Seven points from first four games how many from next four Arsenal games?

So the first four games are now out of the way and in hindsight, seven points is probably what was expected, maybe nine would have been more satisfactory but seven is neither great nor a disaster, however, what about the next four games? What can we expect from them?

These are the next four Arsenal Premier League fixtures.

Watford v Arsenal
Arsenal v Aston Villa
Manchester United v Arsenal
Arsenal v Bournemouth

Well, this is my personal opinion only but I would suggest that we should really be getting six points from our two home games. If we cannot beat Aston Villa and Bournemouth at home then we can forget about top-four.

Watford away will be tricky but they are in disarray right now and I would like to think that we can collect three points there.

United will not be easy, they have their issues as well but the game is still at Old Trafford and I do not look forward to seeing David James running at David Luiz, I smell penalty all day long there. A point and I would be satisfied.

So, ten points I feel would be satisfactory, while 12 points is very doable.

Anything less than ten points and I would worry, I accept that no game is a walkover in the Premier League but we cannot regularly drop points and expect to finish in a Champions League position.

I do believe there are good reasons to be positive going forward, our opening four games were always going to be tricky, especially with so many new players to integrate and while it could and probably should have been a better start, it was not a terrible one and that in itself is progress.


  1. I’m going to be very positive and say 10 points (no disrespect to any of our opponents)

    Away against Watford will be very tough but I think we can get a 1-2 win. 3 points

    I think we will win both our home matches for 6 points (we could screw up 1 but hopefully not)

    And I think we are on par With United so I predict 1-1 draw. (we could win it)

    We will need to improve over our first 4 matches. Even the ones we did win, we won by a 1 goal margin

      1. Um I’m not sure if you are aware of this but a starting team in a match has 11 players on the field not 3
        You need to compare the whole teams

        By your line of reasoning we are better than Liverpool because Aubameyang is better than Firminho

        BTW i did say we can win the match

        Anyway, neither of us are experts. Let’s see what happens in the match

        1. ManU have better defense, same over mid and weaker attack. If Martial is still out by then, which is very possible, its a plus for us. They dont have backup to cover any first team player sitting out.

        2. I thought David James had retired ??
          I’d love to win all of those games, but United away has always been iffy for us… on top of the usual brain fart we are prone to, it doesn’t bode well does it?? Just as long as we don’t make them look like Barcelona, actually as long as we don’t make any of those 4 teams look like them!!
          10 points should be doable

      2. I believe 12 points is possible United is currently no match for us presently with rashford and martial I say arsenal will get the 3points at the theater of dream 12point in total

  2. Arsene stumbled on our best midfield 3 through injuries to Jack, Rambo, Ox and Arteta – – forcing Santi central and a recall of Coquelin – which lead to Santi, le coq, and mesut tearing teams apart, and our highest finish in quite some time.

    The following year, he put xhaka in coquelin’s role and asked Coquelin to do somethin he wasn’t best at, which was to get higher up the field. Coq struggled and was sent to Valencia.

    It’s been clear for a while that Torreira is a better ball-winning and ball-playing 6, and yet Xhaka keeps getting selected there and Torreira is ending up higher up the field.

    I hope that history doesn’t repeat itself, and soon a midfield triangle of Lucas+Douzi+Dani is established and cemented. Those three with our front three and maybe Tierney and Hector should make us extremely dynamic.

  3. Mustafi still at Arsenal? He’s had all summer to find a club but no he’s just happy to pick up 90 grand a week! Even elneny and Mkh found clubs! He should be made to train with the unders and told to find a club in January!

  4. You are aware contracts work both ways, right? When a player wants out of the club we all scream “but he’s under contract for the next three years!” and demand that he respect it. Mustafi has chosen to stay and fight for his place, which after all is his right as no one held a gun to the management’s collective head and forced them to offer him it. Whether you rate him or not he is fully committed to the team, let’s hope he recaptures the form that made us choose to sign him.

    1. Gosh!
      I’m always happy whenever I see comments like this about the players that plays for the club we all claim we support
      not just comments from folks that always prophecy doom and gloom for a player. thank you Nitsram

      1. Fabnit let’s see if you feel the same when we go to man city and Mustafi is in the starting lineup! There’s no doom and gloom Unai Emery told the player to move on to reignite his career as he won’t be doing it Arsenal!

    2. But the truth is I don’t see mustafi picking up any form all I see him do is commits foul just like his cuz. Xhaka and puts us in tight corners with wrong decision making. We do need to respect his contract thou but he shouldn’t be made to start any match for us until he finally decides what he wants to do with his life in January. May be play for Bolton wanderers.. And xhaka play for Lincoln fc or Quarabag. We dont need either of them here.

      1. You don’t see it so it must be impossible then. You’ll forgive me if I don’t take your opinion as gospel. Mustafi is not as bad by half as much people say. Do you actually enjoy supporting the club or do you just want an excuse to moan and criticize people?

    3. Fight for his place ? He’s stayed because where else is he gonna pick up 90 grand a week ? And let’s be honest clubs were hardly queued up to sign him. Emery told Elneny and Mustafi they should look for new clubs as playing time will be scarce.. one took the hint and wanted to play so kudos to elneny.

      1. Elneny only left on loan and Besiktas are covering his wages so it’s not like he’s taking a pay cut for the good of the team. And yes, mustafi wants to fight for his place, what’s wrong with that?

  5. 10pts Minimum has to be a good and doable target,we are up there but still trying to integrate new players into the team and hopefully towards a more settled lineup and less tinkering from the coach things could be a lot worse,a good run of results now would be nice.

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