Sheffield United boss names the Arsenal player that “took us to pieces”

It must have been a very difficult night for the Sheffield United coach Chris Wilder  and the club’s home fans, who saw there side get massacred for the third time in a row. They had lost 5-0 to both Brighton and Aston Villa in the previous two matches at Brammall Lane, but Arsenal went even further after knocking 5 past the Blades in the first 45 minutes.

Wilder looks resigned to seeing his team relegated back to the Championship, and made it clear which Arsenal player was most instrumental in destroying his beleaguered side, when he said on Premier League Productions: “I don’t think we were very good. We didn’t gift goals away but in certain situations, we could do a lot better from a defensive point of view.

“They were outstanding especially when they got around the edge of the box, their quick play was incredible.

“We made it pretty easy for them to open us up and Saka took us to pieces down that side. We didn’t have an answer to anything they had. The result is what the result is and we have to live with it.”

Strangely enough it wasn’t just that the Blades had conceded 5 or more in those 3 home games, but it was also a record-breaking night for Arsenal as they scored 5 or more for our third away game in a row.  It was also interesting that Saka was taken off “feeling sick” at the start of the second half, so maybe we would have scored much more than just a single goal from Ben White if our starboy had stayed on the pitch for the whole 90 minutes.

Wilder must have been very relieved when he saw the England winger get taken off….

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  1. One player timely entrance on the pitch, will be having eyes glued to the game.

    If Arsenal Thomas Partey legs hold up for the rest of the campaign, it will change the whole dynamics of our title charge, significantly strengthening our push among the big boys.
    Thomas Partey could be like a new signing for Arsenal, but we have to keep our fingers crossed this powerful thoroughbred legs hold.

    1. He isn’t as good as he used to be i wasn’t impressed when he came on in Sheffield
      He was sloppy and gave the ball away too many times he

  2. Yes, Partey was a bit shaky and a loose pass of the ball. Thankfully hard work has been already done and the defence stayed strong not wanting to give anything to the blades.

  3. I am just glad that Partey is back. We really really need him in that midfield when we come up against City.

  4. There is a secret plan underway right now to derail Arsenal title hopes.Unjustly criticize and demotivate Saka while propping up Phil Foden.The plan is this continues undefended, Saka will get shaken by this undue criticism, lose focus and form, ultimately resulting in Arsenal chances for the title being dented.Rio Ferdinand’s “Saka is not world class & Foden is” and Guadriola’s statement that Foden is the best player right now in League are not just ordinary statements.Now, can some legend from the gooners or Arteta himself defend Saka.

    1. I agree with you totally. It is a well calculated effort to bring us down. Where are the likes of Henry, Seaman, Vierra amongst others. Saka must be protected.

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