Shkodran Mustafi discloses Mesut Ozil’s reaction to working under Mikel Arteta

Shkodran Mustafi has revealed that just like most of his teammates, Mesut Ozil is totally on board with Mikel Arteta’s ideas.

Ozil has struggled to recapture his best form since he signed his latest contract at Arsenal. The German has been so poor that former Arsenal manager, Unai Emery, dropped him from his team.

However, Arteta is determined to give everyone a fresh start, and the Spaniard has been giving chances to the former Real Madrid man.

Mustafi went on to hail his manager by claiming that although he has played in different countries and he is approaching his 30th birthday, Arteta has been showing him new things that makes him think he still has a lot to improve on even though he is at the twilight of his career.

‘He’s a little like a professor,’ Mustafi told Sky Sports News as quoted in the Metro. ‘He knows exactly where he wants the players to be when on the ball and how to react when losing the ball. It’s very special.

‘When I pass I am usually only focused on where to be if we lose the ball but he wants me to contribute offensively too. So we constantly need to make an option for the player on the ball.

“When you are 28 and you play in different countries with other coaches you think you know everything but then he came in and there are things I’ve never known before.

‘Sometimes we don’t realise what a difficult job it is. From 25 players maybe 20 agree with the coach and five still think we should play different. Since Mikel has come in he has 25 players on board and this is not easy to achieve.

‘Everyone understands and everything he says makes sense. There is nothing we can complain about. Everyone has benefited, even Mesut.’

Ozil has been attracting some controversy off the field in recent months and the German could be asked to leave in the summer, however, he would only want to leave if Arsenal subsidises his wage or if a new team can match his current deal.

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  1. A great article giving insight into how all the players are reacting to Mikel Arteta – very interesting and all the fan base should be on board with what is being said – so what was the point of the last paragraph exactly?

    Is it impossible for you to report a positive without giving a personal and negative line on one of our players Ime?

    1. Ken, I’d say it is called balance! Wouldn’t you? Unless you wish to deny that Ozil splits Gooner opinion.

      1. Not at all Jon – the article was about the players reaction to working under Mikel Arteta.

        Nothing to do with Ozil’s contract, whether he courts controversy off the pitch and if the club want to sell him in the summer – just another opportunity to be negative about the player.

        As there was no negativity to report between Ozil and Arteta, the opportunity to cause some was taken and for what purpose I’ll ask you then Jon…WHY?

        1. Easy answer to that one Ken, Patrick is clearly among the same majority I am in on Ozil, so gave his opinion in effect, which will chime with many. Is he not allowed his opinion then? Many articles on here both from us members and from Admins or inhouse writers give free opinions on all sorts of things. I would agree that CERTAIN PRIVILEGED FOLK are allowed TOO MANY opinions ,instead of being just admins but even I don’t say NO admin opinions should be given at all. Just my take and we differ once again . Pistols at dawn then Moriarty!!

          More to the point than any of this though, is WHY ON EARTH HAVE WE GOT YET ANOTHER AT ALL, IN THE LONG RUNNING OZIL SERIES? Article wise he is the gift that keeps giving to the admins on this site.

          1. The last straw for me was when conducting a perfectly balanced debate on here with a regular contributor, a third party joined the thread ( perfectly entitled to) but seemed to intimate that those who reply to pro Ozil views with the opposite view (THEIR OPINION) were somehow a source of frustration on here – in other words we should ALL laud Ozil as the second coming.

            A subsequent article , inspired me to post a similar short, polite but counter Ozil worshipping view which again drew a response from the “third party” mentioned above (a regular poster).

            Our brief perfectly balanced exchange was promptly removed ????

            We are all followers, and as such fans, of our wonderful football club. – all having our own personal views on all matters Arsenal.

            However, I got so sick and tired of the “threatened wildlife” status offered to Ozil or more accurately the “you know not what you’re talking about” responses if you dared to question the players worth I decided to no longer post on here.

            Just as well no ones cares, so over to the “regulars” – I have a feeling they feel this is solely their domain anyway

            Shame really.

            Take care all.

            1. AJ, please feel free to comment as often as you want. Trust me on this, JustArsenal is NOT the domain of a certain few and everyone is welcome to express their views as long as they are not rude, nasty, bullying or anything like that. I will always delete comments that break those simple guidelines. You could also choose to ignore and not engage with other posters that you do not want to. That is exactly what I am doing.

  2. 😂😂😂

    It occurred to me too

    Maybe he had been asked a question about it before

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