Shakhtar chief confirms scheduled Arsenal talks today

Shaktar Donetsk CEO Serhii Palkin insists that talks remain ongoing with Arsenal over the potential transfer of Mykhalo Mudryk, speaking ahead of a scheduled meeting with the club.

The Gunners have been strongly linked with the forward’s signature since the summer, when they were believed to have made their initial contact over a potential deal.

Mudryk’s stock has risen somewhat since that initial contact, with his impressive goals in the Champions League standing out, but we remain as the most likely destination for the Ukrainian despite an increase in his profile, and his club have admitted talks with us.

It was reported that our initial offer was turned down last week, with each communication insisting that talks were to continue, which leads us to believe that all parties are keen to make this transfer happen.

At this point, I would be shocked if Mudryk was to end up staying with Shakhtar, but that isn’t to say that we won’t haggle over the price and allow a potential rival to try their hand at a deal.

It sounds as though we currently have a free shot at signing the winger, but I’m not sure that we will remain unchallenged for too long should we struggle to agree a deal with his current club.


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  1. Now Mudryk needs to let his agent know he’s prepared to hand in a transfer request if the second bid is not accepted.

    The club is already prepared to part company with the player in January, several premier league clubs had reported back out of the deal not prepared to go beyond £ 30 mil, so its clear they realize we are desperate for the kid and is attempting to milk us.

    It is in the kid intrest to let it known he’s aware of the club attempt to stall his development due selfish reasons.

  2. I think this is going to go through. They are just trying to milk as much money from us as possible it seems.
    The kid has made it clear that he want to join us.

  3. Sadly My realistic view about many modern players who are still very youing , is that many of them, not all, but still many of them, are too lacking in personality and sheer IQ to actually be proactive and TELL their agent EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT TO HAPPEN.
    Far too often the agents act as if they themselves are the ultimate decision maker for their client, instead of the client having the gumption to control their own agent. I find this sad but it certainly happens .
    What applies in the particular case of Mudryk though , I have no idea.
    But I certainly know, simply from my own long life experience , that SOME folk make things happen and do it assertively and quickly, while others are too timid and too overawed to make a fuss. And so they lose out!

      1. I was careful NOT to include Mudryk in my generalised view about so many young players I actually used theline, that I HAD NO IDEA WHAT APPLIES IN HIS CASE!
        I realise that to write more fully than many wish to do, esp the many oneliners or three or four word merchants who say nothing that is worth writing, is not the fashion for SOME in todays world.
        But I like to assume , perhaps I am too optimistic( though I doubt that greatly) that a number of JA Gooners have some REAL level of intelligence and can read and write words of more than one syllable. And that they have some worthwhile debating skills, as I do too.
        I realise you are taking JA as downmarket as you can, purely for numbers. We all know that!!
        But until you ban it, I prefer to go on writing FULLY, if I CHOOSE and to assume a good level of fellow Gooners intelligence.

        In truth, we know have a great deal of bright people on here; many of them can write extremely well and many of those write articles that are interesting and well worth reading.
        Finally , to address your concise and accurate point directly, as far as I am aware , there is nothing to prevent young Mudryk putting in an official transfer request , should he wish.


  4. If Shakhata Donetsk would lower their asking signing fee of their player Mykhalio Mudryk to say, in the region of 65m in total for Arsenal to sign him. Then Arsenal could afford to pay this amount of money to sign Mudryk. And could first pay £45m in down cash payment. Which is a big money that’s hardly put down in transfer deal signing.
    Then the rest payment of £20m that brings the total money that Arsenal will use to get Mudryk signed to £65m but no more in my own opinion, will be paid installmentally.
    Shakhata should known that Mudryk is not yet a finish article of a top top quality player like striker Anthony at Man Utd who they are comparing him with.
    Who the Red Devils reportedly signed last summer for £86m.
    Arsenal could offer Shakhata Donetsk the first refusal club side whenever they want to sell Mudryk. And give them a certain percentage of the sales made. All these incentives could mutually be agreed by both Arsenal and Shakhata and be included as add ons in the deal to sign Mudryk by Arsenal.
    Finall, I suggest Arsenal should find the correct negotiation to get Mudryk signed very early when this season’s Jan transfer window is opened. So that Mudryk can aclamatised and assimilate early in the Arsenal team that will at home to face Newcaste in the Epl after our late Epl match away to Brighton at the weekend.
    Hopefully, I hope Shakhata will not continue to play hard ball to Arsenal over the signing of their player – Mudryk by Arsenal this term. But soft peddle in their negotiations with Arsenal by setting a reasonable asking transfer fee for Arsenal to pay to sign their Mudryk.

  5. We ought to dig in our heels with Shakhtar as far as a bid for Mudryk is concerned.£45m is more than sufficient for a young man, who whilst talented, is dependent on his pace rather than his inate ball skills and football intelligence.Having seen him on four occasions against Scotland and Celtic, he needs space to exploit his lightning pace which is on a par with that of Mbappe.He does not have the ball skills to hold up play in tight areas and I very much doubt if he could be successful as a central striker.This being the case why sign an inverted left winger when we already have two excellent exponents in Martinelli and ESR who is scheduled to return soon.Space in the EPL is at a premium for possession based sides like Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool and Mudryk would be far more effective in a counter attacking side where he could destroy defenders in the areas opened up in transition.I like the guy a lot and I hope he goes on to take the Premier League by storm, if and when he arrives.Nevertheless, he is not a central striker with Jesus like qualities and I feel he would not be a seamless fit for Arsenal.As an alternative,Martin Terrier of Rennes is equally comfortable on the wing of through the middle and for probably 50% less than the price for Mudryk he would be a better fit for us imo.Many French pundits and sports papers were amazed that he failed to make the French world cup squad, but apparently Dischamps was reluctant to take a risk with an uncapped player despite his excellent form for Rennes.

  6. Who will he bench form the first team.
    Or will he be a sub like Viera is?

    Smith Rowe coming back soon too. I know we need two good players but paying upward of 65m for a 1st team non starter isnt so clever.

    1. Saka needs some rest we cant keep playing him every game he’ll break down. Thats where mudryk comes in. what we are doing is exactly what serious professional teams do i’e not running players to the ground.

      1. Well, Saka is actually a left-footed player, playing RW. We have a few of those who could do the same, I suspect Saka is only starting because he doesn’t need a rest.

        And there’s also Marquinhos. I’m not convinced that he’s ready to start – but I’m not convinced that he isn’t ready either. We haven’t seen much of him as yet but what we have seen has been at least ok, often better than ok.

  7. Seems a lot of money for a position where we’re not exactly struggling.

    Even the highlights reels on YouTube more often than not show him dribbling himself down a tunnel, falling over and losing possession. He needs coaching before he’d be an Arsenal first team player.

    And the runs he goes on… most Premiership defenders wouldn’t give him that freedom, they’d have a hand on his shoulder or across his chest, pull his shirt etc.

  8. We just missed out on who we really needed looking at the state of our first team. We should have gone for Gakpo. Period. Well anything more than 60million for mudryk is robbery and shouldn’t be entertained.

  9. Without discussion Mudryk is a huge talent, but
    the price demand is completely out of the question for a 21-year-old, who has not played in our league. Shakhtar Donetsk believes Mudryk’s price should be compared to the price of Grealish, but they forget the difference is that Grealish has played and proven his worth in the Premier League. Mudryk has not. That is why the price should be much lower. Arsenal need to drop this Mudryk pursuit now, if Shakhtar Donetsk still ask this crazy amount of money.

  10. I don’t like how they use Grealish and Antony to set an example price. We could do the same and use Martinelli who was in a better league than the Ukrainian, or how much Dortmund paid for Haaland, as well as many other examples of bargain prices. We need these guys to be practical, look what happened with Pepe, they need to get realistic here

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