Seven Arsenal players that can realistically be sold not including the obvious.

Much has been made of the low Arsenal transfer budget and how the club will have to sell to top the kitty up but who can we sell realistically?

We already know that we can sell our best players like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette and Bernd Leno, you do not need a degree in science to work that one out but if we did then it would be footballing suicide.

We also know that there are players that we cannot sell like Mesut Ozil and Henrikh Mkhitaryan and there are players that we would not want to sell like Mattéo Guendouzi and Lucas Torreira.

Now, I am fully aware that Man Utd was reported to be interested in Aubameyang and AC Milan want Torreira but I am focussing on players that are either fringe players or that can be adequately replaced with youth or new signings from the money raised.

Finally, I am not suggesting that we sell all seven either, I am just listing seven players that I believe can be realistically sold and replaced without harming the team itself.

Granit Xhaka

Despite rumours he could actually be named the Arsenal captain next season he has been with us for three years and never really excelled. Atletico Madrid apparently wants him.

Alex Iwobi

Would probably have to be sold fairly cheaply, he is no longer a kid as is being portrayed and is basically a fringe player.

Laurent Koscielny

Too old and slow for us now, been a great servant but Lyon wants him and best for all concerned that he departs.

Nacho Monreal

Another aged player that will not get any better and there are Spanish clubs interested.

Carl Jenkinson

The classic fringe player and West Brom are said to be keen on him.

Shkodran Mustafi

Lost the fans and hard to see how he can turn that around, best for him and the club that he goes, even cheaply.

Mohamed Elneny

Another fringe player that has failed to make the grade and there have been rumours that Fenerbache would be interested at the right price.

No idea how much those players would fetch but they serve no real purpose anymore and are surplus to requirements, priced competitively all seven are very viable sales in my opinion.


  1. Yes thank you finally someone who talks the truth about Iwobi .fringe player who should be hitting his prime in a few years ,but no his supporters still call him young ?
    Agree on all the others listed apart from Kos ,think that I read he wants to go home for 1 season before he retires .

    1. If we want to move forward, then yes these guys have to go…
      Be a shame to see Koscielny go, but all good things come to an end (don’t cry, Kev82 ?)
      As for the others – I wouldn’t miss any of them..
      Now I’m just waiting for WW3 to commence…

      1. Could Iwobi be the new Ozil on here ?…………..I dont mean talent wise, but in the divided opinion as there seem to be follwers of Iwobi wan Kenobi !

        I dont mind him personally, as for the rest they can all go and correct me if I`m wrong but wasn`t it Dick who extended Elneny`s contract a little while back ?, if so, that is terrible management !

        Right !……….just caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror so I`m up for a game of kiss chase with myself, it will be exhausting trying to catch myself, but when I do I shall give myself a right seeing too !………..I shall count to 100 to give myself a chance to get away !

        1. I’d even trade Elneny in for a couple of camels ? it may just happen yet…
          Don’t be kiss chasing in the van – I hate to think where you’ll end up ?

          1. It`s ok Sue to kiss chase myself in the van, it`s when I play hide and seek with myself in a moving van that it`s dangerous ! 😆

        2. I think iwobi is too undervalued by our fanbase but I strongly believe won’t sell him until they see another three seasons of him imagine iwobi coming up against any of our defenders or name me anyone in our ranks that you guys think can pocket iwobi on our defense roaster am waiting

          1. Yes I would imagine our defenders would be shitting themselves seeing iwobi running at them ,I couldn’t think of a more scary sight in world football .

    2. Iwobi is a squad player, a fringe player. However, he’s young and HOMEGROWN. There’s a quota to be met so we need to keep him. At least until we have sold non-homegrown players like Elneny, Mustafi, Özil, Mkhi…

      Not to mention Iwobi’s wages compared to his contribution are decent IMO.

      £20m + Jenkinson should be enough for Tierney. We get a promising LB, free up a Place in the squad and free 50k in wages. Great deal! Jenkinson is good enough for Scottish league no doubt.

    3. Deleted for a string of personal insults.

      I just do not understand why people cannot make their point without abuse.

      1. Don’t understand why my comment was deleted. This website is run by assholes. Ive been using this website for several years unfortunately witnessing the decline of the quality article. Used to be 7/8 well written articles now it’s filled with garbage. I won’t be back.

        1. Normally I would delete this message for the abuse but seeing as you have promised that you won’t be back let’s see if that is true, I mean, no one would want to accuse you of being a liar now.

    4. I’m not his greatest fan by any means but of course he’s still young, he just turned 23 last month !

  2. I really dont understand the Torreira rumours – saying they have offered a 2 year long with option to buy….why the hell would we ever accept that?
    I dont want Torreira to go but if he wants out, then $50m upfront.

    1. Terrible deal, whos behind it? That’s right, you could’ve guessed.. Ivan Gazidis, lol.

      We should slap up 80m price tag on Torreira to fend off that Beggar King.

      1. I wonder if any of you have left a country then been unhappy and regretted the decision, especially if your partner hates it as well.

        Fact is we cannot keep an unhappy player, best to sell while we can make profit. Otherwise he could have another bad half to the season and his stock will unmet. But not on this ridiculous loan idea.

        For me he is way down the list for the players I want sold. I have a top 12 out the door list and to disappoint a few Pepe on here Iwobi is not one of them.

        In no particular order
        Ospina – not big enougj
        Jenkinson – not good enough
        Mustafi – not good enough
        Koscielny – age/injuries
        Monreal – age/injuries
        Ozil – overpaid
        Xhaka – too many mistakes
        Elneny – not good enough
        Mkhitaryan – overpaid
        Nwakaili – not good enough
        Asano – not good enough
        Macey – not good enough

        That lot if sold correctly could raise £100m+ and take £1m+ a week off the wage bill. Thing is none of them would make my starting x1 if everyone was fit and that is without any signings

        Bellerin Sokratis(c) Holding Kola
        AMN Torrieira Guendozi
        Nelson Lacazette Aubameyang

        Martinez Mavropanos Chambers Willock ESR Iwobi Nketiah

    2. 50 mil are you kidding me !!! 70 mil at least , he has 4 more years on his contract for gods sake he can sit on the bench for another year but we should not under sell.

      1. I’d do Kessie + 30m.
        We get a like for like player with someone who is younger, and more physically adaptable to the PL.
        Plus a nice kicker to the budget.

        We could essentially do Kessie + Ziyech/Tierney for Torreira

  3. I still dont get the Iwobi hate. Hes probably the best ball carrier we have , came on against chelsea and was arguably our best attacking player along with Willock. Granted his shooting needs alot of work but besides that I dont see the issue

    1. Louis, there will always be haters, just ignore them, don’t bother.And ” fringe” termed players like Ox has a UCL medal, Schez. has Juve’s medals,Gnarby has BM’s player of the season,etc. Personally I have not seen any player (except Sanchez) in the recent past improve his game at AFC, so in best interest of the player, Iwobi should seek a transfer to further improve his skills irrespective of the haters. Good luck to those planning to sign for Arsenal!

      1. It’s not called haters it’s called what is best for the team ,I want what’s best for arsenal not what’s best for one player ,I couldn’t give 2 shits if he played for Nigeria or Brazil ,he’s not good enough .
        Shocking player one of the worst I’ve seen as an arsenal supporter doesn’t mean I hate him it just means I think he’s shit ,remember BOB just because you think he is some kind of messi ,the rest of us don’t have to follow you .

        1. Hi pal, in my post I have mentioned that the lad needs to improve his silks, which has not happened in his 2 years in the senior team, so it is better for him to move clubs. Good for him, and good for us too! We can seek another big name, high on wages and low in commitment to the cause on the field. History keeps repeating at AFC – Mkhi, Xhaka, Lich (gone), Mustafi, Socrates(I did not include Ozil, as last season as he scored 5 goals in the EPL!) Anyways good trend to see the board/coach target youngsters.

    2. What’s with this sudden attribute “Ball Carrier”……. what’s the point if you carry the ball to then lose it or lack the qualities in the final third, 3 quarters of the time…..

      We need someone who players with precision….

  4. Well Martin you have got me onside. These are the guys we need to sell. Not only do they bring in cash they free up wages. If, and I say if, Satan Kroenke finaces Wilf Zaha, I at least will have a bit of belief. I’m a great believer in ‘Walk the Walk’, and I struggle with ‘Talk the Talk’. So if Satan Kroenke wants to earn his stripes let him factually put the money in place and add it to the sale monies and sign Zaha. It’s all about Kroenke proving he loves this club. Otherwise we will natter, gossip and end up 8th in the PL.

  5. I am not Iwobi’s biggest fan but I think he should stay for atleast one more season. Remember it is not guarantee that we will spend money on a quality winger. But right now, Iwobi is the only decent winger we have right now. Plus, we also need to have people on the bench who can come and make an impact.

    1. Sorry, I have repeated the words “right now” twice in one sentence which is inappropriate for a linguist like me.


  6. Certainly yes all these save for Iwobi, need to leave ASAP, i beg to be corrected but kindly add Ozil in the list and we are good to go.

  7. Would everyone on here welcome Sanchez back with open arms?
    Some gooners are drooling as he’s scored twice for Chile & want us to re-sign him……

    1. No Sue, once I saw him giggling on the bench when we were trailing.He created problems with his contract and we cannot offer 500K/week.
      Wilf is the perfect candidate, hope we sign him.

        1. Sue, I do get a feeling we will land Wilf. Every year we do sign a marquee player (2013-Ozil, 2014 – Sanchez, 2016/7 – Xhaka/Mustafi sadly did not work well,2017 – Laca, 2018 – Auba)
          With Tierney and Saliba/Kimperbe/Umtiti we could be top 3 with an FA cup.

          1. I do hope your feeling is right, Bob! The only thing is – would Palace sell Wilf & Wan Bissaka in the same window? Their 2 best players! I’m not sure… yes they’d rake the money in (although knowing us, we’d still be paying our instalments for Wilf, in 10 years time ?) we shall see, hey?! Plus if I’m honest, I never thought we’d sign Aubameyang, so there’s a little glimmer of hope!

      1. Spot on Jon! I was amazed at some actually wanting him back. Yes I’d like someone with his work rate, but not him. He couldn’t wait to leave us.. so he can rot up in Manchester (on the bench ?)

      1. What a very interesting question, Samson!
        Well Iwobi isn’t great in the final third, his decision making is pretty pants, so… coming up against Mustafi (who has a weekly brain fart) would Mustafi make Iwobi look like Messi?!! Hmmm I don’t know.. I’m actually thinking Iwobi would score (just like Zaha did) how about you?

    2. I`d have his dogs Atom and Humber to replace Mustafi and Xhaka, need a bit of bite in the team to go along with Terrier.

  8. I want to add some perspective on the Iwobi question. I do NOT rate him. He is still young but not a true youngster. He works hard but he does not work productively and has many key faults in his game. HOWEVER, we are owned by Satan Kroenke , which makes a key difference, so we need to plan financialy as soundly as possible . In my view, Iwobi is worth keeping one more season before finally deciding his fate either way at Arsenal. He has improved , though not nearly enough. In another year he will still be a younger player though not a true youngster( there is a key difference between those things). IF and it is a big doubt, he improves enough we MAY wish to keep him OR we can get a better fee than now, when his star is still low. For further perspective, IF we had an owner who cared for us and would allow proper spending money this summer, then I would certainly wish him sold . But we do not. Beggars, which we are, cannot also be choosers. Realism!

  9. My fantasy summer transfers (it’s complete fantasy) would give us this lineup

    Sidibe…De Ligt..Saliba..Kolsanic
    …..Aubameyang or Lacazette


    1. You fantasise about Kolasinac? Well, well, well! It takes all sorts. I can SORT OF understand Sue who thinks him physically attractive, for her sins but I don’t understand you fantasizing about him at all. Surely we all fantasise over having far better players than him! BELLERIN LIKEWISE, WHILE WE ARE ON THE SUBJECT!

  10. I am also for retaining Iwobi who is highly regarded by Emery .The fact is Iwobi has never been given a run in his most effective role which is that of a ball carrying midfielder.Due to our lack of natural wingers, Iwobi has been used basically as a left winger when he clearly does not have the skills set to be successful as a wide player.He would be far more effective as a box to box midfielder where his energy and ability to drive forward with the ball will cause problems for the opposition.However,he lacks the vision ,composure and finishing skills of Ramsay and will need to work hard to improve in these areas.Next season will be a big one for him ,one way or another.

    1. Your are wise beyond your years sir.
      I tell people all the time Iwobi is not a winger but due to his age he is been moved around just like AMN.
      Another thing i want to get out is his age he just turned 23 .People say he is not a youngster,we have had a lot of problems bringing up our players from the youth .i personally think we have a lot of talent but the players arent transitioned properly .just look at Ismael Bennacer ,Gnabry etc .Jess Lingard is 27 years old let that sink in a bit ,while AMN is going to be 22 this year .Another point .18/19 season is Iwobi’s second season and in my eyes he took it well enough .In his first season he was played sparingly no matter what people may say .
      For a kid who isnt a Left winger i can list a whole lot of left wingers he was better than .
      Just for information sake this is a list
      By stats which i don’t really follow he was better than Sanchez,Ademola Lookman and Bernard from Everton,Dwight McNeil of Burnley,Demaray gray for Leicester,Watford’s Issac success etc . you see where i am going with this . Iwobi has his bright moments and he is home grown so i cant possibly understand the bias towards him, there is also room for improvement unlike players who seem uninterested with the sport.
      Just saying from my view everyone has theirs .

  11. First of all, Iwobi racked up 35 epl games last season, starting 22 of those matches and 13 sub appearances. Those numbers aren’t associated with “FRINGE” players, ask Elneny, Suarez, Lictch… Get your facts rights and stop this lazy journalism.

    Secondly , it was rumored that Lazio were interested in buying Iwobi and his value then was reported to be in the €27m range which isn’t cheap, Now that was before he signed a new and improved 5 years contract.

    Thanks to CIES Observatory, we’ve new insights on the transfer values of Alex Iwobi. The research group estimates that Iwobi is worth €55.2 million. This means that Iwobi’s estimated transfer value appreciated by €24.8 million in a space of one year.

    Now that is what any club willing to buy our number 10, the 6th best player in Africa according to CAF will have to fork out. How is that “CHEAP”

    I must admit this isn’t one of your brightest articles admit Martin

    1. Well, I suppose it would not be a normal day if someone did not find an issue with one of my articles and accused me of lazy journalism or whatever. That’s fine, I have come used to the absolute need for some to put is disparaging remarks rather than just counter what I wrote. Though I do notice your avatar and the fact that your opinion is in the minority. Iwobi is valued at £22.5 Million by Transfermarkt, which is in line with Lazio’s valuation when you do the currency conversion so I suppose some “facts” are debatable and you choose the valuation you want based on your own bias. As for appearances, again it depends on how you interpret stats, as an example, Iwobi was the most subbed Arsenal player, but again, far easier to slag someone off than have a sensible debate. But go ahead Th14 make your pint and put your little digs in, makes your point of view so much more credible when you do that.

      1. €55.2 mil lmfao ,dude you come out with some shit but you just took top spot with that statement ..
        €55.2 mil ??????????

      2. I AM WITH YOU Martin, as are almost all Gooners , except some Nigerians. To claim that Iwobi is worth £55 is what one would expect from a Nigerian. Fantasy!

        1. Not fantasy but reality Lord Jon

          With 4 years left on his current contract and being 23 young, Iwobinho is good value for €55m. A talent like his doesn’t come CHEAP like the author was trying to suggest.

          1. Haha
            I admire your loyalty towards him but your telling me we could get 55mil for Iwobi ?
            Knock a 5 off that figure then maybe .
            Nelson smashed it tonight so I would be very worried about iwobis spot this coming season .

  12. Embarrassing how some of these players would sit at the club and collect a salary, not worried about their downwards career or clubs interest.

    To be based in London and pay good salaries is a curse to be honest. But a comfort zone for the players.

    Hope Raul can sort these players out once and for, players like Jenkinson, Elneny, Chambers, Mustafi, Ozil, Micki, Iwobi, Kos and Xhaka should all be shipped out.

    They don’t deserve to wear the shirt or earn those wages.

      1. Gizzle, I would like to see Calem Chambers kept and given opportunities next season.
        He couldn’t have performed better at Fulham, winning their player of the season playing DM, as well as CB, despite Fulham being relegated.

        1. ozziegunner ,I think we waste a lot of money on players for instance why as Cech purchased , We could have gotten Fabregas back instead of Ozil or Kante instead of Xhaka. Why let Gabriel and Coquelin leave if only to be replaced by Mustafi and Xhaka .Why are we interedted in marteneli when there is Nketiah. Why pay Lichsteiner when there was Osei tutu, Why make monreal a CB when MEdley and Beilek could be called .I think Chambers will be an upgrade on Elneny without having to spend a penny .

  13. Why wouldn’t we give Iwoby another season before we start bashing on him? After all, he is 23.
    I’d like to reiterate this – play Ozil only in the academy as soon as the next season starts. If he really enjoys playing football, he’ll leave on his own accord. Nobody will buy him, he can’t improve so I’d rather blackmail him into leaving the club.

  14. So sad to see that Arsenal are in such financial trouble. We must support Satan Kroenke, we don’t want him to lose any money. So let’s sell Aubamayang, Lacca, Guendouzi, and all our best players. I mean Kroenke wouldn’t lie would he? We must believe that we don’t have much money to spend and it’s all FFP. Lucky we have managers like Vinai who know sweet FA about football too. How good this self financing model is.

  15. Iwobi is a really great player. He only have to work on his finish and final ball which we must admit he has been doing citing his one time shots and precise assists this past season. To see the best of Iwobi, we need to sell ozil and let the guy play through the middle. You will understand why he is respected in Africa.

    1. Yeah-respected in Africa.That says everything doesn’t it because he has zero respect from the very vast majority of the fan base.And let’s not forget this is a player who it was said by a particular numbskull would be a better player than Dennis Bergkamp with the right coaching.
      The issue with this Iwobi debate is very very simple.Nigerians have very little in the way of expectations when it comes to anything to do with football.Arsenal DEMANDS more.We will never be a threat to anyone with players like Iwobi who continually prove they simply do not have the ability for Premiere League football.

      1. Phil no disrespect but sometimes you sound stupid .Our whole academy is filled with players of Nigerian decent that tells you something .Most Arsenal fans from Nigeria got on to the club mostly because of Wenger and Kanu .
        I always the same question over and over is Jesse Lingard or Damaray Gray a better player than Alex Iwobi.
        Iwobi is not a youngster they say but he is older than AMN with a few months and is given a pass .
        Iwobi is not yet at the quality we are used to at Arsenal but he is not a bad squad player .
        Now peoople are willing to give Ozil a go for 3 horrible seasons and yet cant give a 23 year old academy player who just completed his first official season in the first team .I don’t understand the logic .
        since your so adept in football apart from players from the mancity squad call 3 LW who are 23 years from their academies that can boast of similar stats .
        When it comes to Ozil i have heard every excuse under the sun but you cant give a player from our academy such privilege because he is Nigerian .I watched Zaha play for united and he brought joy to me because of the nonsense he played .It wont kill you to support our own .
        Fabregas with all the skill and technique had guidance from players around him . Look at our first eleven and tell me who can teach him .his decision making can be disgusting but these are things that can be taught .
        Sterling was a wasteful player now he is a genuine goal threat .Another problem is people tend to always compare Ozil and Iwobi . last i checked Iwobi has never been played as an AM in this team so why the comparison or would anyone like to see Ozil play as a winger .
        i hope Ozil can improve from last season .

  16. I never expected to say that, but we should keep Iwobi, he is young and developing, he does well coming from bench and he has low wage. Also, I think he is counted as British and we do not have many options (other than Ozil and Mikhi who are old). If everyone really dislike him, like I did before last season, send him on loan. Anyways, I won’t sell cheap.

    Granit, and Shokrdan, you can sell with replacements as they play too many games, so you must cash in enough.

    Laurent can come from bench, but sell at 5,7+£ if you can. He is at last year and old.

    Nacho, we lack reliable options at left back, he is the only substitute, if we had a left back in, sell ofc. Like Laurent, old, in the last year of contract.

    The rest are pretty obvious.

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