George Graham era felt like the start of the Wenger era.

  12. I think he’ll go in 2017, when his current contract expires, regardless of what Arsenal win or don’t win.
    I believe what he is doing at the moment, as well as building a squad capable of winning the top trophies, is trying to leave the club in the best possible position for his successor.

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