Seriously What the hell is going on at Arsenal?

Seriously What the hell is going on? by ED

This is another one of those “brace for it” articles folks; so I hope you are sitting comfortably next to your keyboards because I’m ‘taking no prisoners here’. So… Liverpool? Sure, it’s the first game of the season, and I know many of you have have had much to say. I mean I’ve been reading some of the comments and they have been pure gold; on both sides of the fence. I might add… but isn’t this beginning to feel like deja vu a little bit? I mean it’s almost been cyclical in the last few seasons in Arsenal, but what’s more impressive is the levels of optimism that still remain despite the clear warning signs.

Every goddamn year there is an element of pussyfooting around. For a man who’s overall ambition is to ‘go out on a high’ win the Premier League again, let me just point out that it is the most difficult league to win, in the sense that its had four different champions in the last 4 seasons. If that is your overall aim surely the point of a transfer window is to address the fundamental flaws that held you back; you know a lack of goals, need for a solid defence, up until recently some steel in the midfield, but yet every year it’s the same old story of nonsense we’re fed.

Now I’m not asking for the hundred-million-pound players (I’d love one), but I can appreciate the fact that if we didn’t have the money to spend on outlandish players, but whether or not you like, or can’t stand, Giroud (I sure hell can’t) we all have to admit to ourselves, that he has done nothing to the contrary to convince us, he alone should warrant sole proprietary of the center forward position. We know he often goes 7 plus games missing in a season, not alone 60 minutes, so whichever way you look at he either needs help or to be replaced.

My only question is why on earth hasn’t that happened? This man was in France when I wrote the article 2 weeks before Janssen’s move to Tottenham (£17million) explaining that he could be a good signing. Better yet, how much did Riyad Mahrez cost Leicester? And don’t give me crap about taking gambles on ‘unknowns’ he’s done it before with Toure and many others. Now with the striker options running dry he is blaming a lack of availability of talented players and extortion-like prices… yet smaller teams keep unearthing these gems, which in theory we could do, in hope that it could possibly pay off and the argument being if we are a “big club” and have the money, why hasn’t he spent it?? And people get angry when I question his competence to manage the club. Just in case the ramblings are clear enough ladies and gents; If we are a big club then why the hell aren’t we spending the money, or better yet if we don’t have the money why aren’t you actively scouting players from the goddamn rainforest if need be, who have talent instead of commentating on the Euros and turning up to games with players we are linked with and you damn well know we ain’t signing.

A lot of you would probably be angered by the fact I’m attacking the ‘Great Wenger’, but the truth comes December/January when “we’re up s&@t creek, without a paddle” and Giroud has gone on one of his goal droughts; We are struggling to ‘draw’ games; with injuries piling up to our eyeballs . No one should question what went wrong, we know what it is! It is in inability to prepare for the season ahead – and that’s down to the manager. And I know lot of you want to blame the board, I’m simply going to point out Steve Bruce quit is position because the board intervened in his transfer affairs, whilst our ‘caring manager’ claims his £8 million pounds a year salary and the Arsenal fans gladly fund that through astronomical ticket prices, whilst we reminisce about that time “we won something” and celebrate the fact we finish fourth! Talk about extortion.

We’re are faced with an existential crisis. Aare we “a big club” or not? Either way, I’m sure you’d agree it doesn’t justify a lack of inactivity, I surely can’t be the only one now questioning Arsene’s competency right now?

Eddie D


  1. we are the same squad who took 2nd place last yr, but in a off yr for the big clubs, who are bent on winning, and each have upgraded significantly. i finally must give in, though i can enjoy the style played when an arsene squad is on, i realise this man can not manage a roster. we were deficient last year, and we did not address our weak positions, our 13 gps central striker will win nothing, mert is another yr older and slower and even if healthy, gabriel is a walking red card. jose and pep will buy to win, they will look at every position on that pitch and find the very best player for each. even spurs upgraded thier striker as they were the best offense in the epl last season. maybe, whats best is a 6-8th place finish, so we finally get the change we deserve, as a last holdout for giving wenger a chance, i declare ” thank you for your service Arsene, good bye”

    1. so, what do we predict, first…must like RVP, Cesc, Sagna, Nasri… the managers intent on beefing up squads to win will poach our good players, problem is there are too many great leaders on other squads now to convince the likes of Bellerin, Ozil and Kos to jump ship. If you do not spend on big players to get better, the players you have now that are world class leave,

    2. That 2nd place is very very misleading. We finished 10 points behind Leicester and all other top teams had an awful season. That squad is not worth a 2nd place; as Mertesacker suggested it was a miracle and a missed opportunity due to poor planning and poor management by Wenger, which is repeaing this summer again.

  2. what is going on is that there is a disease called delusion that is spreading at astronomical speed.
    Coming from its host wenger and spreading to the board ad the fans.
    Wenger is taking careless responsibility which is very much affecting the players.

    Somehow he has become immortal at this club and I dont know what it will take to drive him out.
    I sincerely hope he does not sign a new contract.

  3. from the 90s to the 2000s to the 2010s.
    Wenger has turned from a hero to a petulence and disturbance.
    I no longer blame van persie and fabregas for wanting to leave.
    In fact I back their decision.
    It would be a wise thing to do for sanchez and ozil should wenger renew his contract.
    Who would turn down an offer to play for a
    team with a working policy for a team filled with a mythical policy

  4. iam AKB..

    BUT til LeProff manage to quit or retire before things go well…

    it seems we are either in the dungeon or we are already there as our board are blind for adding new players, but never blind for PROFIT MAKING..


    1. @JustJoy, you are officially no longer an AKB, because they never want their A out.
      Welcome to the AOB family.

  5. been a while since iv commented.

    My granny actually called me on sunday, saying “here we go again with your beloved gunners”

    Utterly disappointed, disgraced and bloody angry at the state of affairs at the club currently. I dont care if its liverpool, 1st game of the season at win , you put in a string performance, field your best players , gear them up and win the bloody game.

    AWwwww..its Wenger…:/..why do i bother. I honestly thought,…with the class of managers entereing the PL, wenger will go full throttle and one lat time leave the dust in the young managers eyes, reminding the league, why he was dubbed professor in 1996 when he joined.

    EPL tv deal brough money..UCL qualifucation…puma..revenue…Everyone knows we have cash? why not spend it on players that will push the club forward?..awwwwwwwww we not a club its a business..i forgot:/

    Bolasie, Mane telling me a club supposedly , one of the richest clubs, cant purchase lacazette mahrez and mustafi for arround 100+mill? cumon.

    awwwww… Maby wenger is scared of still Failing even though buying these players.

    I love arsenal and its players..the style and class. I honestly feel its missing that leader…gruffness..determination..ruthless trait that a top club should have.

    Im not in england, but for the guys in England…stand up and make your voices heard dammit..or are you happy with mediocrity?

    if we win our next 37 games…il firmly shut up:)

    Cheers…I love you arsenal still…

    Must say the girl on the ads are pretty hot 0o

  6. The only good thing happening about Arsenal is the fact that he’s in the final year of F*****g undeserved contract.

  7. I just don’t understand why we are not making any headway with any substantial players. It’s baffling to me, there are hardly any developments on anyone substantial and that’s because most the players of note have gone elsewhere.

    I really don’t get how the club can justify this behaviour.

  8. I don’t understand.. Managers in other clubs beg the board for money to invest on new players..infact, they are lured onto the job with the promise of a substantial transfer Arsenal it is the opposite. The board says there is money to spend but the manager says there is no money to spend. The board says we can afford Rooney wages Wenger says he feels the club money is like his own and will spend it frugally. Age has really caught up with this stubborn man and he no longer cares about anything other than being right. That is why Ramsey will always play even as a right back if need be just to be accomodated in the team and proove Wenger right. Why the board has allowed this man to stay in charge for 20 yrs is to say the very least disturbing and alarming. Wengerapart from his millions in the bank has nothing..he wrecked his marriage with his obsession to stay in power at Arsenal and now his family is all broken up. He has Arsenal and nothing more he will never quit unless he is pushed out by the fans! Please guys..lets not end up like another Liverpool or inter milan..lets change while we still are a top 4 team.

  9. klopp was right our tikitaka philosophy is a lie/false/myth/misconception.
    Mourinho was right when he said arsenal is a boring team led by a specialist in failure.

    And seeing some fans on what they are saying on social media they are taking delusion to new heights.
    Xhaxa is not better than pogba or gundogan.
    monreal coquelin elneny ox iwobi and campbell are only good squad players
    Bellerin is not the best right back in the league.
    Sanchez ozil and cazorla are only B+ players.
    Hate to say this but the likes of mahrez and hazard are better than them.

    Our english core just prove exactly what is wrong with their national team mediocre at best.
    They are the kind of players good enough westbrom and aston villa

  10. Eddie… Your fourth paragraph about ‘unearthing gems’ and why can’t Arsenal do that.
    Out of curiosity, how do you feel about the Asano, Holding and Nwakali transfers we’ve made this window??
    I get the frustrations. But there’s still time to make this window a good one. If we finish with Xhaka, Mustafi and a good attacking signing, it’ll still be the best window we’ve had in some time.

  11. I posted a comment on one of the articles the other day on here about my lack of passion towards this club seeing as it shows a lack of passion towards itself. I maintain that is the problem. There is no desire to succeed from Wenger up to the board in this club anymore. It’s a a money making machine. The sad thing is they don’t realise that if they spent more on succeeding they would make more. Instead there is a mentality equivalent to looking for a Saville Row suit in Primark when it comes to transfers.
    Wenger needs to realise that it is the fans money not his money that is (Isn’t) being spent. Without fans hard earned cash ploughed into this club there would be no club. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again if the true Arsenal fans want to see change they need to vote with their seat. Don’t go to the games. I understand many feel that as betrayal to the players but the truth is Wenger is letting them down as well. They need more quality around them or we will soon find more of the worthy players in the team decide to move on. If you want to make the club take note start hurting the people at the top by causing a hit to their pockets. Maybe then they will realise that it benefits everyone to make the club successful on the pitch and financially by investing.
    I read this morning that Wenger gave the players a double training session as punishment for how they played on Sunday. If this is true then we can expect yet more injuries no doubt!

  12. After two years, the fruit of our inactivity in the transfer season will compell our marquee players leave the club… We will be fighting for Europa qulification for two years… After four years we will be fighting relegation battle..

  13. I live in the States and was so giddy when I heard Arsenal was coming this year, especially due to the fact that we started our business early (with hope that many more good signings would follow), however, after realizing that this was a redo of 2015 transfer period, I decided to keep my money, I haven’t even purchased my jersey and will not buy another until Wenger leaves. Before anyone start slating me, I’ve been a GUNNER for 20 years. We needed a CB before Mert got injured, then Gab got injured, I said surely we would have a new CB before the Liverpool game, guess not, after loosing on Sunday I though well guess by Monday we will have a new CB, well it’s Wednesday and guess what, no CB. I’m done, unless, this is ridiculous, a total travesty, maybe if we have a first half of season a kin to Chelsea last year, maybe things will change.

  14. I am as disappointed as everyone else about lack of signings and pool result.

    I think however we need to take a step back. What are the targets set for the managers at chelsea, manc, manu and pool. Is it to win the PL? If so then at least three will fail. Realistically their target is top three or four which is the same as arsenal.

    Pep guardiola has probably been set another long term target which is to win the CL.

    All we can do, if we are unhappy, to influence kronke is hit him financially. Do not buy merchandise and if you are really upset, do not buy tickets for games, big decision for season ticket holders. Organised protests at games are difficult because it can demoralise the team.

    I think any protests should be aimed at Kroenke, he sets the agenda which wenger follows.

    1. Usmanov would invest in the club if he was the majority shareholder and director, as it stands, he’s not even a director, just a shareholder.

  15. Let’s not fool ourselves. Wenger and the Board act as one in all aspects of transfer activity. Why do you think they continue to block Usmanov from acquiring control of the club. He would upset the financial business model they have in place by buying players and cutting into the outrageous profits the Board enjoy each year. Where else can you set your goal as 4th place in the EPL, and round of 16 in Champions Laegue, and internally deems the season a complete success? It has occurred year after year for a decade and Kroenke has been able to duplicate here what he has accomplished with his teams in the US. Financial success with little to show in terms of championships for the fans. Don’t believe me then explain how a mediocre Rams NFL team just returned to LA to a multi billion dollar stadium? Nothing happens by chance. He is only Silent Stan in the public view but in private if he can make money he is all in. He bought the EPL team that best fit his own greedy business model and the only ones who are hurt are the long time fans of the club. They deserve so much better. As much as I may hate the persona of Mourinho, at least he is willing to take risks in the transfer market. They may not always pane out, but he doesn’t make excuses that he simply cannot compete in the market like Wenger does. The tired old verbiage Arsene is so ridiculous and has been used over and over. Funny how you never seem to agree on the evaluation of a player, unless you are the one setting it as a seller. Now that combined with the statement that we simply were not prepared for Liverpool I have only one question. You have one main objective as a coach, prepare your team for the season and each and every game. If you are not doing that then can you explain to us just what you are doing all week and summer?

    1. Kroenke owns over two thirds of arsenal. The board, gazidis snd wenger have to do what kroenke wants, otherwise they are out. “They” are not blocking usmanov getting control. Usmanov owns less than one third of arsenal. The only way he can get control is to buy shares from kroenke, and of course kroenke has to be willing to sell.

  16. When your goal for each season is simply top 4 in the EPL, and round of 16 in the Champions League, then ” Houston, we have a problem!”

  17. We’re all being taken for a ride by the club, I include the players in that as well because if you’re Ozil or Alexis, or even Koscielny you know that there are clubs with more ambition out there that would sign you.

    What do they do? Do they stay at Arsenal in the hope that it’ll all click for us this season, with basically the same squad that finished ten points behind Leicester?

    Koscielny is 30 years old, he’s never won the Champions League but if Bayern, Barcelona or even Man City came knocking he must know that they’ve got ten times the chance of winning major trophies than us.

    I have never blamed the likes of Van Persie or Fabregas for leaving the club because they saw on a daily basis what Wenger was like and which direction the club was going and they thought to themselves that their ambitions weren’t being matched by Wenger and the board.

    They were 100% right. It’s only a matter of time before one or more of those three I’ve mentioned leave the club.

  18. Good article. Its almost as if Wenger had this evil plan to make us think he was actually adapting to the situation when he bought in players like Sanchez, Ozil and Cech. All terrific buys, but just not enough to actually be a European force. We should change our motto to – So close, yet so far away’ – cause thats what it feels like being an Arsenal fan. I completely agree with Giroud – decent player but we need better.

    My biggest concern is how Wenger promised Sanchez and Ozil just how much he was going to turn Arsenal around and continue to invest into the squad with the prime focus of winning. This transfer season is just more proof he has no intention of doing so. I won’t be surprised to see both Ozil and Sanchez gone end of this season unless by some miracle we can win it with our current squad. (If we couldn’t win it last season we sure as hell wont win it this one.)

    So with those players gone, we will be back to square one with Arsenal being an unlikely destination for top players. The vicious circle continues…

    1. Good day gooners. Been following justarsenal for some years now, this is my first time of commenting though. Its tough being an arsenal fan. The worst part of it all is that you can’t just jump ship and support another club. It’s not like a job that u could just quit. I love this club, but I’m done. I didn’t see the Liverpool game. Not sure if I’ll see the Leicester game either cos its the same old cycle : start poor, top the league by Dec and fade away in Feb (get knocked out of FA Cup, Capital one Cup and UCL and lose key matches in the league, all in the space of two weeks)
      There’s only one way out. Fans should stop buying season tickets. When 40% of season tickets remain unsold. I think the club woud realise that they are putting the fans through so much pain. Can’t you guys watch these matches on satellite TV? I’ve never seen a game at the Emirates but I still enjoy watching my Arsenal. I might be wrong but I think its the solution. Im officially joining the AOB #WengerOut

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