Sheff Weds have nothing to lose in front of a big home crowd

Arsenal are absolutely certain to play a severely weakened team tomorrow night at Hillsborough after their efforts of the last two weeks, but Sheffield Wednesday will have a fresh first team squad for their biggest game of the season. They will have their biggest crowd behind them as well as they have already sold 33,000 tickets, and their Austrian striker Atdhe Nuhiu thinks that their spirited FA Cup game against Manchester City back in January will give them big hopes of causing an upset. They held the Premier League giants to 0-0 until the final 20 minutes of the game before finally losing 2-0.

“We can take a lot of inspiration from the Manchester City game,” Nuhiu said. “They are one of the biggest clubs in England but we matched them for long periods and showed that we can run the big sides close.”

“It is a big game for the supporters. The stadium will be packed and that’s something which hasn’t happened for a few years so we have to enjoy it all together.

“We have got nothing to lose against Arsenal and have to enjoy it. It will be great to play against such a big team and I am positive that we can hurt them and cause an upset.”

So we may expect an easy ride tomorrow night, but our opponents obviously have other ideas. They will have the home supporters behind them, and when you remember that our reserves lost to both Dinamo Zagreb and Olympiakos before beating Tottenham, the result may not be as clearcut as we think….

One thing in our favour is that Petr Cech didn’t play in any of those losing games, and we didn’t have Matthieu Flamini as centre-forward until the Tottenham game!

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  1. They’re gonna pack the midfield and come at us. Seen em go at Rotherham, they were relentless. We go this though. As long as we stay focused…

  2. I can see the Owls getting so excited for hosting the mighty Arsenal on the night tomorrow at Hillsborough Stadium. The Owls will be driven on by their partisan fans which will work to the advantage of the Gunners as they sit back and keep their defending impregnable, then hit the Owls on super break counters as the Owls temporarily switched off to regain some lost energy. SWFC 0-4 AFC@ full-time 90” +

  3. Jose mourinho charged with mis conduct again after incident at westham! The curse of eva continues again!

  4. I can see them trying to hit us on the counter attack, then try to park the bus! They are at home so energy will be high and pumped up, we must still be focused and not complacent!

  5. Who else feels for Mourinho? No one insults Le prof and gets away with it, even some Arsenal fans. But I truly feel for Mou now.

    1. I do feel a bit for him. He seems to have no friend in the world left 🙁 To make matters worse, some silly teens were harassing him in the streets with their fancy phones the other day 🙁

      1. Yas have to be kidding, whenever we have a poor start mour talks bull about Wenger. Wenger has not lowered himself, feeling sorry for mour is feeling sorry for the cat that ate the pigeon.

    2. Hahahahaha, no… There is not a bone or nerve or cell in my body capable of feeling in any way sorry for Chelsea or anyone associated with them.
      With seemingly unlimited transfer funds, a sugar-daddy who made his billions exploiting others and overall having every possible resource handed to them on a silver spoon… Their downfall is just simply something to savour as next season they will polish over every hole with hundreds of millions of dollars, with Jose or someone else….

      1. That…. And an egotistical manager who takes a billion dollar squad, is seemingly going to exile two, yes two!!! previous EPL players of the season, who slagged our manager off and showed no respect!! Watching his team, squad and fanbase lose all faith in him is just gravy!

  6. this is a league cup game.It means much more to sheffield than it means to arsenal.Our main stars deserve the much needed rest going into this game.
    Now sheffield know what the arsenal is capable of and we should be aware as to the depths they can go to grind out a win.Recently the results have been going our way but that can all change in a flash.We ought to be careful at all times.Our players need not to be overconfident and relax, they need to keep the fire burning to make us supporters proud.I have heard that they are now self guided.They conduct meetings on how they will be winning games.Thats the attitude and i also hope wenger is listening so he does not go all messing with the starting line ups especially during the uefa games.As for tommorows game wenger can try out the reserves team .I hope they win and put up a good performance so as to keep pushing for their starting places

  7. cant make me care about this competition… AW should showcase some young players, Bielik, Adelaide, Sheaf, Iwobi, etc. definitely give rest to probably 9/11 of our starters. Majority of them need rests.

  8. ___________Walcott
    ________Iwobi Ozil OX
    _______Coquelin Cazorla
    Gibbs Chambers Gabriel Debuchy

  9. Off Topic:
    Why has Gnabry been playing for west brom U21 and has only been involved in just 12 minutes of first team football for a team filled with mediocre wingers?
    I think he should be recalled asap else his development might be hampered. He would of gotten more than a meagre 12 minutes even in a top team like Arsenal.

  10. I reckon…


    If Rosicky is fit he’d probably get nod over Ox or else Wenger will just play Ozil, not sure with that position. One thing I’m concerned with is the changes to back line if Wenger goes with this line up, total change to back line is the no1 cause for teams going down to giant killers ..imo.

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