Shakhtar CEO says he could have made a “formal complaint” to Arsenal for tapping up Mudryk

The Mykhailo Mudryk to Arsenal saga seemed to be going on just about as long as the months we had while waiting to see if Gabriel Jesus would join us last summer.

Both the player himself on his social media and all the gossip columns around the world were full of stories about how much the Ukranian star was desperate to join Mikel Arteta’s project.

But it would appear that Arsenal forgot to tell Shakhtar themselves that they were keen on making a deal, and in fact the Ukranian side repeatedly said that there was yet to be any formal approach from Arsenal regarding Mudryk.

Now it seems that they were not very happy about this “tapping up” and, if you think about it, this may have been instrumental in why they refused to budge on their price when Arsenal finally decided to approach then with an offer.

In fact the Shakhtar CEO Sergei Palkin admitted that he knew that Arsenal were contacting Mudryk nearly every day for six weeks before even making contact with the club, which is the defininition of “tapping up” in anyones book! The Shakhtar chief told the The Athletic : ‘Arsenal contacted the player almost one and a half months before they contacted us. Can you imagine, for example, to have Mikel Arteta, Oleksandr Zinchenko and the sporting director calling you, to have Arsenal calling you almost every day, every two days, every three days?

‘If you talk about Chelsea, they called me at the end of December and asked if they can contact Mudryk because they are interested in him and want to talk with him. I said, “No problem, you can contact him”.

‘When I met Arsenal and they mentioned they had already talked to the player and they had contacted the player, to be honest, I knew beforehand that they had started to contact him. I said, “OK, you start to contact him but first of all you should close it with us”. But OK, we have what we have. We didn’t do a formal complaint. They did what they did.’

So it seems Arsenal fans, and possibly Mudryk himself, were falsely led to believe that it was all a done deal as far as we knew, but now the facts have come out, it doesn’t really cast Arsenal in a good light does it?

Darren N


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  1. Old news. He chose Chelsea and let him be. Mudryk has not posted anything on his page since the transfer.

  2. For 2 weeks Mudryk was regularly posting on social media tweeting that he wanted to come arsenal, how he like the way they playing, very good team and with good manager, showing himself watching arsenal even seen in a arsenal top, he even publicly told zinchenko’s wife in a interview that he was a gunners fan and that he hoped to sign for arsenal if teams could agree a transfer fee after apparently himself giving his word and agreeing personal terms with arsenal then within 48 hours he agreed to sign for Chelsea flown back to uk had a medical , signed the contract and announced at match as new signing. Apparently he even asked if arsenal could match Chelsea’s offer, Chelsea should feel embarrassed and realise he didn’t want to come to them and in the end only did for the money , also in photo in Chelsea shirt look how happy he looks , he’s not even smiling and before often on social media his quotes regarding arsenal he hardly said anything online regarding Chelsea yet since signing which makes me think he’s already regretting what he’s done and realising his mistakes, oh well atleast he’s got champions league spot to look forward too just not next year lol well done Chelsea pure class successfully buying a player that don’t really want to be playing for you , one day ur get it and only want players in your team that want to be in your team not ones just there for the money

    1. Even Arsenal putting a little less money on the table, the player’s desire would be the key for an agreement, but he was not a man but a kid after Chelsea put double salarie and time of contract

        1. He’s not a man he’s a kid! Tbh I have no issues with the player. He had stars in his eyes, Chelsea told him that he would have a clear route to the first team and would have to compete with martinelli and he chose Chelsea because of that. It was the WRONG decision, but who here can say that they haven’t screwed up when they were in their early twenties?

          Re the ‘tappin up’ issue, if every club out there (and the big clubs especially) use underhanded tactics to be able to get the players they want, and Arsenal don’t, then we are at a HUGE disadvantage.

          Sad to say, it’s just like diving. May not be liked, but it has become part of the game. And until morality prevails, the only thing we can do is to use those same tactics, else we will be left behind by teams that don’t deserve to be there

  3. Now now less of the excuses chelski can have him, potter be sacked by the seasons out watch this space….COYG

  4. Too much noise from this Shaktar guy. He’s behaving as if this is the only deal for the whole of his life. Just move on from this ignorant guy.

    I’m so happy we immediately won without struggling taht day

  5. “The facts” have not come out.

    The Shaktar guy seems completely unreliable, frequently talking about matters that sensible, professional company officers don’t discuss.

    Just think about the Zinchenko aspect for a start. First of all, he’s the Ukrainian captain, why can’t he contact an international team mate?

    Further, he’s also not in any official recruitment role in Arsenal FC so why would they involve a player in illegal activity?

    He says he “knew” this for 6 weeks prior to an approach. He didn’t say how he knew. Or what evidence he has to prove it. He didn’t say why he did nothing when he found out.

    And all the while Muddy was posting on social media about his desire to come to Arsenal.

    Shaktar is one club I hope we never have to do business with again. Bunch of bandits.

  6. YET ANOTHER boring”what if, but which never happened” so called “article”!

    Anyone sensible know why JA let such irrelevant dross be published!?

    1. Why do I let you post such dross comments Jon????
      This article is about a CEO accusing Arsenal about tapping up their player. No ‘What ifs’ at all.
      Hang on. You didn’t even read it did you ???

  7. Yawn 😏 . So why didn’t they report to FIFA if they believe there was tapping involved.
    At the end of the day it was all about 💰 . Arsenal it’s fans and supporters have moved on so should they . Sheesh 😬

  8. This is water under the bridge , he has decided his not even bothered he has never played for us.

  9. I have tried to tell people on here before, Arsenal use third party agents to “tap up” it is a practice used by a few teams and can not be proven by opposing teams. Third party agents representing Arsenal or rather working for Arsenal privately, speak to agents of the player to sound out a players interest. It is tapping up but not by Arsenal employees or representatives of “Arsenal”.

      1. Cos i do. Sorry, im fed up of explaining myself. You can take what i say with a pinch of salt or read earlier posts where i explained and got slaver. I know!!! i dont need to explain.

  10. He is with Chelsea nothing can change the situation and as Gunners we just need to forge ahead and concentrate on the upcoming games

  11. Jon always mentioning sensible people. Maybe he knows people that are senseless here. Jon pls be mature for once

  12. The boy is special,. Unfortunately he played for a wrong team with the CEO who think he’s the most important thing. It’s a pity the boy end up where his heart is not. I hope he does okay though.
    Otherwise we moved on already with some nice meal on Sunday afternoon. We are happy.

    1. He says all these things yet he pocketed handsome money from Chelsea. Is there any need? The Arsenal had long gone from this. Arsenal has serious business in front of them. Shush!

  13. Common, if at all I heard you properly, is the sh**t CEO tryna fool us for a return of another deal? We’ve got Our heads so correct henceforth…

  14. The ceo was all against Arsenal and made sure he wld not sell under what no curcumstance. Listen when he mentions i wld hv made a formal complaint.

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