Sheffield United v Arsenal match preview and predicted score

The match will be tough but Arsenal to collect all three points.

Playing a match on Monday nights is a pain in the backside for away fans, especially over long-distance and visiting a place like Bramall Lane is no walk in the park but Arsenal should be too strong for their promoted rivals today.

It is difficult to predict what team Unai Emery will put out but it is the formation that will be pivotal. If Emery plays too conservative against the Blades he will be inviting trouble on.

Arsenal needs to be attack-minded, especially if they start with Kieran Tierney and possibly Hector Bellerin. Either or both will be critical in opening up a disciplined Sheffield defence.

A creative player is definitely required and hopefully, Emery will refrain from playing three defensive midfielders.

If Sheffield United are invited to attack they will do so and the best way to contain them is to attack yourselves.

Sheffield United will defend deep

Chris Wilder will set his men up to counter-attack so they are expecting an onslaught. Arsenal should give them what they expect. They will also get as many men behind the ball as possible and width will be important in breaking them down.

We know how these games pan out most of the time, one team dominates, the other defends deep. Sheffield will be looking to land the sucker punch and Arsenal will want to turn domination into goals.

When Arsenal fail against teams like Sheffield it is usually because of their own doing. If Arsenal avoids errors, does not get frustrated and remains patient and calm, they will win.

Getting the basics right will be the difference between collecting all three points and not.

So, I expect Arsenal to dominate possession, to be attack-minded, to use width and creativity in the middle. I expect Sheffield to look for the counter, to defend deep and spoil at every opportunity.

Predicted score

Sheff Utd 1 -2 Arsenal


    1. I also predict you will post some nonsense more than 3 times this week. You also predicted ,what was it 7-2 or 5-2 to Sheffield Utd

  1. In my heart, I always feel like we will win these games but our road record indicates differently. So I predict a draw. But will not be surprised by any result. We are capable of winning 3-0 or more but we are also equally capable of getting a disappointing loss or a gutless draw.

    My heart 3-0 win
    My head draw.

  2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Leno~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




    Laca to come on as a sub

    1. Ji wall, have to say that your suggestions only differ to the one I put forward in a recent post…the difference being Bellerin in defence rather than Luiz and Ozil in as part of a diamond, with Pepe dropping to the bench.

      I guess that, like me, you are hoping we attack from the start, having been bored to death with the defensive rubbish we have endured to date.
      Of course, I remember the GG days, but that man had his players completely drilled at the back, selected his best player on a consistent basis and we all knew exactly what we were going to see, let alone be able to select his team 95% of the time.

      “One nil to the Arsenal” was sung as a challenge to our opponents and their fans to break us down…today when we sing it, we wonder how long it will be before we slink back into our seats as we give yet another ridiculous goal away aka Soks, Luiz or Mustafi.

  3. I agree that the crosses from two attacking fullbacks are required to open up Sheffield’s bus

    Regarding the three DMs, Liverpool have proven that tactic can be highly effective if used with two great wingers

    Liverpool don’t need any no 10 to break defenses and rely solely on their wide players to create chances. I believe Lacazette can be a good false nine like Firmino in that formation

    1. Please stop it with the false nine rubbish, there is no such position, we will play with a proper nine.
      OzΓ―l or Willock in the number 10 position as well.

  4. Just saw this –
    In the 1990/91 season, Liverpool started off with 8 straight wins.. their 9th was a 1-1 draw (which took place on October 20) who then went on to win the league? Arsenal did….

    1. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I know how you feel about Liverpool but if we can’t win the league I will gladly give it to Liverpool, they are a proper team they spend proper money unlike city who am sure we go all out in January again to buy a 80million defender Just because Laporte is injured.

      1. City have 3 senior central defenders now Kompany has gone. It makes sense for them to buy one if you look at Arsenal who have 5. It was stupid they didn’t buy one in the summer. I doubt it will be 80 M, though, as unlike Liverpool their record up to now is around 60 – 65. No one but Liverpool or United pays 80 M for a defender, not even Real.

    2. You had me worried for a minute there Sue as I read it that Liverpool won the league but of course it was us.
      With a full stop after the brackets and then a capital W on Who, I would have got it straight away😳🀣.
      Just teasing you…….😜

      1. 🀣🀣 I was in a rush, Declan…but yes now you’ve pointed that out, it does seem that way… oops!! 🀣

  5. I’m not going to predict a team, but I Am goind to predict a 3-1 win for the Gunners. Nothing less will be acceptable with the players UE has at his disposal.

    By the way, and this subject has been raised before, WHY THE FREAK are we playing in Monday night after a 2 week break when there are ANY NUMBER of games that could have been played in this slot by teams not involved in ECL or EL games in the week? Have the clubs no say at all any more, just the guys that coin the money from TV rights? This is unacceptable and hopefully the Arsenal management have made their disgruntlement known in no uncertain terms.

    1. No the clubs do not have any say in when they play. SKY dictate when games are played and they have likely picked this games as it’s a potential banana skin game that we could easily lose, knowing our away record, especially against lesser teams. Anyway, I think Lacazette will play at centre forward with Aubamayang to his left with OzΓ―l or Willock behind them. 3-2 to us.

    2. Nothing less than 3-1 will be acceptable with the players we have??
      Liverpool has better players than us and they won by only 1-0 away at Sheffield

      A win is a win. No matter the score
      I just want 3 points

  6. Looking at the previous head to head records, its not gonna be a easy win though every player is eager for a win that will take them back to 3rd place.

  7. Arsenal will win it. Sheffield will give a lackluster performance. Keiran Tierney will be the difference.

  8. I will take a 1-0 win any time, especially if it is another sign of better defending with the whole team.
    After 10-12 years of useless defending, it would be nice, if we finally could get this ingredient.
    Has any team won the PL without a strong defense???

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