Shameful performance – but Arsenal are through to the next round

There is no nice way to describe Arsenal’s dire performance against the Swedish minnows Ostersunds, especially at the Emirates in front of our own fans. If we had lost in Sweden we could have blamed the plastic pitch or the frozen pitch, but back in London there is no excuse possible.

Jack Wilshere, who was hardly showered in glory, admitted that the team were rubbish. “We were nowhere near good enough,” Wilshere said. “We proved ourselves a little bit in the second half but we still weren’t good enough.

“We’re through and that’s all that counts. We’ll see who we get in the draw. We have a big game on Sunday so now we have to focus on that.

“When you’re 3-0 up in two-legged games you still have to go again. We knew it was only half-time and they have quality and wanted to play.

“We underestimated them a little bit. But the main thing is we’re through. We know we weren’t good enough, we’ll accept that and move on.

“The only positive is we’re through. We showed better character in the second half, we came out and had a bit of a go but it wasn’t good enough. You can’t start a game like that and expect to compete at this level.

“Ostersund have quality and deserve to be in this tournament as much as we do. We know that and we can take that into the next game. If it’s a lesser team we have to focus more.”

Arsenal definitely deserve to be in this competition, as they would have been destroyed by ANY team in the Champions League knockouts. The ONLY consolation we can take is that we have got through to the next round withoutany of our top players suffering from fatigue after playing three days earlier. If ANY of last night’s team plays on Sunday I will be very annoyed!

Darren N


  1. I wonder which of our fans though that wilshere bellerin mikki and kolasinac are worldclass.
    They would be lucky to even start for everton

  2. I have to agree that the performance last night was dire. Nobody excelled nor seemed to want to. Those pre-madona’s on the pitch thought it was a training game and they only had to show up. Then you had weegor saying we didn’t do this we didn’t do that, he is the manager for goodness sake he has to have the tactics, he has to give the motivation, he has to pick the team, take the blame weegor, take the blame! You are pathetic!!!

  3. “We were nowhere near good enough” Hear this a lot lately about Arsenal!

    “We underestimated them a little bit”. This is just what Arsenal do now!

    “If it’s a lesser team we have to focus more.” This is what Arsenal are to other teams!

    Well done Jack, everything you said was about as predictable as you can get from an Arsenal side that is just so embarrassing to watch these days. It’s a bad joke in fact! A laughing stock!!

    It’s almost so painful at times I just fail to understand how you get paid so much for that shit!!!??? I could personally hop around that field on one leg an show more pride and passion to the shirt!!

    It’s a team full of guys on a free ride, managed by a man who has lost touch with the modern game… Sad, just sad… Not one of you are good enough (individually) to be in a top 4 team!

  4. Mkhi was awful I thought. I wonder who we’ll be drawn against, will we be thrashed???? That is the million dollar question
    I’m not sure I’m looking forward to Sunday anymore ?

  5. Granite Xhaka saved us last night, i’m not a great fan of Xhaka but i thought the game changed as soon as he come on, on Wilshere i have been his biggest supporter but last night he let me down badly, he made no space for himself he was just out for the fresh air, i thought Sead had a lousy game to even do he scored, it was a sad night for Arsenal supporters and football to watch that, there were plenty of alarms raised when we played Ostersunds FK in the first leg in the second half, AW should of known better to prepare his team and should get off his ass and shout a bit from the side line like all passionate managers do when they send a message to their players

  6. A bunch of headless chickens. Possibly the worst Arsenal performance I have EVER seen and they get paid for it. My highest rating would be a 4 and that’s for Ospina and Kolasinac, the rest of them would get a 1 or a 2. Even Wenger must now have given up on Iwobi who seriously needs to find out where the goal is and that there are other players on the pitch. Hopeless.

    Sunday might be the game that defines AW’s future. We need to raise our game 90% to have a chance. Miserable being an Arsenal supporter at the minute!!!

    1. andcliff, I hope we get embarrassingly thrashed twice by Man City twice this coming week to force Wenger out by raising the pressure on the club to sack him. It is well worth the short term pain to cleanse our club of this harmful old fool.

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