Sheff Utd 1 v 0 Arsenal – The Blades deservedly beat a poor Arsenal

Arsenal disappoint with below-par performance against Sheffield United.

So now we know, this Arsenal team is no different or better than the one that saw last season out.

This is not a knee-jerk reaction just resignation. Arsenal had an opportunity to go back third and blew it. They had a chance to put a gap between themselves and Spurs and Man Utd and blew it.

The first half was a sign of things to come, no vision, no creativity and no penetration. It was not exactly against the run of play when the Blades scored. That in itself is a sad indictment of Unai Emery’s side.

Before the game kicked off the feeling was this was going to be one of those nights. Simply put, there was almost no creativity in the side apart from the underperforming Nicolas Pepe.

The truth is that United deserved their first-half lead but hopes were high we would see a change in the second half.

Well, that was wishful thinking because Arsenal did not improve.

Arsenal had more possession after the break but was hardly dominant and a goal did not seem all that likely.

Pepe missed a sitter but was busy, however, we needed more from the record signing and he was found wanting, again.

Guendouzi was another busy one but ineffective with it. Xhaka was unfortunate to be subbed because he was not the worse player on the pitch. Willock was clearly out of position. There was nothing down the flanks, wonder why that was.

In fact, no one player played rotten but none played well and that is the simple truth of the matter. But you cannot blame the players too much, the setup and formation were wrong from the start.

Poor performance was matched by the result, a 1-0 loss to a promoted team.


  1. Can’t even beat Sheffield, so just forget about top four and pray for the Europa League instead

    I hope Emery replaces some players of his EPL team with the ones in his cup team. I think Emery can forget about upsetting his EPL players now, since most of them rarely play well in this season

    There were also too many tricks in the corner, which were too predictable. Why couldn’t they just take the corner with simple way?

      1. Arsenal – who are unbeaten at home this season – have now lost two and drawn two of their last four away games in the league and the defeat brings their eight-game unbeaten run to an end, keeping us in fifth place in the table.

        Since the start of last season, Arsenal have been shown more cards for diving than any other Premier League team (7).

        1. Arsenal boss Unai Emery tells Sky Sports: “We did not deserve to lose and we conceded a lot of corners in the first half and they scored in one action. Above all, we have to improve by not allowing balls like that. When we have our opportunities to attack, we created more chances than them but did not score today. We deserved more from the game but they have conceded the least goals in the Premier League and it was going to be difficult if they scored first. We tried in the second half, created three good chances to score.

          “The scorer was with our goalkeeper and we had three players free to attack the ball. They gave us a key moment – the goal and another one when we should have had a clear penalty on Sokratis.

          “Bukayo Saka drives forward but I do not know if it was a penalty. It is a hard action for a yellow card. With VAR, the foul on Sokratis should have been reviewed. it was clear but we have to accept it.

          “We did not deserve to lose and we will think about where we can improve. When we were losing 1-0, we controlled the game but and defended well but they had a lot of players in their box so it was difficult to achieve attacks. We created three or four chances and we spoke about scoring one goal, we could have controlled it better if we did.

          “We have challenges in each match. Tonight we had a big challenge to get the three points. We are playing some young players who are taking experience but the most important thing is to win. The result is one thing, but we can analyse positively.”

          1. When I saw the line up I thought Alex fergusson fan.BUT he would always play his strongest line up.whoever the opposition! Regarding last ngt.i saw our attacking front line coming deep to get the ball to many times. Pepe worked harder but no service to front 3.still playing from the back when we sokratis better than holding? Is kolansic better than Tierney.chambers isnt a wing back but tired.i can
            go on I just think emery under estimated United.which is why you akways play your strongest team

      2. Emery is shit, team selection is well bad tactics is shocking,
        David luiz please I thought was a good bye it has turned out to be one of our worse ever signings, we were done over with Pepe we helped Lille out loads with that money he is a shit player, I never heard of him before he came, don’t get me started about xhaka OMG he wouldn’t even get into a Watford side,

        Henry would be the perfect manager give him time, he wouldn’t do any worse than emery

        Play Ozil we can’t be any worse off, ozil is an amazing player can change a game in an instant

    1. Stop hoping. Just sack Emery. Emery is on a vendetta. Same way he did to Pastore, Moira and Ben Arfa at PSG. He has inferiority complex. No creativity in midfield. Some still say Ozil is not doing well in training. Useless midfield. No key passes. slow buildup. No drive. No creativity. Emery is simply not good enough. Wake up guys. This guy will take us to mediocrity. Luis Enrique, Allegri are better managers

      1. To state Emery doesn’t like creativity is over the top, because he used adventurous players such as Neymar, Mbappe, Cavani, Pepe, Ceballos, etc

        I watched how Enrique managed Barcelona for three seasons and I can tell you that he is an overthinking person. If you like a mad manager that can use crazy formations such as 3-2-3-2 occasionally, Enrique is the one

        About Allegri, I’m not sure because he didn’t have good competitors in Italy and Tottenham pinned his team down in CL two seasons ago. I’d prefer someone from EPL now, such as Rodgers or Pellegrini

        1. Pellegrini is a poor man’s Wenger. Sure, he won the Prem once with City but he had the best squad in the league, most players in their peak.
          Allegri and Enrique would not take the Arsenal job anyway. Well, Allegri perhaps if given a huge salary, but his teams have no identity and his achievements in Italy mean little given the vast superiority of his squad.
          It’s depressing to think that we have a worse manager than Brenda Rodgers. Most were saying a big NO when Rodgers was mentioned for the Arsenal job (me included). I guess we were stupid.

          Still think Arteta would be worth a gamble. Having learned from Pep all these years, some of it must have rubbed off.

          And please don’t mention Henry or even Vieira. Henry is a crap manager and Vieira is a poor man’s Emery… His Nice were bottom 3 in goals scored last year, this year their goal diff. after 10 matches is 13-17.

          1. I would take Rodgers but I doubt he would come in the middle of the season. At this point, I would even take Jose who a loath but can’t be any worse than Emery.

        2. The stuff you say sometimes is mind-boggling. Do you think he had a chance not to choose Neymar or Mbappe or Cavani? He hated Neymar but was told to play him and was afraid of him and couldn’t manage him. The guy managed to lose the French league to Monaco whilst he had a far superior squad. He is awful and should get sacked today.

          1. I like your comment..Sack Emery. Get in Lumberg till we can appoint a top Manager. We should go all out for Enrique. He gives no damn. He is only interested in winning. Having a Manager with Personality is what we need. He is a better manager. Emery can not win us the league. He is gradually taking us to mediocrity. Sack him now.

    2. Such a shame to watch arsenal these days.what the f*** emery wants. Why Pepe is starting every match and he is leaving ozil out of match squad and what is the role of willock in the team. Where is the creativity. Shambolic performance from emery , such a clueless manager neither defensive neither offensive. What brand of football he wants. Extremely dissapointed.

    3. The coach does not know his players well. Team selection is the major problem here. Seemingly he just wake up and picks the players without knowing individual’s ability to a given match. Emery must leave

    4. Emry has cut his nose in order to spite his face. We can all agree or disagree but the team needed a creative player tonight … and for me that’s Ozil. When teams play like today we will never break them down because we don’t have the creative spark to break through.

    1. Nobody will make excuses
      Terrible line up by Emery and poor display by Arsenal

      Both manager and players to blame

      1. So now that our second least impressive undefeated streak is over, can we please see Tierney and Holding?

        While he had some good moments tonight, Pepe just might be the most one-footed footballer I’ve ever seen in the PL. My gosh it’s painful to watch some times.

        1. That’s not a huge problem per se. Bernardo Silva is even more one-footed, but his shooting and passing is so good, he makes it work.

    2. No excuses. Just a manager who will not change his ways..

      Arsenal trying to play out from the back is almost embarrassing to watch as an Arsenal fan. Xhaka offers nothing in the form of creativity going forward and it all seems so frustrating to watch again. Nothing is changing and Unai is obviously lacking in the balls to make some bold changes. Way too late to bring on Martinelli and eventually time has run out again for an Arsenal team that just fail to defend the set piece (yet again) and also fail to create and score from open play!!

      I have always said Unai need time but the fact that nothing is changing leads me to think time will not help anyway?

      1. GunerRay I had no he same approach you had,I had it last season but if things were going to change at least you’d have seen little improvements and signs but they weren’t there so I backtracked.
        We were told give him a year. This is the second season and yet no signs of improvement or incoming changes.
        Brendan Rogers didn’t require a full season to let you and I know what he brought to Leicester City does he?
        Everyone can clearly see the improvements from Leicester

        1. Yeah, Eddie. It’s becoming a case of “Same sh*t, different toilet” again this season..

          Actually it’s worse. This time last season we were on 21 points. Not 15!?*

          1. Thanks @GunnerRay, I’m glad people are beginning to see through the cracks that had been pappered up by our 3rd position.
            We have fewer points than last season, our football is worse and we have next to zero creativity.
            Arsenal used to be seen as being wasteful in the past, cos we create so many chances and only take a few. Under Emery, we can play a whole half of a game and create just one chance. Pathetic!

    3. Dan kit
      I am totally feeling sick at this moment in time and not for the lack of display we showed tonight but for the first time I am in agreement with you..
      As you know I said he was never my first choice but it’s a long season and we need to give him until the end to see we end up and we have players coming back who could make a difference
      Tonight I stand by you and say make the change as the end of the season will be too late
      I was wrong and you were right…of too be sick now

  2. The performance is no better or worse than every other EPL game we’ve played this season. It’s just the scoreline isn’t in our favor and Auba wasn’t able to bail out Emery like usual. This is why the fanbase is against him. He’s not improved us at all.

    1. The only good thing is that if he doesn’t get top four he will definitely leave. Whether he gets it or not he has to leave in my opinion. Ljunberg can’t do worse than he is doing.

      1. The problem is that if Leicester wilts and ManU and Spurs continue with weak form, we may even get top 4 with less than 70 points.
        In that case we’re actually getting worse despite the table position, but Emery gets a new contract.
        Then ManU appoint a decent manager and Spurs improve and we’re 6th or 7th, KNOWING ALL THE WHILE it would be that way. Just like we knew both last year and this year (except for utter fools) that temporary 3rd place means nothing in the long run if we play badly every game and we have to count on Auba bailing us out and other teams having a dip in form.

    2. Someone who sees the truth and refuses to be blind or create excuses.
      The same poor performance we’ve been putting up all season.
      PEA didn’t show up today to deliver us but this time the excuses will be that Sheffield was always gon be tough and they troubled the best team in the world.
      Loads of shît💩💩

    3. Absolutly spot on mate.i just dont enjoy watching this brand of football.i can understand not playing ozil if you are a pressing team but we dont even press.with the ball we are shockingly poor.pish

    4. Spot on, thank you. The scoreline and points were deluding, the performance has been consistently terrible in PL.

  3. Every time, every fooking time, he selects a team either too defensive or devoid of creativity.
    Willock who’s strengths mainly lies on his stamina, drive and run-ins is played as our attacking midfielder.
    Ahead of Ceballos..I don’t even want to call Mesut Ozil.
    Well you’ll see fans telling you we’re 5 points or so ahead of Man Utd and tell you that it’s still too early to call out this manager.
    The same fans forgot that last season when United were in a free fall and we were 9 ahead of them. But somehow we blew it and United caught up with us.
    The same fans will choose to ignore the fact that we really struggled to win league games last season.
    This whole negative football and philosophy can’t lead us forward.
    We’ll be told we’re moaning and stuffs, we bleed red, we bleed Arsenal, but seeing Arsenal perform like this every weekend with the talents in the team is really depressing.

    Excuses upon excuses has been made for the man. The same man who hates creativity in his teams and loves isolating players, Ben Arfa, Javier Pastore comes to mind.
    We expected Sheffield to sit back and soak pressure, yet our manager felt we needed no creative player, Ozil might’ve been poor consistently, but at least you could still bring him up in matches like this with the expectations that he might pull through.

    I’m waiting to read the depressive, and losers excuses fans will make this time around

    1. Eddie, no need to say much. Just look up the comments to see what Innit and gotanidea said and you will realize you, others and I who called this coach shxxt are right all along. I’m waiting Ozziegunner and MH how is ultra defensive tactics minimize our defensive weaknesses when we can’t even defend. There was a moment in the match after we conceded the goal, Leno played a quick goal kick and yet the ball was still in defensive area for the next 4mins with our players passing around among themselves and it makes me think what the essence of the quick goal kick. The players are not the problem,

      1. Mobella I’m really surprised they didn’t put up excuses tonight. No you won’t see Ozziegunner and the rest of them.
        Surely, surely someone won’t disappoint and you’ll have to read that Sheffield Utd was always gon be hard to beat.
        A team fighting for the UCL, a team with players like the ones we have. Yet we can’t bear Sheffield Utd, and people still think time will be the solution.
        Give Emery time and all that

      2. Exactly Mobella. I’m always amazed how those two cannot see what’s happening right before their eyes, then criticise those of us who have a go at our weak minded manager and his defensive tactics.

        However, there is a little hope for them. I noticed earlier in one of Madhatter’s comments he said he hoped Emery would be more aggressive and, get this, maybe he wouldn’t be aggressive enough for him, Madhatter!!?? A total 180 degree turnaround!

        1. Actually bud I’ve been pretty consistent with my views – of course I want to see us playing attacking football again, never denied it. All I’ve done is give Emery chance to have his full squad fit and tried to stop some of the hate by offering an alternative view. Tonight did nothing at all to help with that and my views are somewhere down below – no excuses from me, it was all on Emery tonight 🤷‍♂️

          1. Thank you MH – I can see us getting along just fine now. I know it’s hard to try and have faith in someone (Emery) and then find yourself let down by him.

        2. Mobella, Eddie and Gunner Jack, I have been late responding due to the time difference and sleeping in. I have tried not to criticize people who put full well argued discussions on Arsenal football, only those who lower themselves to engaging in personal insult of the coach and players. I may disagree with what you say, but support your right to say it.
          I have always been of the opinion that Emery should be given two seasons to get Arsenal back into the Champions League places, provided he was supported by management. This support has been given, however for the life of me I cannot understand the buying of Pepe, rather than a CB, when Arsenal had forward talent coming through the ranks. Maybe they thought it was an opportunity too good to miss given the staged payments. Time will tell.
          Should Emery fail to achieve a Champions League place this season he should be gone. My concern about earlier changes, is that I didn’t want Arsenal to go down the revolving door manager/coach path of Manchester United, which despite high expenditure has resulted in relative failure.
          On last night’s game, I was concerned when I saw the team sheet, without Ceballos/Ozil, Tierney and Holding. As far as Xhaka is concerned any player, even if incorrectly quoted, who openly says he is scared of the opposition, should not be in an Arsenal shirt let alone captain.
          However nothing should be taken away from Sheffield United, who will trouble many teams this season.
          Emery’s comments about the officiating are relevant and I don’t know what Arsenal has to do to be awarded a penalty. As far as VAR, the sooner the EPL clubs pressure Reilly and the FA to bring the EPL into line with the rest of Europe the better.
          As an aside those who talk about Ben Arfa seem to forget that he has fallen foul of every coach/manager he has played under.
          We all will have an opinion on what team Emery will select. I mistakenly thought that now that Emery had an almost fully fit squad available, he would select the strongest side possible to play away at Brammall Lane. This was far from the case in a number of positions.
          Emery’s situation is not yet untenable with Arsenal fifth and other teams dropping points in a very competitive league, but he better turn the ship around soon.
          One big question however remains why is Arsenal’s away form been atrocious under two managers over 3 and a bit seasons?
          I will continue to support Arsenal, the coach and the players as I have over the last 57 seasons, however this coach and players are currently underperforming and not reaching their potential.
          No excuses now.

          1. As you say Ozzie, no more excuses. Let’s see if he continues to pick his favourites instead of choosing his team on merit. It would also help if he played people in their correct positions!

  4. I am totally gutted…

    Lacklustre display.. This game was calling for creativity as Sheff United don’t score many but also concede less.

    Win and go third but we yet again bottle it on a Monday night.


  5. it is a bitter result but one that is not surprising either.

    The only uplift for me is seeing our legend Ljungberg getting booked after god knows how long. There’s a special vibe from that guy and I can’t wait to see it.

    1. Ljunberg will do better then Emery!
      Learning English had left marks on Emery’s mind who was 4+3 3 formation forever. This 4+3 means we have 8 defending players on the pitch against Championship Orcs side.

  6. Even if did win I would post the same comments…

    This funnyjerk no 22 who scored was standing freely with Leno in million corners Orcs 2 had before,
    and nobody (not Leno, no players and no Emery) said nothing to mark him or push him away.
    As I can understand why Emery didnt bring Ozil (if he really want him? no he doesnt) but making Saka and Willock to fight the Orcs2 is littlebit too optimistic.
    During a international break it was so funny and totally uninteligent how everybody finished their review of Arsenal this season with:
    nothing is working right but what we can say when – we are 3rd!
    At least, stupid comments of that sort are done, and Emery is one mile closer to exit.

    Emery was resting players for Europa?! Frakk that – we will never win EL with Emery!

    I feel I am done with my patience for his way.

    Defensively we did not improve, this season our midfield is only Guendouzi, creativity and fast thinking are heavily reduced and attack is castrated by Emery’s tactics.
    (and he has better players then Wenger had when he was finally kindly sacked).

    Future: Emery will drive Ozil out, Ceballos (who is not no 10) will come back to Madrid, and Arsenal will be without any attacking midfielder in the team! Crazy!

    We are not Sevilla!!!!!!!

    1. Willock is an attacking midfielder

      Lacazette, Nelson, Pepe and Saka can be no 10 if needed. But we shouldn’t use that position anymore, because it is not as effective as before, as seen in this match

      1. gotaidea…please go away with your stupid comments,
        Willock showed what he can do against Orcs type of football (like your football brain)
        Thank you

      2. gotaidea… please ignore me with your stupid comments.
        You are in top 5 of stupidity on this forum as Innit long term number one. Where is he? Are you Innit, you changed your name?

      3. Errr Bro? Willock ain’t no attacking midfielder, please don’t start.
        Willock is a B2B midfielder.
        Always been a B2B midfielder from the academy, under Wenger, stayed a B2B. Suddenly he’s an attacking midfielder now?
        No surprises tho, we have a manager who decided our ball winning midfielder would be our B2B midfielder, while our deep lying playmaker would be our ball winning midfielder.
        So our B2B midfielder turning to our attacking midfielder ain’t surprising

        1. Of course he is, but he is too young to fight the Orcs2.
          If you think he and Saka have to play every game to gain experience then I can say O.K. but forget any chance of CL next season.
          I am so sad cos Auba’s time is running out on Emerys castrated approach.

  7. We didn’t do enough to win the game. It was indeed a deserved win for our hosts. Let me see what those who said we haven’t lost a game in a while now. Emery is fast running out of excuses. We can’t seem to win away from home what a pity.

    1. @ace that’s the point exactly Emery is taking us nowhere he just needs to be sacked now the early it’s done the better.

  8. What is wrong with Arsenal?
    I do not see passion and hard work in their game. I also see no game plan. The Blades had in the first half to attack our right defence and they terrorized us a lot.
    Unai Emery needs to utilize his players or leave. Ceballos, Oil, Lacazette, Aubemeyamg, Pepe…. We should not be struggling in attack with these kinda players in our squad.

  9. Never fail to disappoint same OLD Arsenal. Nothing has changed at times I taught Arsenal were playing with no plan at all. Emery has changed nothing execpt a few names lucky to get a top 10 place.

    1. Join the club Dandy. There are some of us who think Arsenal have played with no plan at all for a long time now. I don’t really call Emery’s ‘Try not to lose’ attitude a plan.

  10. I’ve had enough of Emery! His football is pathetic and his lineups are beyond shocking! Can’t win away from home, can’t create anything and are just so predictable! Utd got slaughtered for losing at Newcastle this one is even worse! Sheffield utd have 11 average players and they had a comfortable night… But we all know the board are too gutless to send Emery packing!

    1. The board have to pay Emery, Ozil or anyone with a contract if they want the person to leave

      That would most likely not happen, unless Emery loses another three EPL matches in a row. So just pray for an improvement

      1. Gotanidea the writing is on the wall for Emery mate he’s done! Forget about improvements he can’t even pick his strongest team! Kolasinac and Xhaka are guaranteed starters and both are absolutely USELESS.

      2. Emery’s contract is over at the end of the season, right?
        His salary is 5 – 6 M pounds, so if we pay his salary until the end, it would cost us around 4 M pounds. That’s nothing compared to loss of ECL place.
        THIS is THE season qualifying for it is the easiest in years. If we wait too long, we might not even get it.

  11. I will keep saying it, this coach is clueless. He is selecting kids who who don’t even know how to make a simple pass.

  12. Another chance squandered… another 90 minutes of awful football… another loss away from home.. embarrassing, to say the least!
    Oh but it’s ok, we have the Europa League on Thursday… oh FFS, I’m done.. Unai OUT…. Bring Freddie in…seen more than enough of this sh*t…
    Have to say, fair play to the Blades.. probably be saying the same thing to Palace on Sunday!
    Can’t believe we’ve waited over 2 weeks to watch this 💩

    1. He’s a clown Sue the man is clueless! Hasn’t improved our team we look worse than ever! Can’t even score anymore and we create NOTHING! We’ve been crap in every single game! Emery out! The board out!

      1. I’m done, Kev..3 precious points dropped. We couldn’t even score against Sheffield United!! I’d say based on that performance, we don’t deserve a CL spot. Such boring football, we looked nervous, didn’t look like scoring, was just absolutely crap…embarrassing

        1. I agree.
          Even if we reach CL (by some magic not invented yet) I think Emery is not future of this team.

        2. You’re spot on Sue! He’s taking us backwards like how we pass the ball! People on here saying in his last season at Sevilla his team didn’t win one single away game! He obviously can’t set a team up home or away now! Based on his collapse at the nou camp he should never have been hired! I honestly can’t watch much more of that Arsenal team.. so bitterly disappointed

      2. Kev what do you expect we played against the almighty Sheffield that lost narrowly to Liverpool. With that masterclass we have no chance of leaving there with a point😂😂😂😂

    2. Sue, you must be very upset, of all critics of Emery you are one that has never called for his sacking. But there is no excuse!!!!

      1. I’m so fed up, Pat…and I don’t want to watch that type of performance week in, week out, that’s not us..
        And having to listen to all the BS our manager spouts… it’s tiresome

        1. I feel the pain too, Sue! I found myself wanting to turn the tv off tonight. I was bored, angry, confused and pretty much driven out of my mind at times!!

          It’s a brand and style of football that brings me to tears now. Oh, how I would love my Arsenal back from the Early Wenger years!!

          1. I’d seen enough, GunneRay, didn’t watch all of the 2nd half (was thinking of my blood pressure 🤣)
            Too bloody right! Just to watch a decent game 🙏
            No chance with Captain Xhaka & Mr Good Ebening…
            Well at least he has Thursday to look forward to, in the competition that he loves 🙄

    3. So pathetic sue When Emery came to arsenal his first games we were pressing opponents and we said it wasn’t effective…. He has no players for that system blah blah blah blah blah! One season later the guy has abandoned his system to actually I don’t know what arsenal are playing now!!!! Hey just give Fred the chance Emery ooooooooooooouuuuut!!!

        1. I give up sue man u protested to see Woodward out.its about time we start protesting Emery out before it’s too late even his best… Well first 11 isn’t giving him 75%!!! Why should he continue being coach?

          1. I just hope the board are ruthless… this type of crappy football isn’t us.. I mean does he even care when we lose? Because I often wonder with his line ups, if he even wants to win!!

    4. Emery out. Allegri or Enrique in. That is not rocket science. We made 3 mistakes in the summer.

      1. Not sacking Emery after the Europa League loss to Chelsea.
      2. Letting Ramsey go on a free. We should have offered him 200K per week
      3. Not getting Thomas Partey to replace Xhaka. Partey is a beast. The guy is very strong.

      Recommendation: sack Emery now. Let lumberg take charge till when we can bring in a Top quality manager.
      Bring back Ozil into the team. Reduce the amount of kids in the squad. Martinelli should be starting ahead of Saka. Martinelli is ready. He has that unpredictability. He can score with his head. Since Charmakh and Giroud left, we no longer score headed goals. Get a midfield 3 of Ozil, Ceballos and Torrera. Guendouzi and Xhaka should be subs at most. That is how to fix the team. But Firstly, Emery has to go. No emotions. He does not know what he is doing

  13. Emery is no better than wenger. Wenger would usually thrash these kind of teams so in my opinion i can confidently say wenger is way better than this asshole called emery

    1. Both are not good currently

      If the board miss Wenger’s managerial style, they can promote Ljungberg or Mertesacker that has been drilled in Wenger’s system

      1. gotanidea, is the reason freddie was drilled in wengers style, the reason he was so succesful with our young players?

        Perhaps that’s also why freddie has been promoted once already…let’s hope he gets another shove up the ladder soon!!!!

    2. Hey @ nassir Wenger is way better than Emery a promoted team rarely won against him! And Wenger had a philosophy on how we should play!

    3. Sorry Nassir, but Arsenal’s away form was abject under the last 2 seasons of Arsene Wenger as well, so “Wenger would” not “usually thrash these kind of teams.” The “away from home loser” mentality has not been addressed.

  14. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  15. A totally gutless performance. Sokratis was lucky not to be sent off. Both fullbacks need replacing immediately. Leno is a liability trying to constantly play out from the back with suicidal short passes. For once Xhaka didn’t play badly but the whole problem is the manager, he’s bloody clueless. Next game is Palace at home and didn’t they beat us at home last season? Emery has to go before he drags this great club down to spurs level.

    1. Chambers defended very well, but his attacks were not good. I’d still select Chambers over Bellerin if I were the coach, to strengthen the defense

      It’s apparent that the defenders and the midfielders are still not accustomed to the playing from the back strategy

      1. Bellerin will give better returns when played as a winger than Saka&Pepe alongside Chambers in defence.
        What is Emery being paid for if he can’t figure out this??It makes me sick..

      2. “back strategy” LOL!

        What strategy? To concede the highest shots against in Europe?

        You clearly have no idea of football.

  16. Sad truth is that emery will never produce a decent footballing team as he doesn’t have a vision of the game … so there will be periods of decent results followed by poor results but overall going nowhere … until greedy ownership wake up to this reality fans need to make their voices heard … otherwise a lost decade will become two

  17. Arsenal has Very good players. We are suffering because of a clueless manager or a manager out to sabotage our course.
    From today I believe Emery has been paid to retain us in Europa league next season & I am going to live with that.

  18. Well we have taken the backward passing and sideways passing to the next level. We waste alot of time passing backwards and this quickly shuts down the oppurtunity to hurt teams since they just fall back. We need to be braver with the ball and play risky football. We playing like a weak ass fifa player. Just passing in the defensivr area without any real creativity or desire to score

    1. Spot on Modx, we were even passing backwards into our own half in the added on 5 minutes of extra time.
      I’ll be at the next game against Palace but expect it will be another £100 spent and a miserable train journey home late on Sunday night.
      The only good thing to come out of all this is that Emery won’t last much longer at this rate.

  19. I can’t believe this is my same Arsenal supported for decades. so depressing, painful and suffocating. And this is not the end, but just cycle of the Emery formula. Dreading what will become of us this season by May.

  20. This was borderline unwatchable. We have no midfield creativity as we clearly saw in the last 20 min. Could not break them down at all. This team just has weak personality, no leaders. It’s been that way last few years under Wenger and it continues now. Emery just doesnt have it, no leadership and his selection is very strange too. I’m not Ozil’s fan at all but at least keep him on the bench, because he is exactly what we needed at the end of the game.

    Why didnt Emery play Tierney? Kolasinac is like a headless chicken running around. Real meathead. I dont get it.

    This will be another frustrating year it seems. We just need to get a competent manager, which we havent had for many, many years. Maybe we will get lucky and get top 4 as both Tottenham and ManU somehow look worse then us.

    1. The most ironic thin about Kolasinac, is despite his physique he never uses it to go past anyone, even ducks out of challenges and 50/50. I’ve seen enough from Tierney in one game in Europa to know that guy will register many assists in the league. His crosses are the best I’ve seen from any player at Arsenal in a long long time.

  21. Dreadful performance yet again!

    Even though they were causing a few problems early on, Leno had nothing to do. We should have been two up before they scored. Pepe is quickly becoming the new Gervinho, and how exactly was that not a pen on Sokratis for a shirt pull? I was saying only yesterday how terrible, and completely random VAR is, and then it strikes again!

    Other than that, a poor team selection, and tactics are just not working at the moment. Emery is under big pressure now.

    Leno 6
    Chambers 6
    Sokratis 5
    Luiz 6
    Kolasinac 6
    Guendouzi 5
    Xhaka 5
    Willock 4
    Pepe 3
    Saka 5
    Aubameyang 4

    Subs Ceballos 5, Lacazette 5, Martinelli 5

    1. I’m sorry I don’t agree with your ratings. First of, Unai Emery should get a 0 for his starting lineup as well as his substitutions. Pepe, his miss aside was by far our best player and the only one who looked to make things happen and somehow he is given a rating of 3. Some of you who can’t even kick a ball somehow believe that if a player is signed for big money, they should score a hattrick in every match. It’s no surprise that feom the moment pepe left the pitch, we didn’t threaten Sheffield at all. Saka was useless today surprisingly but willock was the greatest disappointment of all(admittedly,he was playing as an attacking midfielder, thus, out of position). In all, Unai Emery is to blame for this loss from the horrible starting lineup to the catastrophic substitutions.

      1. I gave Pepe a 3, because you expect some end quality for a 72m, seasoned international…don’t you? Saka is a kid, with barely any experience, so it’s ridiculous to criticise him just yet.

        I don’t expect Pepe to score tons every game, and I will continue to patient with him, until I label him a flop. But is he looking like a flop at the moment, yes! I am just judging on his latest performance. Misses an absolute sitter, which turned out to be very costly. Set pieces poor overall. Nice build up play, but no end product, apart from that cross he played across the box early on.

        I agree that Emery was to blame overall though, and that’s why I said he’s under massive pressure now. The performance, and team selection were yet again, not acceptable.

  22. I supported Unai but his team selection may cost him his job. When he has the full squad (minus one) to pick best 11, how on earth he relay on teenagers. Too conservative and stiff. I think Lijunberg could step up for the rest of the games.

  23. I have never wished for a manager to be sacked but Emery is really disgusting! I wonder what he thinks before selecting his teams. I don’t mind Ljumberg as our Acting coach. I think Emery has caused us enough pain in all ways:poor tactics, poor team selection, favouritism etc. We have had enough of his clownish ways! There are only two options left, either he is seriously reprimanded or sacked.

  24. Emery is the worst human being to be associated with Arsenal since Osama bin laden.What makes bored to death is the shameless fans who go to fill the stadium following a club going down hill like sheep.Where are emery out banners or it was only wenger who could make fans boycott games.We have the most foolish ‘coach’ in Europe, wake up and smell the coffee guys we were out ran by Sheffield

    1. I support that counsel Emery out together with the kroenkes if I may add lambard is playing a much better game to a Soo called xperienced coach you can see his philosophy unlike a side game passing from behind team with no ideas

    2. Council, you never let me down;Emery “worst human being to be associated with Arsenal since Osama bin laden.”
      And you used to complain about comments about Arsene Wenger, which were very mild in comparison.
      This takes personal abuse of the coach to a new high!

  25. What’s winds me up even more is that Tierney, Bellerin, Holding, and probs Lacazette will all start on Thursday and be rested for the Palace game!!!

    It’s just gross mis-management and continued poor selection

    Also Eddie Nketiah would have been the perfect player to bring on needing a goal, yet with let him go with no-else that can fill the role

  26. Theres no chemistry between players who have been playing with each other for over one and a bit season under Emery. The guy is clueless in everything. Watch how he plays Tierney, Holding, Toereira, Lacazette and Bellerin in Europa, but not in the league vs Palace.

    You need to take Pepe, Xhaka and Kolasinac out the team as a minimum, they don’t offer anything.

    1. At £76 Million I doubt Unai will leave Pepe out! Unai must be crapping himself at the prospect of Pepe being a flop!!!

  27. For those who dont know, emery actually failed to win a single away match in his final season at sevilla

  28. Sack UE..what the hell was saka still doing on the pitch while leaving the likes of torreira and tierney on the bench..leaving ozil out of the squad…thats bull shit…why include saka and willock while leaving the big boys out of the starting XI….sack him now..he thinks that he is in spain

    1. When I tell people this young players need slow introduction they don’t understand. Saka is not ready for the premier league yet&Pepe is a wish. Bellerin will give a better output offensively & Lacz must play from the start.
      Playing Saka,Guendozi&Willock in the same team in a premier league match is an insult to football.

  29. some time early in emery’s reign I was saying emery is like mourinho.. defensive and poor player management for that I was called names by guys like jon fox and his british friends
    emery always has beef with atleast one player in every team he manages. he also has this thing with favorite players who are shit like him

    1. Please,don’t mention Mourinho &Emery in the same sentence as far as football is concerned. Emery is a disgrace.

  30. It’s the style of football that’s the problem and has been for years. The whole control possession with no penetration only works when you have a player like Messi who can unlock it with a clever pass or turn.

    I’d keep Aubameyang, Lacazette and Guendouzi but swap the rest with 8 Sheff Utd players that were on the pitch tonight. Passion beats possession. We’ve nobody like Parlour, Dixon, Wrighty, not to mention Adams and Keown who would have played for nothing for Arsenal. Pepe, Luiz, Saka, Xhaka play like they’re made of glass..


    At this stage last season (after 9 games) we were on 21 points. So far this season we are on 15!!!!

    We are in decline!!

  32. This arsenal is now a very weak club . Any decent team can beat arsenal right now . With this kind of coach arsenal will never do well . Arsenal will never play champions league with Emery never

  33. Emery is the worst coach in the history of recent Arsenal.

    I know we have not had many coaches in the last 30 years, but he doesn’t come close to Arsene Wenger and George Graham.

    If you still support Emery and you are a genuine Arsenal fan, you are just simply deluded, and nobody should give me that “He needs time bullshit”

    18 months with a fully backed board for transfer is enough

  34. Trying to be a bit positive in a sea of woe I thought young Saka had a good game, even when moved inside to accommodate Auba coming wide when Laca came on. I see a very good future for the guy. Wonder what Freddie said to him just before the start. Whatever it was, it worked.

  35. No surprise with this team Emery chose. But I am an optimist, and believe that this result will show Emery that he needs to make several changes in defence and midfield for the team to progress, and the players will have to accept it.

    I think we will see a new team this weekend.

  36. We knew Sheffield will sit deep from start to finish.

    What we needed was creativity in the middle which Ozil and Ceballos would have offered if they both started and width to support from the wings from two pacy RB and LB with Tierney and Bellerin

    But we have a very stupid and poor coach!

  37. And where is Agu Emem,unai Emery fans club poster boy.defending emery is the most difficult job right now cos its so obvious he is out of ideas.No excuses at all,he had 2weeks to prepare, all his players are back and couldn’t even get a point against sheff utd at home.

  38. Emery should be given 5 games to improve

    Then if not, off you pop.

    Freddie can do a job until January

    Why continue with Emery, at least if we bring some else in January they have the 2nd half of the season to have an impact and ready the squad for next year

    Emery is taking us no where fast

    Another letter from the fans is needed me thinks!!!

  39. Emery has inferiority complex.

    What he is doing to Ozil now, he did to Pastore and Ben Arfa in PSG.

    Ozil is one of the most creative players in world football!

    I understand if he doesn’t want him in his first 11, but how can Ozil not be good enough to make the bench week in week out?

    1. Ben Arfa is a poor example, as he has fallen out with every manager/coach he has played under.
      Tuchel is doing no better than Emery at PSG in a one team league, with a poor Monaco and no success in the Champions League.

  40. Well my patience with Emery is starting to run out. All along I’ve given him the benefit of the doubt but to put out the same shite back line when we had better options available – I just don’t get it 🤷‍♂️

    Playing Willock was a risk I could understand taking, it seemed a good match up for him imo and when it didn’t work replacing him with Ceballos wasn’t a bad shout, although I’ll readily admit I would have preferred Ozil to be given the shot (after all he is meant to be putting in the effort now). The match may not have played to his strengths but would certainly have been no worse a match up than it was for Ceballos.

    Lacazette replacing Xhaka was nothing short of a miracle and proved he should have been on from the start.

    Martinelli for Pepe was a strange choice as I thought Pepe was looking lively all night, I’d have replaced Saka instead and let Laca drop deep into the hole instead of moving Saka back there.

    I don’t think the team played terribly but the defence switched off a few times which we were lucky only cost us once and we just weren’t creating the chances going forward. All of which wasn’t helped by some dodgy decisions by Dean (not an excuse but did play a bit part)

    Im not Emery out, not by a long shot but not impressed by his starting selection and he needs to do much fekking better – read a rumour on twitter that it’s because he doesn’t think Kola etc have done anything wrong to get dropped, if that’s true he’s nothing but a hypocrite imo.

      1. I wouldn’t say that, at least the number of major errors by the back line was much lower than usual – just the same old switching off though 🤷‍♂️

        It was a poor performance, but not quite terrible imo

        1. Not only it’s match but also devoid of purpose. How many times is a team allowed to make one forward pass and 20 backward ones. We don’t even look for goals. We played as if we are in training

    1. MH if you watched the game properly, unbiased, you might have noticed that on the night Saka was arguably our best player, even when moved inside.

      The three stooges did their usual non-job so what did anyone expect?

      How Emery thinks he can start a game with Sokratis, Kolasinac and Xhaka and expect to win is beyond me.

      Playing players out of position doesn’t help either, but that’s Emery’s speciality isn’t it. AMN, Chambers, Torreira, Willock etc. I’m afraid our manager is clueless.

      1. I never said Saka had a poor game at all chap, just for me personally Pepe looked slightly more dangerous so would have subbed Saka instead – not saying it would have worked any better just the way I would have gone 🤷‍♂️

        Agreed his selection was shite, I could understand it sort of when players were out injured but he had no excuse tonight – everyone was fit and healthy.

  41. Ozil must have had a great day seeing Emery’s face after the match!!!!! 🎼 Ozil knows best Emery take it from Ozil on your own you won’t survive 🎼, premier league is tough, Liverpool, Man City, Leicester, Chelseasss and you?🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼 Crystal Palace. Tottenham, Burnley, Sheff United?????🎼. (Am just having a bit of fun with the song Mother Knows Best)

    1. Lol..Pat I hope you’re fine?
      I’m yet to reply Sue because she’s still boiling and probably having a meltdown😂😂😂

      I mentioned last week that I’d prefer the international break to stay on rather than it ending and having to watch a disgraceful performance from Arsenal again.
      Guess what?

      Even an inexperienced Lampard still has more effect on Chelsea than I expected.
      Even when they lost certain games, they showed they could ball and got raves from pundits.
      Well, that’s it for tonight.

      Reporting from the “We are third on the table” studios.
      Good ebening and we are out

  42. all of you that are defending Emery are just deceiving yourselves a coach without lass, busy fighting with players and showing favouritism among the players.
    I can’t believe I was was watching arsenal FC it looked like was from or Birmingham city. out of fist 1X you left 6 or 7 players on the bench just because you are trying to prove a point, what a coach.

    Ozil totally on exile

    just plus Leno, Goudenzi,Pepe and Auba.
    this is geniue line up my coach stop embarrassing yourself and the club

  43. Pepe was the best Arsenal player on the field. yes he missed a good chance but his over play today was impressive.I don’t understand moving Auba to the wing when the team needs a goal. I had expected Tierney to replace Kolasinac. With the team’s current struggle Emery can’t justify leaving Ozil out of this team.

    1. Sorry Oscar, Pepe was average, his corners were very poor, his passes sometimes over played so it ended up being useless to anyone. He is a very good footballer but he shouldn’t be responsible for these things, he should be supplied good crosses that he can then carried forward.

  44. Arsenal must sign a new coach or abu and laca will leave arsenal for a better club for the career . I fell for them playing arsenal at their level is like telling Messi to play for arsenal

  45. That was a shocking display. Nonetheless, Spurs have Liverpool while utd are travelling away to Norwich. Only 2 points off 3rd we can recover quickly and get back in the top 4 if the boys are serious.

  46. Get rid of this clown of a manager asap. We are playing crap since he took over and there are no more excuses. At least with Wenger, we played exciting at times. And emery now has a much better squad than Wenger had in his latter years. Please play your best 11 ya clown and pick your best squad to get positive results. Team should be as follows and they should be given a chance to play together for a run of games. Play your favourites if you like in Europe and cup games but keep this team for league:
    Holding (capt)
    Torreira or chambers as 1 sitting dm

    Chambers or torreira

  47. We will lose to Palace as they’ve got us figured under Emery. Well, every man and his dog has got us figured right now. Wenger had a poor record against the big teams but he bullied almost all the small teams and always best newly promoted teams. Heck, he managed to beat Leciester home and away, the season they won the league.

  48. I honestly cannot name any particular thing Emery is good at.
    English language? Nope
    Defence? Nope
    Attack? Nope
    Beautiful football? Nope
    Team spirit? Nope
    Team shape? Nope
    Tactical acumen? Nope
    Strikes me as a very unintelligent fellow, who was at the right club at the right time with Sevilla and picked up the Europa largely due to the squad dynamics in the Sevilla squad.
    He can’t string two sentences together in English without sounding like an amateur interpreter in his press conferences.

    1. Abel, with all due respect, how many languages are you proficient in?
      Emery’s native tongue is Basque. He speaks fluent Spanish, is proficient in French and is learning English. Ponchettino in his early career used an interpreter at every press conference, so attacking his English language skills is below the belt.

  49. i cannot believe the scoreline from tonights game, i thought it was a joke !.for me, this is the hardest defeat to take this season, this is utter tripe. emery needs to be sacked tomorrow, if not sooner.we have wonderful players in our squad, but they are being reduced to very poor players by this faker emery.i was shouting for wenger out for a few years, but , right now i feel emery is not an arsenal type man. no direction, no passion,no gameplan, no leadership,no clue about selection,no knowledge of premiership football,no this rate we are going to finish midtable, at best.a very sad night for our dear old club, action must be taken immediately to stop this rot.

    1. Dear Gerry.We have scrapped through so many matches and today’s game is a reflection of what we truely are under Unai.
      We have 2options,either to live with this loser or we change the manager and field our best players.What a time to be an arsenal fan.

      1. CLIFF, we are in utter turmoil, and it is all down to emery. how dare anybody even suggest that is down to wenger. i am sure there are one or two still on this site that will blame arsene for brexit!. this is totally down to our current regime, not our players, but our management and board. i still cannot believe that we have stooped this low. i think an awful lot of us will be losing intrest in our team. now , i would never turn my back on the arsenal, but the fun and the flair and all things beautiful about our game have gone .where can it end is what i am concerned about.

  50. Perhaps those of us who were accused of wanting UE to fail simply because we tried to point out his obvious errors, will now eat humble pie?

    First of all, enough of this “can’t even beat Sheffield”…they showed us how to win a football match with the players they have in their squad. They played some terrific football and backed up my thoughts about them being a more educated Stoke City.

    Secondly, those terrible long term injuries that were so holding the real UE back, are now non-existent -we had a full first team squad to choose from – I now ask those self appointed, hand wringing, UE fans what did the great man do?

    He didn’t select ONE of these long term injured players, hell, if I were one of you, I would be spitting fury and slink away for a couple of days – he let you down big time!!!!

    So, I would love to know how those fans who said we weren’t giving him a chance now see the situation and what has happened to the WWWDWWDWDD nonsence typed by one blogger? A big fat L that is what happened…another one gone missing tonight.

    Now then, the Ozil situation…all week UE has been saying just the right words to calm down the situation that erupted when Ozil finally decided to tell his part of this saga.
    UE said he might even play a part in tonights game…not even on the bench.
    How much longer are those who have their own views on his performances, going to defend this treatment of one of our players?
    Not only has this man got no tactical skills, he has no man-management skills or an ounce of decency in him.

    I have never known anything like this at our club and I see Ozil goes public yet again, this time to claim he is being made a scapegoat by UE…don’t worry Mesut, the lightbulb has been turned on after tonight and we agree with you 100%, at least those of us who knew UE was never going to make it after last seasons awful climax.

    Time is running out? It ended with the team selection, the “tactics”, being outclassed and the despicable handling of Mesut Ozil.
    Cue even more empty seats at the Emirates, mine anyway…can’t stomach the situation, or the regime at this moment in time.

    I know Phil was going to the match tonight and I have said it is so different being at the game to watching it on TV, so it will be interesting to see what he has to say about the situation don’t you think?

    As usual, Dein missed a blatant penalty for us, at least the referees are now being openly criticised by the media…show UE the door and take Dein and Riley with you!!!

    1. Well Ken, I’ve been one of those pleading for Emery to be given the time to have his full squad fit and available.

      Well that time has come and gone and what did we get? The same bs selection – I just don’t get it 🤷‍♂️

      Too fekking right I’m fuming, but I have no intention of lying low (my views are somewhere above) – it seems I was wrong, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

      Im not Emery out just yet, but I just lost a lot of faith in him and don’t think he has long to turn shit around before the board take action – I like to think I’m a reasonable, patient guy but there is no excuse for what he put out tonight.

      1. MadHatter, my tirade was not aimmed at anyone in particular, just offloading so much frustration at the situation tonight.

        I thought Sheffield played really well and, tactically, were spot on.

        I really thought he would change his players now everyone is fit, but it was awful…so much so that I couldn’t see one single positive.

        I made a forecast of four points over the next four games, if UE didn’t change and it pains me to say that I think I’m on course to see that happening.

        His treatment of Ozil is beyond a joke, how anyone can defend this kind of treatment, by citing salaries or last seasons performance holds no water whatsoever – his tactics are s**te and his man-management skills are phiss poor.

        1. No worries my friend – I never thought it was aimed at me specifically, just felt I should admit I was wrong 🤷‍♂️

          We could have put out such a strong lineup, that even with their stubborn defence we should have had little problem getting through – no excuse for that pathetic setup anymore – I just don’t get it 🤷‍♂️

    2. Staying up with a mate in Sheffield tonight Ken ( Wednesday Fan) who came to the game with me.He honestly could not believe how poor we were.He called it right-very one dimensional with no creativity.No tactical nous against a team who we knew would set up to defend and hit us both on the break and from set pieces and crosses. It was us who looked like the inferior Club.Emery again out-thought by a manager who got his line-up and tactics correct.
      Was anyone seriously surprised? Thought not.
      I give Emery until Xmas at best.He is failing in his job and being proved out of his depth.If I was him ( and I’ve said this before) the first thing he needs to do is start licking Ozil’s arse and start setting up his team around him.
      And before anyone comes out with “ Nobody uses a No10 anymore” then perhaps it’s about time they look at the utter garbage being served up by this clearly inferior Manager who is proving to be a clueless and self-deluded joke.

      1. Phil, I hope you get fans looking at this , because the next post is really setting the world alight.

        We’ve still got some saying it will be alright come next game when we beat palace!!!!

        Have a good night, drown your sorrows and put a even more damning post on the next topic…make these people see what is going on!!!

        By the way, top marks to the blades, I thought they got it spot on and good luck to them.

  51. Game was set for Ozil, should have started Tierney and Bellerin, needed to attack and require a creative midefielder but ended up defending, we would be struggling without Aubameyang and get Ozil on in the next match or get Emery

  52. It is an open truth that Emery doesn’t fit into English premier league. He doesn’t even know how to use his players to achieve best result; too much thinkering of the team formation and players. Why should some players be reserved strictly for the Europa Championship when they are good enough for the premier league.
    Emery seem not to compete well with top coaches like M.City, Liverpool,Pelegrini, Pochentino or B.Rogers.
    Arsenal board should not expect top 4 this season with U.Emery.

  53. There is a slight ray of hope for Sunday. Xhaka was hauled off around the 70 minute mark.
    Now if Emery doesn’t start him vs C Palace it would make a whole world of difference as we could then play a more fluid, attacking player instead. In fact I think the whole midfield would be transformed due to this one simple act.

    If Tierney plays and, equally importantly, Kolasinac doesn’t, then that would add another dimension to our play.

    And if Holding steps in for Sokratis . . .! Go ahead Emery – make my day!

    1. Gunner Jack, careful though, Ue’s idea of a more fluent, attacking player might just be mustafi – that was so awful tonight, I have no idea what he will do next!!!

      1. Ken I don’t think Emery himself knows what to do next so we’ve got no chance. I was hoping Xhaka would get booked so would get automatic one game suspension which would more or less force Emery to have a re-think on Sunday.

  54. I don’t think Arsenal played any worse than they have this season. It’s just that Auba somehow didn’t score, like usual to bail this shitty team. Just watch every match of this season again and compare it with yesterday’s, the quality of football was just the same. Only the scoresheet was different. I was waiting for the luck to run out for Emery, and it did.

    I wish Auba continues not to score in the next few matches, so that fans who can’t see past scorelines can be made aware of how shitty football Arsenal is currently playing. It’s so so bad. No vision, no creativity. They are playing like how beginner AI plays in PES.

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