Seriously, Why would Aubameyang stay at Arsenal?

Why would Auba stay? by Dan Smith

Even though it’s reported that Arsenal have accepted Aubameyang won’t be extending his contract, still some gooners are in denial.

One apparently is Paul Merson who believes the only reason the striker would choose Man United over us would be financial.

I have written for the past 12 months why would our captain sign a new deal? He works for an owner with zero ambition, he most likely wouldn’t be playing in the Champions League, while he’s more likely to win trophies elsewhere, including Old Trafford.

The irony of Merson’s statement is the only reason he would consider staying in North London would be money. In the case of Ozil, we have shown we are willing to pay over the odds to keep someone to avoid upsetting our fan base. Yet it’s unlikely we do the same for another talent over 30 given how much criticism we got for the German’s signature.

While many understand why he would find Barcelona too good to turn down, some cover their ears to the idea of him doing a Van Persie.

Those who call it lazy journalism are trying to convince themselves.

If the Kroenke family were willing to sell our best striker to a direct rival back in the days we were finishing top 4 why wouldn’t they now?

50-60 million is a fair sum for someone who could leave for free this time next year, especially when funds are low.
The argument that Manchester would be a sideways move to a side equally in the Europa League and in transition is again not an honest account of how far we have fallen. They might not get their recruitment right or even their managerial choices correct but everything is geared at United to be title challengers again. The Glazers will keep throwing money at it until the law of averages makes it work. In January they bought Bruno Fernandes, whereas got two injured defenders in on loan. When both teams needed a centre back last summer, they found 80 million for Maguire while we found 8m for David Luiz.

So, I don’t think this is about money, as in terms of wages many can’t compete with us. However, in terms of selling the club to him?

Convincing him this is where to spend the prime of his career?

Showing him your shortlist for the next transfer window?

Why would he stay?

Dan Smith


  1. We always criticise players who are doing a good job, and support those who are not doing anything for the team.
    If Ozil can negotiate a salary adjustment, a lot of supporters will agree with it. But Auba doesn’t deserve it. Are we being brainwashed by the media?
    These are some Arsenal who will find it difficult to get better wages, no matter how hard they try: Auba, Lacazette, Maitland-Niles
    Mustafi, Ozil, and Xhaka they are perceived to have improved under Arteta. Just show us the statistics to justify you facts

  2. Dan You are being a realist and though I doubt anyone WANTS to lose Auba, we have to face facts and the most sobering fact of all is that we are saddled with an owner with no ambition for our club and all , including all the players and obviously Auba too, know that fact only too well.
    He will be leaving and I am convinced the club has accepted the reality of having to let him go, esp given his age. Even more so when you factor in that likely huge delay before any football even begins again. As a realist to my fingertips, I have already virtually given up ANY serious hope of the Prem being restarted even this whole calendar year.
    The sheer scale of this ongoing tragedy has STILL not been comprehended by very many on here and around the sporting world. It is a totally new “ball game” we are ALL now in and that obviously puts the tin hat on remaining and foolish hopes that some Gooners still have of retaining Auba.
    Personally I think he will not play another game in our shirt and nor will several others still here right now.

  3. Great article, Dan, albeit a very depressing (but honest) one!
    I hope we make a profit on him. Bought for 56m, we can sell him for more than that – he’s worth every penny! And I’m hoping it’ll be to Real Madrid, as he promised his late Grandfather one day he’d play for them.. not the Mancs, please not them!
    I don’t want him to leave, but what else can we do? We can’t let a player of his calibre walk out the door for nothing (again).
    I’ll be so sorry to see him go.

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