Seriously – Why would Jack Grealish join Arsenal?

Why would Jack Grealish join Arsenal? by Dan

SmithWe have a section of our fan base who are so deluded they will never accept how far we have fallen.

Whether they can’t accept our decline or really believe we are better than we are, some will simply not admit our reality.

As I write this, it’s been confirmed that Norwich have accepted a 33 million bid from Aston Villa for Emiliano Buendia.

The rumours are that (not for the first time) Arsenal made an offer way short of the Canaries valuation and have been dawdling since.

My own opinion is I wouldn’t want us spending, with incentives, 40 million for a talent whose best form was in the Championship. For that amount, there is better we can bring in.

If the Argentine was our first choice though, it’s worrying that with respect we are losing out to Villa.

To be a big club you act like one.

If Man City, Liverpool or Chelsea wanted a player from the second tier, they would get their way.

For those who still believe the Kroenke Family will show any ambition this summer, it’s a worrying indication for the rest of the window that we either don’t have the cash or don’t have the aggression to get a deal over the line.

Or of course both.

Instead though, some gooners refuse to see what is staring them in the face, believing that this is our next step in getting ……. Jack Grealish!

Wow, I wish I could be as positive as those people.

Their theory is that this is Villa bringing in a replacement for Grealish and that’s why we were only enquiring about Buendia on the cheap.

Let’s stress that only the club themselves know how serious their interest in Buendia was.

It could be as simple as them not agreeing with the number quoted to them.

History suggests though we are again prioritizing value over making the team better.

If that means the likes of Edu is scared off by 30-40 million, then surely he’s not going to entertain the 80-100 million Villa would want?

That would take ringing America and getting additional funds authorized.

I feel embarrassed even writing this.

Like last week when I read links with Sterling, I beg the question …. why would a player of that quality want to join us?

Even if their employers wanted to sell, a Sterling and Grealish would have numerous options, clubs who could offer more money, European football and realistic chances of winning silverware.

This is why I normally don’t like responding to speculation.

I feel papers mislead our fan base not helped by leaks from the club.

It’s why some arrogantly dismiss a Cahill, Evans or recently an Aguero, because they believe we are in the market for names in reality we never had a chance with.

By the time we realise we have been duped, we have paid for our shirts and tickets.

Just to rub it in. The players we have put our noses up to are then playing better then what we have.

Take the emotion out of things and be honest.

Why would Jack Grealish join Arsenal?

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      1. Pat.

        It is that simple, it doesn’t need explanation. You know yourself…..he will not come to Arsenal. What to say…..the Arsenal Zeitgeist has gone down the pan. So sad.



        1. You are funny Jon “It suits my need” Which NEED is that???

          And I have published Dan’s post where he AGREES that Grealish (or any other top expensive player) i’s not ever going to join us.

          How is that INSULTING YOUR INTELLINGE lol

          1. Well PAT, I did spell out the reason why! “Your need for articles agenda” was there in print! Do you then deny you have a constant need for new articles!

      3. Pat

        Maybe Kroenke wants Arsenal to fail, lose money to be Tax loss against the LA Rams and the Olympic Stadium project in LA? There are those who do ANYTHING for money.

        1. Sean, MAYBE Kroenke wants Arsenal to be successful to help pay for the RAMS Stadium.

          That is just as likely as your MAYBE, no? So, in other words – It is just a wild guess!

          1. Pat
            Debate has to include present reality, that Arsenal are on the decline. Kroenke has a funny way of chasing success.

        2. there is no reason any business man would want a business to lose money.
          thats why your not one .

  1. 1. London
    2. Salary
    3. Ambition (just kidding 🙃🤣)
    4. History
    5. Champions League (🤣just kidding Again 🙃)

    I’m struggling lol. That’s all I can think of

    1. history ?Billy Garrat jacks great great grandfather played for villa in the 1905 fa cup final that’s family history .. London ? a city is a city family make it home . salary ? you think arsenal can pay more ? villa have the third richest owners in the EPL and the guy that runs the club day to day was on the 3 man comity that wrote the ffp rule book so that’s not a worry . plus jack wont pass a medical at the moment .

      1. Bigger salary
        Bigger history and more successful history
        London is not just any city

        I think 🤔 your disappointment and anger is clouding your judgement and honesty of the situation

        I’m disappointed and upset too at how arsenal have dropped so low but we need to look at things truthfully

      2. AND AGAIN…..
        He wouldn’t pass a medical?

        That’s weird as Gareth Southgate played him in our friendly the other day, and said ““We know Jack’s strengths, you saw those the other night, he can carry the ball and draw players.

        “He earned a lot of free kicks and almost got an assist, although I think it was a tackle!

        “He was always in those dangerous areas, he has progressed and we are pleased he is back.

        “His match fitness and match sharpness is still coming, but it’s good he is heading in a positive direction.”

        1. Ad PAT, I’ll much agree with you in this fitness comment!

          Tonys comment, which ends with his daft “not being fit ” comment, is typical of so many fans who refuse to engage their brains before writing. I find this level of nonsense, as a “learned man”(according to you Pat, even though it’s untrue), to be intensely frustrating.

          I constantly long for intelligent comments that show some real thought, quite irrespective of whether or not I agree with them. At least a thinking fan can properly debate, whether or not we agree.
          In fact, If we did all agree, which mercifully we never will, your site would be much the poorer for it, as you and ALL thinking fans are well aware!

          1. Jon, you say….”I constantly long for intelligent comments that show some real thought, ”

            Well so do I, which is why I called out the above comment… “He wouldn’t….simple.” as a waste of a comment.

            So you DO agree with me on some points!

          2. YES PAT, I QUITE OFTEN AGREE WITH YOU AS A MATTER OF FACT. But I do not usually comment when we agree, as I much prefer to be a pain in the neck on the occasions we disagree.
            NOW, do you doubt that I am ruthlessly honest! My friend, in truth you don’t know the half of how ruthless I am with myself. If you think I am hard on others which I am, you should see how I BERATE MYSELF, ALMOST DAILY.

            I simply do not suffer fools gladly and that on occasions includes myself. I just believe passionately that we are all given a brain but some are too lazy to use it. And you will remember my many anti their laziness posts against Walcott and Ozil. Simple as that, old chum.

            1. But you are HARDLY able to do the diplomacy, which is my forte!

              Can you imagine yourself as a moderator on JA! Now that would be a laugh

              Do you fancy taking over from me for day? We can arrange that if you take it in the right spirit…..

    2. Those three factors: salary, London and history and I may add Emirates stadium, London Colney, playing time and the future with a young manager and young players will tempt players to join Arsenal It is only people who look at the short term that think Arsenal is a spent force.
      I am always unhappy with Dan Smith’s permanent pessimistic view of our club but since there is freedom of expression there is little to do. I am perplexed by a fan who never sees anything good in his club. Is that a form of extremism? I see a new Arsenal emerging out of today’s messy situation. All that has to be done is to fill the positions that are still shaky and the team can put up a good show next season. The fact that we managed five wins In a row at the end of last season is a very good indicator of what we can achieve with a few good additions. So perpetual pessimists learn not to denigrate our team at every available opportunity!

      1. Mate, those additions won’t come unless ALL transfer-listed players are sold. Arsenal we all remember is gone for as long as kranky satan has his claws in the club’s flesh.

  2. He might want to join Arsenal for bigger possibilities to win trophies, bigger salary and London life. However, we don’t need another right-footed CAM like Grealish and Buendia, since we’ve got Smith-Rowe, Willian, Willock and Nelson

    Good right-footed CAMs are abundant in the market, such as Aouar, Sabitzer, Pedri, Maddison, Olmo, Coutinho, Isco, Musiala, Reyna, Vlasic, Reine-Adelaide, Lingard, Reinier Jesus, Ceballos and Eze. We need player types that we don’t have, particularly an excellent CF

    1. You seriously put Nelson, Willian, Willock and ESR in the same racket as Buendia? And you think they would rack up the same amounts of goals and assists were they to play in Championship?

      Btw, Nelson and Willock are not CAMs and have not played that position in their senior careers, apart from few occasional appearances for Joe.

      1. Yes, I think they could’ve gotten similar stats if they played with Norwich in the Championship. Buendia wasn’t even impressive when he played in EPL

        Willock failed to seize his chances when starting as a CAM for Arsenal, but he seems to have understood that role better at Newcastle. Whereas Willian and Nelson very rarely started as CAM, so we need to give them more opportunities in that position

        1. I agree with you. Our fans tend to talk down our players but elevate other clubs’ players who are similar or worse than our own.

          This is one reason why I’ve never supported the idea of selling off Nelson. That boy is overflowing with abundant talents, but is currently languishing from lack of confidence for misuse or underuse.

      2. DaJuhi, Joe Willock did it in the EPL (8 goals in 15 games with Newcastle United), so he would be a good bet to do better in the Championship.

      1. Sorry I agree with bigger possibilities of trophies, London life and higher salary. Not him being in same category as our current right footed CAMS

  3. Arsenal is a step down for Grealish. People still seem to be living in 2010 LOL. Get a reality check.

    People say for £35m we can get better than Buendia. Please elaborate on who are these better, more creative players who want to join us?

  4. Grealish will go to a toy club for £100m, Buendia is his replacement. The Arsenal links are agent noise because a decent price was required given Norwich don’t need to sell but the player wanted to leave. Shame that Arsenal are the go to name that is believable in this scenario!

  5. He wouldn’t. Grealish, like Kane, would want to go to Man City or possibly Chelsea.

    I’m not too fussed about the Buendia situation but do admit, it makes Edu and co look as incompetent as they really are. The aesthetics of being beaten to a signing by a club that was in the Championship a couple of seasons ago is humiliating. No other way to out it.

    Footballing-wise, the reason I’m not so fussed is this though… at £30m, Buendia made sense. Depth in the playmaking role with Prem experience and solid stats (end product in the Championship and personal performance stats in the Prem) plus he has the versatility to play on the wing too. This makes him a fantastic choice to offer depth to the injury prone Smith Rowe and offers the possibility to partner him too (in games that warrant it).

    However, given the lack of games (due to no European football) – there’s also a good chance that one of Buendia/ESR would spend a fair amount of time on the bench.

    Arsenal wouldn’t want to stunt the growth of one of their best youth prospects in years and you simply don’t commit £40m to a transfer that may spend a lot of time on the bench. £40m warrants a definite starter which Buendia may not be (by the way, if you watch all of his goal contributions for this season on youtube, you’ll see they were far more Willian-like than Odegaard-like – most were simple passes and not killer through-balls).

    Given Arsenal are out of Europe and have fewer games, they will focus their rebuilding resources on positions where they have weak-links for starting roles: GK, RCB, RB, DM, CF. They’ll also look for players with versatility too so they can operate with a smaller squad.

    The latest robust rumour is Ruben Neves who should be a fantastic option for DM given he is similar to Xhaka but more mobile and a better front-on tackler, which will help Arteta in his desire to switch to a 433.

    1. So why do you think Edu should have gone out out to get him simply because we don’t want to lose to Villa and to prove we are a bigger club?

      It was reported we submitted £30m which I think is fair enough and according to your analysis and Dan(which I so much agree with), paying over £30m seems to be out of the line but still you still think it’s because Edu

      1. I didn’t say that.

        I said it’s embarrassing to lose out on a player you bid for to a club that was in the Championship 2 seasons ago. Can you imagine that happening to Man Utd or Liverpool or even to Leicester?

        It shows their strategy is a total mess which isn’t much of a surprise given no-one who worked on it has any idea of what they’re doing. New personnel like Garlick haven’t been in long enough to reshape this Summer’s strategy and pre-existing personnel (J Kroenke, Arteta, Edu, Vinai, etc) all lack the experience needed to do it properly. None of them have had their positions before at any football club, let alone one that wants UCL football.

        Getting out-muscled by Villa on a confirmed target sends the wrong signals to potential recruits for the remainder of the window. It signals Arsenal lack ambition.

        1. Ben Norwich want more money, whoever bids higher gets the guys, arsenal feel the guys doesn’t worth Norwich valuations and pull out, it’s simple, and the media is making a big issue out of it. Getting outmuscled? That doesn’t happen in the world of realist. If I want to buy an item which should cost £5, I can’t just keep on bidding just because I want to show financial superiority to a competitor who keep raising the bid, especially when there are other alternatives out there

  6. I agree with you Dan.

    Smart players will sense no true ambitions from Kroenke, and Arteta has not impressed as a manager, although we know Arteta is smart enough to do well if he can sort out his mind. I have only once seen Arsenal play like they should, and that was a first half against Liverpool with Arteta as the manager. Arteta understands football well, but he has not impressed me with grooming the best talents Arsenal have, or with general man management. But I will not damn him because I do not know the situation at Arsenal well enough for that. But I sense Arteta may not be so clever to persuade new players of stature to join Arsenal, and then Arsenal as a club have a major problem. I had hoped that zero audiences for likely many years to come could persuade Kroenke to sell Arsenal. So if anyone reading this get to meet Kroenke, tell him the business side of football is never likely to become the same again. The true rulers of this world do not like big groups of people joining together any more to put it in perspective. They have made that very clear.

  7. Arsenal are far better than villa and with arsenal they will offer him playing time and they will be a chance of qualifying and playing European football🤨😌

  8. Dan I completely agree that most fan are still living in the days of arsenal invisible and have failed to realise things have changed for the club that’s why most are furious Aston Villa beat us to the signing of Buenda, because to them only a few clubs are qualified to beat us to signature of any player should we intend to get them

    I have a question I have been battling with, what’s the difference between finding ’value’ and improving the squad?
    I thought finding value means players that worth the price and will immediately improve the squad, so what’s the meaning of this statement : History suggests though we are again prioritizing value over making the team better.

  9. All what you said is true, we are not that Elite club that can bring in super quality players, before because of respect for wenger, player will still want to come but now owner don’t want to spend and, also having Arteta that is way to young, who will find it difficult to convince a player to come. Let just be praying the kroenke family will come to term and sell the club to a rich billionaire, because if we want to get back as an elite club, arsenal needs to spend money “as in” huge money to buy and convince player to come, Also we need more experience, older manager that can take us forward in all ways.

  10. Some of our “fans” are a joke! We go big with Pepe and blow other clubs out of the water! We sign Gabriel when he was wanted by many others. But now it’s all doom and gloom again because we missed out on one.

    Normally I would be annoyed, but there has been an overall improvement in our transfer activity since 2018. Arsenal won’t be successful with EVERY transfer, and nor will any other club.

    1. TMJW, only yesterday I posted that I personally would not want us to go above “£35 mill for Buendia” at the very limit.
      We all realise that any transfer funds will be very limited and to spend even £35mill on Buendia in this Covid reduced fees market would be reckless. I applaud that we have stood firm and not been held financial hostage by Norwich.

    2. To suggest that grealish moving from Villa to Arsenal is a downgrade is illogical, Arsenal is still bigger than Villa no matter the perception about Arsenal out there.

      Arsenal bought Partey in January for £45million and I don’t think they would fail to pay £33million for Buendia if he was a priority buy for them, Arsenal need a number10, Buendia has played mainly as a right winger for Norwich in the Championship ,probably Arsenal does not think it is necessary to break the bank for him.

      There are five key areas Arsenal need to strengthen ie CM,AM(number10),RB,LB and goalkeeper, if they strengthen those areas then the summer transfer window will have been a success, let’s wait and see how it unfolds .

      1. No you missed my point
        The second it’s clear he wants to leave Villa, he and his agent will be thinking ‘ city , united . Chelsea ‘
        Not us

    3. Not sure how great though transfers have been based on our league position ?
      Can you name more then two ?
      As in , the creative midfielder brought in to replace Ozil ?

  11. After a very honest article, there are still deluded people commenting with deluded reasoning. Jack Grealish is not going to Arsenal. I’d be surprised if he even left Villa as the club is his club, where it would mean more to him to win an FA Cup with them than 5 Champions Leagues with say Chelsea. It is also a club on the rise. Look at the infrastructure – from the youth team through to the management team, and a huge season ticket waiting list. The place is buzzing! If he wants to go to London shopping or for a night out then that’s about as much appeal as London has these days…… and I can say that with absolute authority having lived in the Smoke for the last 15 years, it treating me very well, but being delighted to move out for a much better quality of life.

  12. Been awake all night laughing cos I read an article that said Jack Grealish to Arsenal, do you know anymore good jokes. And to the Arsenal fans that say they are the better team where were you when Aston Villa did the double over you this season.
    Buendia has agreed to join Villa his reason given Villa are ambitious Arsenal are no where.
    What Arsenal needs is a top to bottom clear out. Or the decline will continue.

  13. The brutal truth!! We have truly lost our way, I know for the most part alot of these rumours are untrue but why would the club entertain paying so much for Buendia when there are players like Pereira available. Now today I see we are after Ruben Neves, Similar player to Ceballos and will cost more so why not make his loans permanent? But if I’m really being honest I believe Bissouma would fit in perfect or I’d rather see xhaka stay then them spend money on a player we don’t need. If the Bissouma deal is not done to favour a player that doesn’t fit or doesn’t offer a real strength then my current pain will grow enormously. Summers only just started and its going to be a very long one for the fans.

  14. Wild pointless speculation based on wild pointless speculation….OK I’ll play with my twopenny worth, sounds like closed season fun!

    I personally think Grealish is over hyped by the media (a bit like Bielsa but that’s another post), he is a good player for sure, worth his place in the England squad but I don’t think he would be first on Gareth’s team sheet, could be a good impact sub for England in the Euros though, I believe Saka is a better player than Grealish

    He got hyped up at the end of the previous season when Villa were nearly relegated, it appeared nobody wanted to buy him then and I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody bought him now

    Villa’s improvement this season has been good, a lot of that due to Watkins in my view, I thought they were sensational as a team when they came to our place in the season just gone and fully deserved their win, I don’t recall Grealish being their stand out player in that game, Watkins did the damage, Mcginn wasn’t far behind but the victory was down to how they played as a team

    I can’t think of a reason why Grealish would want to come to Arsenal but equally I don’t think he is what we need right now either

    I know nothing about Buendia, I don’t remember him from our games against Norwich in the season before last, I looked him up and he does appear to have had a good season within their promotion but I also noticed he only scored one goal in 36 appearances the season before when they were relegated from the Prem, if we have genuinely been pipped to the post by Villa then I don’t think I am too upset but having said all that both he and Grealish could be with new Clubs and brilliant in the Prem next season, that’s football!

  15. Afternoon All.

    Thought I’d try to cheer myself up by adding to the rumour fodder ( after all it is that time of year)

    Odsonne Edouard from Celtic.

    Looks like the latest player to turn down our advances preferring Liecester apparently.

    After the Buiendia debacle, we now turn to Rubin Neves of Wolves.

    Probably best to take with a pinch of salt, until the ink is dry re’ any player we are supposedly in for.

  16. Arsenal seem to be “In transition” at best , or if you look at it negatively “in decline”.
    That’s why it’s going to be a scrap against the likes of Villa, West Ham and perhaps Everton. Teams that are seen as “on the up”.
    Grealish is way out of Arsenals reach right now.

  17. Looks like the Neves thing may have some legs.

    “Working on it” as I tap…… apparently.

    Wolves mate loves him, but fallen out of favour of late.

    Personally I’ve always rated the player, but I know some will say not an upgrade.

  18. The more appropriate question is why is he still at Aston Villa. Simple answer, he is overhyped because he is English and the top clubs in epl knows it and want him to prove himself. Good example is Benrahma, one excellent season in championship snap up by westham. We have a great deal of discontent for our players thus think every other club players that have an ok season are better than ours and clamoring for their acquisitions. Great example is Party. Everyone and their dogs were say Partey was the man and I asked Ozzigunner must it be Partey. We have Buobaka Suomare of Lille and Diallo of now Soton. These players are younger, offer what he offers with room to be more better and cheaper. Partey is here and we all know how it turned out. It wasn’t like he isn’t a good player but @ 28 as an African player it was no for me because he is way other than that. The talk of the town now is Bissouma, good player( not for £40m) no doubt but is he better than those we want him to replace. If Grealiah plays in bundesliga his price tag won’t be more than €35m they look at talent and not nationality unlike in England. If we aspire to get back to our former glory we need to look higher than him. I mean we used to have Cesc, Nasri Rosicky, Hleb. What has happened to our ambitions

    1. Adiva, don’t give up on Thomas Partey yet, if he has a full preseason and can stay injury free. Partey with Yve Bissouma alongside him will give Arsenal a strong midfield combination.

  19. Villa fan – here in peace.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Buendia, Arsenal will still be a draw for players, for the reasons mentioned in this thread. You’re just having a wobble, which all clubs do.

    As for Grealish, I feel (somehow) he’s still under rated as a player. His strongest attributes are often the passes or drive before the assists. That said, his stats are unbelievable. Villa occupy that deadzone that the media don’t know exists; just north of London and south of Manchester. So we never get a fair representation. It takes a godly effort to be noticed.

    It bears mentioning that he only recently signed a five year contract at Villa, so to prize him away now would cost a lot – in my opinion it leaves only someone like Man City able to afford him. I’m fairly confident of his buy-in of the current Villa project and so long as we can keep making the strides necessary to match his ambitions, I think we will keep him. So think of the Buendia signing as a favour to us for that FA Cup final…!

  20. Welcome aboard Nelly, a good balanced post

    I bow to your opinion of Grealish as I would imagine you have seen a hell of a lot of of him than me

    1. Cheers FingersFurnell,

      Yeah, with Grealish, I imagine people roll their eyes a bit when Villa fans talk about him, as with every club’s favourite players there is bound to be some hyperbole. I’ll be forever grateful to the club’s new owners for managing to keep him though. To think he could have been playing for Spurs (vom). He’s been incredible for us and his ‘grab the game by the scruff of the neck’ style was intrinsic to us staying up and then us actually having a bit of a go this season just gone.

      Anyway, sorry to go on about that! Wishing you well for the season ahead 🙂

  21. He won’t come to arsenal just like Bergkamp, or party or ozil or supetmac all joined when we were doing much on the pitch did i leave out Abba.

  22. We will rise again. I have a feeling, That we will compete for the league title next season.

  23. Honestly I won’t join Arsenal if i am Grilish, Arsenal is a directionless club without any future ambition and to make matters worse the man Edu is a fraud, coupled with the fact that Ateta is a rookie who lacks experience in management. Management is a fundamental requirement for a successful coaching career and this absent in Arteta.
    Another problem is that Kronkea is not interested jn wining , he is only interested in making money out of the club. It would have been great for him to sell the club and allow a serious investor buy and bring the club to where they are supposed to be

  24. Grealish to Arsenal is done deal. Please l need that guy back on this platform to make me happy.

  25. I don’t understand this club anymore .. how they want to build a team that can compete when you are not even paying the players to join your club?

  26. WHY? There is no way we’re getting Jack Grealish, period. We. Are. Keeping. Guendouzi. No. Matter. How. Much. You. Scream.

  27. He won’t be joining AFC plain and simple..

    Firstly our club is no longer a big draw (history alone means nothing). Man Utd have history and finances plus European football. It could be argued that with his connection to Villa he is happy there with the club having an owner willing to invest.

    We on the other hand look for loaners or bargain basement.

    Let’s imagine he had had enough of villa. He is an England international who I think will shine at the euros shortly thus increasing his value even more when suitors no doubt will come in and compete for his signature in an auction style. There are numerous clubs above us in terms of Financial might, European football and current prestige.

    Unless Stan completely out of character and out of the blue incredibly sanctions a hefty bid inline with JGs talent and impact then the deluded can move on to dreaming about someone else..This could remotely happen since it would be one of those token (shit we messed up so let’s keep the hoards sweet for a bit kinda deals)

    As for our decline only being recent that is rubbish.. Van Persie and co all jumped ship because they knew of the lack of funds and ambition in the club.

  28. If his goal is to make more money fighting for top 10, then he’ll surely go to Arsenal.
    Arsenal is a perfect destination for ambitionless hacks.

    At this rate, I’ll finally manage to stop supporting and following this joke of a club. It’s managed criminally from top to bottom and as such, doesn’t deserve fans.

    If they fail to assess critical positions this summer, I’m out.

    Kroenke out, Vinai out, Edu out, Arteta out.

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