Shkodran Mustafi now knows where he stands with Unai Emery

If there is one player that the Arsenal fans want sold it is Shkodran Mustafi, he has been booed, the manager told him to find another club and he has yet to make a matchday squad this season.

You would have thought all that would have forced the 27-year-old out of the door but nope, not Mustafi, he decided to stay and fight for his Arsenal career and it appears that there may be hope for the defender yet.

Unai Emery has been speaking about the German and what his refusal to leave the Emirates means for his immediate future at Arsenal

He said: ”Mustafi decided to be here and when he decided to be here, he’s like any other player.

“Of course I respect his decision.

“When he decided I spoke to him and said, ‘You’re one more in the squad, I’m going to work with you as other players’.

“I don’t know exactly who was in his decision [to stay], but when he decided to stay here, it’s another player in the squad.”

Well then, there you have it, he is not being sidelined, he is not being forced to train with the kids, he is as much a member of the first-team squad as any other player, according to Emery.

That means there must be a good chance that we will see Mustafi in an Arsenal shirt once again, probably in the Carabao Cup or Europa League or even in the first team in an alternative position, right-back as an example.

Now that Mustafi is staying at the club he has to be supported, there is literally nothing to gain in booing him or demolishing his confidence any further, that makes for a poorer performance and devaluation of his worth.


  1. gotanidea says:

    Fringe players like Mustafi are useful to force the first team players like Sokratis and Luiz to work harder

    We have four competitions and a long season ahead of us, hence fierce internal competitions between the Gunners are highly required

    Since we already have five specialist CBs in Sokratis, Luiz, Mustafi, Holding and Mavropanos, Emery should have assigned Chambers to push Torreira for the DM position

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      exactly, we need an experienced 3rd choice too

  2. John says:

    He is going to surprise everyone with a great seasonal performance. I believe he wanted this opportunity. This dude is a decent defender. I think the pressure got to him and all down hill with low confidence.

    1. MadHatter says:

      I agree Mustafi has it to be a decent defender in the PL…… He showed that in the 16/17 season (I remember him effectively taking Costa out of the game against Chelsea that season) unfortunately somewhere along the line things went badly wrong.

      If he can rediscover his mojo then that would be amazing but if not then as things stand I think he will just be used sparingly (Europa/Carabao) until he can be put up for sale again in January.

      1. Ebonysly says:

        Spot on

    2. Jean Pierre says:

      Mustafi is great defender who loves and serves the club with passion. Arsenal will regret if they sell him. Wenger said that no player is made from Heaven. Believe in your players and encourage them not condemning them when they fall in a mistake. The best solution is not selling players especially when they have potentials. You have to understand them n find out what might be affecting their performance. The departure of Iwobi will hunt Arsenal for many years. Accepting to sell such character is heavy loss to the team an to us fans.

  3. Siang Yong Chong says:

    Just try to play him, anyway, he is being paid.

    1. Kenyanfan says:

      The problem with Mustafi is his attitude. He never gives his all as a professional. I dislike the way he never tries to recover the ball after a player gets past him especially in the box. All he does is raising his hands up and complain for offsides.The bigger insult to it is that he has been doing it continuesly. As a professional you should learn that the field has players and a ref hence you should never stop playing until he stops the game , there is clear a serious injury and a player idms down, an emergency or the ball is out of play. Full stop

  4. Innit says:

    Play him in League cup, early FA Cup and early Europa league matches

    Also in PL if we get injuries to CBs

    I’m sure he will play better to prove himself

    In the meantime rotate Luiz, Chambers, Sokratis and Holding (when he comes back)

  5. Neil Fitt says:

    No sorry! He will mess up!
    I would not play him! He needs to go in January!!!

  6. Agu Emen says:

    The club recruited a lemon so that’s on team Wenger.
    The club wants 40 m when no offers over 15 have come in
    Then they try blame the player.
    Staffy will only leave if his salary leaves with him.
    Till then 100k p/w to go to practise and turn out against
    Nottingham Forest, Vitoria and Standard Liege sounds kinda dope.
    Great life I would imagine.

  7. Abu adil says:

    Not even the carabao/fa or the Europa cups let him rot in the reserves

    1. Declan says:

      Very harsh remark!

  8. Am your real daddy says:

    Seems we have forgotten how bad this guy is . short memory everywhere, there is too much numbers in arsenal defence but no quality.

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