Shakhtar boss says he wouldn’t have sold Mudryk to Arsenal even if Chelsea hadn’t arrived

According to all the news Arsenal fans were hearing from the media, it was very clear that the Shakhtar star Mykhailo Mudryk was desperate to come to the Emirates, and it was only waiting for the two clubs to agree the transfer fee and it would be done in no time at all.

But once the transfer window was open it was obvious that there was no fixed agreement in place at all, and that Arsenal were still haggling about the terms of paying for the player and what and when the add-on bonuses would come into play.

It is now clear that Shakhtar would not have agreed the move to Arsenal in January even if Chelsea did not suddenly arrive on the scene a week ago. Speaking to The Athletic, the Shakhtar chief executive Sergei Palkin explained: ‘Overall, it was the same. Not approximately the same – it was the same figure.

‘The fixed part, variable part, bonuses. But if you look inside the fixed part and bonuses, it was completely different.

‘Different time (schedule) of the payments, different kinds of bonuses. Yes, we can talk about bonuses, but these bonuses should be somehow achievable and realistic, let’s say. Therefore, in this case, Chelsea was much more serious and fair in some points.’

He added: ‘Before Chelsea arrived in Turkey, we almost agreed with Arsenal that there was no chance to close (the deal).

‘When they proposed the final offer of €70million plus €30million (in add-ons), we sat down and started to talk internally about how it will be fulfilled in terms of the payments, the fixed part and the bonus issues.

‘We realised we will not close this deal (with Arsenal). I said to Edu that I did my best but it was not possible.’

When you think of the months of “tapping up” that Arsenal did with Mudryk, you would have thought they would have had enough time to find an agreement with Shakhtar that was acceptable to both sides by the time the transfer window opened, wouldn’t you.

It makes little sense to me, unless they were just hoping that Mudryk himself would do something crazy like go on strike unless he was allowed to join Arsenal.

That all became immaterial when Chelsea decided to get involved of course….


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  1. I am happy Mudryk went to Chelsea. They were selling a player they hyped up to be one of the best in the world and they didn’t believe in him. What is unrealistic about the bonuses?. You get a percentage if he helps us win the league. You get another percentage if he helps us win the champions league. And another percentage if he wins the ballon d’or.

  2. Same old Arsenal story – constantly opening pointing other teams to players worth signing.

    Wait until our stars get frustrated and we start losing them.

    1. The man seem to be a man u fan and that’s why he refused to sell to Arsenal, but soon Chelsea will be disappointed just like they did with Morota and the players career will ruined forever.

  3. One more article about the same subject – it’s getting old.

    I fully back Arsenal, Arteta and Edu with not buying Mudryk, when we’re talking these extreme prices for a player who has had succes for 1½ year in the Ukrainian league. I’ll admit he looks good, but good enough to warrant around £80 mil and an 8½ year contract – hell no.

    I am glad we tried to bargain and eventually walked away. So far the path Arteta and Edu has paved for us looks to be right, no sense at all doubting them now.

  4. Of course they will say this now, especially now that he has signed
    for Chelsea. Those Ukrainians.

    The director be talking up and down, where does mudryk decision, his parents and agent come in all of this? Praising Chelsea like he was paid to advertise for them. We know some part of the money was been donated to support the war.
    I dnt support arsenal to be a football club where any club can just use us anyhow they like just bcos we want to buy one of their player. We are club with principles, no oligarch can use us to play dirty game.

    Am hoping one edu will tell his side of the story, bcos I dnt believe those people one bit


      Just one more in a long line of transfers that eventually did NOT happen.

      Move on and stop giving your self grief for NO real reason!

  5. OT: Casamiro gets his fifth yellow and now misses the game against us on Sunday.

    Good news, as he has played well at PALACE. 10 MINS LEFT AND UNITED WINNING ONE NIL

    1. United drawing and without Casemiro against us!

      I don’t know though, I would have preferred to beat them with their best lineup. Anyway as long as we get 3 points, I’ll learn to live with it. 😛

      1. Bellend Bob, I can’t decide if you are brave or foolish. Perhaps both!

        My view is I will always prefer as many of any of our opponents best players unavailable as possible.

        THAT IS SIMPLY WISE. Perhaps not brave, but still wise !

        1. I am just a bit of a romantic or dreamer. I would prefer to beat anyone when they are at their best because that means we are even better. That being said I prefer 3 points against Man Utd without Casemiro as opposed to 1 or 0 points.

          And no one should ever “accuse” me of being wise, probably not even brave – foolhardy is more like it. 😉

    2. Man United and Palace will now share the spoils.

      But the disappointment was noticeably on ten hogs face as he shook his head in disgust when Casemiro picked up the yellow card, maybe he was already thinking about Sunday in the Capital.

    3. An important result in several ways. 1) Palace were frightful and didn’t deserve a point, so lucky result for us 2) Utd (surprisingly) ran their lungs out to keep their streak going but still couldnt beat a pretty shocking team. They were first to everything but Palace made them look good. Some of them will surely tire on Sunday as the game goes on 3) Loss of confidence and momentum as they were starting to think they were unbeatable 4) No Casemiro – again will not just miss him in midfield but he and Rashford (invisible) are considered their heartbeat 5) 2 points dropped. Even if Utd beat us they’re 5 points back having played a game more.
      Ending on a bad note – unfortunately we have to cheer Spurs on tomorrow…!!!

      A good night!

    4. Big lesson Ten hogs learned tonight.

      Never count your chickens before they are hatched.

      Am happy for Viera and his Palce connections, things have not been going good of lately, it’s nice for him to get the monkey off his back.

  6. It shows all over his face and body language that he is far from happy to have gone to Chelsea.
    Never have I seen such a dubius introduction of a player coming into a football club.

  7. Well I guess he has 8 years to get even unhappier, albeit a lot richer. Imagine if he flops – Chelsea will never be able to sell him on that contract so Mudryk has signed his life away for a pot of gold.

  8. What a player Zaha is!!!
    He could have won it, but for a last ditch tackle.
    Let’s go and get him this window.

    As for the result and yellow card – purrrfect. Let’s see Xhaka and Partey absolutely dominate that midfield this weekend.

    Meanwhile, a city / spud draw will be the icing on the cake leading up to the game.

    1. Ken it’s funny having read the things Reggie wrote about Zaha, it’s like am seeing him in a different light.

      He could have won it, but for that last ditch tackle.

      Well what I will say , was it any other United player Zaha was up against he would have gotten the shot off, Aaron wan Bissaka is one of the best tackles off the ball on current form.

      A must admit am sold on Zaha,

  9. guy good points, Casemiro to United is like Partey to Arsenal.

    The body language on Ten Hogs tells it all, we already at massive advantage as they only seems to trust Casemiro.

    This game will be massive, just hope one fan can tell us about the atmosphere in office come Sunday

  10. Does anyone now think that the love-in that Mudryk had with Arsenal was a ploy to leak our negotiations and to bring bidders to the table? We were close to getting this one done, the arrangement of the bonuses we just had to meet them in the middle somewhere. If he wanted us that badly then he would have stalled the Che move to mull over and bought more time for Arsenal, but with how quickly that highjack moved from a bid to his physical at Che, it moved so quickly, he jumped right on it without hesitation. It was all pantomime from the boy wonder

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