SEVEN questions Wenger needs to answer or explain to Arsenal fans

There is a lot of negativity from Arsenal fans – And I expected it!by Sean O’H

Everyone is pissed right off at the moment, and rightly so. I think we can usually let some stuff go with Wenger and the way he conducts his business within the club, but the injury to Alexis Sanchez has changed a lot of fan’s minds on what Wenger is actually doing anymore. And quite frankly we deserve better, as this team is slowly falling apart bit by bit with no cover – and to be honest its all his own doing!

I understand some things he does when he’s backed into a corner and has no option but to keep fielding the same players and over, using them time & time again, is madness and just proves he has no trust in our subs/reserves – so why didn’t replace or upgrade? Though now, he has no excuses (like past years) as its all backfired and fallen on his lap. He now has to take responsibility for our remarkable injuries and displays we have been given recently, but will we get a proper answer or explanation? I doubt it!

Here are a few questions that need to be answered by Wenger;

No additions in the summer to a team/squad that was 15 points behind the leaders last season, and struggled quite a bit, whilst having around 190m to play about with in the transfer window, so;

1. Why didn’t you spend the club’s money?
2. Are you deluded or just miserable?
3. What does the board actually do?
4. Is our training methods/pitches problems?
5. Sanchez – ‘Red Zone’ you said, why play him?
6. These injuries are not normal, why?
7. Explain; The club belongs to you?

On to Europe… We are on the verge of going into the Europa League if we dont beat Olympiacos away (which we have failed to do 3 times out of 3) plus now with Koscielny and Alexis injured (plus the rest), we have a great chance even more now with them missing, don’t we?! We have never won the UCL, neither has Wenger. He has the worst record of any manager in the UCL and we are never taken very seriously; so why did you think that we would do better than the Monaco outcome last year with no better players?

NEWSFLASH… This is one of the worst campaigns we have had in years!

Lastly…. We see owners these days actually giving a damn about their respective clubs, but what has ConManStan contributed to the club this season or any other season?

Don’t get me started on the ticket prices at Arsenal, we all know its a bad topic at this club! There is a lot of negativity around the club right now, it’s not great but what can you do? Us fans don’t really matter to the club… It is all profit as Arsenal is a business!

Always a Gooner ’til death, but we are in real danger of a real collapse and its one mans fault!


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    1. if only we can do something abt how injury problem….believe me…it’s not abt the number of player we sign….we can sign new players and they all get injured…we need to manage the injury problem….

  1. Wenger is the sole reason wilshere’s leg is a biscuit today. He ran him down the ground while so young. It is totally unprofessional and terribly wrong for him to keep running sanchez hamstrings all over the place when he needed rest. In terms of player fitness management, wenger is he worst in the game.

    1. @Arsenal Gold
      Jack is the reason his leg is a biscuit. Never learned how to use his low center of gravity and insists on holding onto the ball too long…But he’s the future captn. because he lives and breathes AFC…LOL

  2. Wenger keeps doing the same things over and over again even with changing times. No one is saying he should dump his philosophy in mourinho’s mouth. All we ask for is to simply tweak it a bit- buy adequate and gamble less. Good LORD! Is that too hard to ask for as an arsenal fan?

  3. Boycott the games, season ticket holders. Don’t appear against Sunderland. Put the angry banners on the pitch and leave. If I had a season ticket right now, it would be on ebay momentarily. Fans are being cheated, there is no ambition in this club. Norwich away game was the last Arsenal game I’ve turned the telly on for for the rest of the season. This is the year that the spuds will get out of our shadow, guys, mark my words.

    1. Preaching to the choir man.

      These season ticket holders don’t have the balls to do it. Even carrying a simple banner or waving some white flags is too demanding for them.

      You guys over there (ticket holders) represent all of us world wide fans, we cant protest from here because no one would here us and it wouldn’t make much sense would it? You been at those games represent a bigger cause than you think, people love this club and for us to watch you on tele dozing in the stadium while the players are being gutless is an insult. You are to blame as much as Arsene is.

      1. Amen ! Fans should be booing and whistling if the team doesn’t perform, players should know that Arsenal isn’t a club for you to relax and enjoy life, we have have high expectations and ticket holders should be letting their feelings known to the manger and team like the Spanish fans do.

  4. No point in asking questions we will never get answers to.

    We all know where Wenger stands, for him Arsenal is in the top 3 teams in Europe and we can win trebles each season.

  5. I have great sympathy for Wenger. Thought I’d start with that. Which is not going to stop me analyzing the strategy & tactics for the games. First, let me start with the obvious : never thought I will say I miss Walcott or Wilshere. There, I said it. Secondly, Bellerin been pure garbage in the last two games. If Wenger was fair he should have seen that against WBA and play Debuchy. I have said it before the WBA game and after : Debuchy was match fit and more in form than Bellerin. He did the same with Bellerin when Debuchy hit the skids. Third : message sent to Joel Campbell is that he does not trust him no matter what he says in the press. Ramsey had a more than average game.
    But the things I hate most is the fact that I can set my watch on the 70th minute for the obvious substitution. This is not squad rotation! If you don’t love your whole team then the team will not respond to you.

    1. Rotation is a word that does not exist in Wenger’s vocabulary.

      He is now used with working with a very small number of players thinking he would get maximum performances each time. Its the reason he rarely buys players that would fill up our squad proper its not the “we didn’t find quality bull he feeds us”. I am not sure why he has this phobia but its really pathetic and its pulling the team down.

      Even with a fully fit squad, I doubt Wenger would know what to do with it, we would still see odd 75th minute subs and the same line up each game despite the players performances.

      1. He never has liked JC, he wasn’t his buy. He left him out on loan too long and forgot about him. He said as much to Lee Dixon at the World Cup.
        AW has those moments of French madness, where he tries to play a whole team of CAM’s with Ozil on the left. It just didn’t work, and never looked like it could, but he had to keep going on with it until Wilshere was injured. After that he had to revert to a more usual set up and we started tomplay well again. Genius and madness too close to call.

        1. Actually, he managed to devalue JC. He was touted at around £10m just after the World Cup now I think his value is around £3m. Nedds to talk him up again I suppose.

  6. Wenger said what he appreciates most in Alex Ferguson is his ability of evolution, to change according to needs and time. Yet Wenger wouldn’t instill the same qualities in in himself and stick to his 20 year old principles.
    Its been almost a year I guess since the talk of Sanchez getting rest started! A rest would have meant maximum 2-3 games , even less. But now that he’s injured it can be months. So no Sanchez for games like oylmpiakos mancity and other big fixtures.
    Brace yourselves from 4th place trolls

  7. Arsene’s Response;

    1. Why didn’t you spend the club’s money?
    -We couldn’t find anyone. Either They were Unavailable or they didn’t meet up our quality standards. Besides, We are 7pts Better than we were at this stage last season(Before kickoff).

    2. Are you deluded or just miserable?
    -I have no answer to that. Whatever makes you sleep well at night.

    3. What does the board actually do?
    -They support me and give me  authorization to make certain decisions for the club.

    4. Is our training methods/pitches problems?
    I can only invite you one day to see what work is done behind and we have some players who are more injury prone than others. But we are very well organised on that front. We analyse the work load of the players..As for our Pitch, Only the two Manchester clubs and Spurs are rated higher than us in that department, in the whole of England. 

    5. Sanchez – ‘Red Zone’ you said, why play him?
    Yes I said that but He was Ok(90% fit) Prior to the match(Norwich). I told him I wanted him to rest but he said he’ll tire out if rested. It was his decision to continue playing. Remember his contributions are vital to the team.

    6. These injuries are not normal, why?
    -Like I said earlier, we have some players who are more injury prone than others. Besides, we are not the only one in crisis. Both Manchester clubs have a lot injured players on their plates. 

    7. Explain; The club belongs to you?
    I don’t have the time for stupid questions. 

    1. Nailed it mate. Are you sure you are not Arsene himself?

      It would freak me out if people knew me so well. Wenger’s stubbornness is more known in all the continents than some countries. True story.

    2. with wenger, there’s actually ever no proper answers to questions……..quite sure he wasn’t so good at MCQs(multiple choice questions) in his high school days….. Always guessing and gambling with just about everything nomatter how crucial!!!

  8. Thank you for this article because it touches on the very important topic of who and what is football for. We wonder why Spanish and German clubs dominate Europe, well that is because it is still seen as something that is fan dominated. Here it is business dominated. I’m not certain about club ownership in Spain, but in Germany, 51% of the club shares must be held by the fans.

    1. Exactly… the fans are the main point of my article and usually are! Did one also last week before WB game trying to be positive but we always crumble and i honeslty did not see these results coming as we are better than this crap we are being fed by wenger and its all on him on and off the pitch. Fans that are there need to have their voices heard loud and clear at the Emirates! Its not the team its the management and board.

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