Sesko set to choose from Arsenal, Chelsea or Man Utd and inform RB Leipzig before the Euros begin

Some of us Gooners believe Benjamin Sesko is the ideal Arsenal striker signing. The rumour that he had agreed to join Arsenal must have caught the attention of many Gooners. In fact, some of us ended up searching for and watching his video highlights. Those compilations have impressed us even more, and we can’t wait for him to make the jump because of his sharpness in front of the goal, agility, pace, and determination.

Well, Fabrizio Romano has dropped the latest on Sesko’s move, and aside from hinting that the striker’s destiny could be decided in the coming days before the Euros kick off, he was not as encouraging to Arsenal fans regarding the swoop as they would have expected.

According to the transfer guru, Sesko will make a decision about his future in the coming days, but he will first inform RB Leipzig about his decision. RB Leipzig has offered him a new deal with a significant salary increase. If he decides to move, he will choose between Arsenal, Manchester United, or Chelsea, with whom he has held talks to determine how he fits into their projects.

“The most important thing for Benjamin Sesko is to decide upon first of all whether to accept RB Leipzig’s proposal of a contract extension and bigger salary. He has to tell them his feelings before the Euros and whether he will stay and extend or leave and try a new experience,” Fabrizio Romano said to CaughtOffside in his exclusive Daily Briefing. “Chelsea, Man United and Arsenal have presented their projects, and all three clubs are waiting to hear from Benjamin Sesko.

“They all have different projects, different ideas, a different vision, and obviously different plans, as well as different kinds of proposals in terms of salary.

“I can guarantee to you that, as of today, Benjamin Sesko has still not decided where he will go, but he had some contacts with the clubs to understand about the projects, and he will decide in the crucial days ahead.”

Listening to this, most Gooners will cross their fingers that Arsenal ends up being Sesko’s ideal club to continue his development. Not only will he be assured that he will be playing in the Champions League next season but he would be choosing the best-run club of the three choices.

He could undoubtedly provide the perfect competition that Havertz needs at the striking position.

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  1. Mr 50% scores a goal, is not really that exciting. Especially, no offence but, his 50% goal ratio comes from an inferior league. Not that great. I think Havertz is better than him.
    We need world class like WIRTZ seeing as Mbappe is not available. We need to aim higher than average 50% goal ratios from an inferior league. Not great. You would need to pray, that he improves two fold on those mediocre figures.

    1. Calling the Bundesliga “an inferior league” is quite disrespectful, isn’t it? The prem might be the biggest league in the world right now, but the German league aren’t far for farmers either. 2 German teams just played Europe league finals, while none English did, so maybe a little bit more respect to other leagues might be on his place. Thank you

  2. Just been reading that BM are set to release Gnarby for a fee – now that might set the cat amongst the pigeons!!
    I fully expect Sesko to choose The Arsenal and YES it is disrespectful as said above , not only did we get knocked out by one of them, but two appeared in European finals!!!

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