Shkodran Mustafi takes a not so subtle dig at Unai Emery

Shkodran Mustafi posts a tweet that is being interpreted as a dig at former manager Unai Emery.

It seems that former Arsenal manager Unai Emery is becoming a sort of punchbag for players that did not perform so well under his management.

Bernd Leno and Mesut Ozil have had little digs and now it is the turn of the much-maligned Shkodran Mustafi, who posted this tweet on Twitter.

Mustafi, it seems to me, is basically having a pop at the communication skills of his former boss, I am not too sure if there is any other way to read his tweet.

Emery is not the first manager and will not be the last one either that has not been so fluent in a different language but of course, he is now a convenient scapegoat for players that performed badly under his tenure.

I actually feel it is a little bit cowardly to try and shift the blame onto a former coach as some sort of excuse for your own failings.

It is not a lack of communication that sees a keeper flap in the penalty area and hand a goal to the opposition. It is not lack of communication that has an experienced player basically down tools and not give a damn and it is certainly not lack of communication when a player makes error after error in the penalty area gifting your opponent’s goals under three different managers.

But hey ho, it is what it is and no doubt if things do not turn out well for Mikel Arteta the very same players will play their petty games on social media in poor attempts to detract from their own incompetence.


  1. Impenia says:

    Deleted for the inability to critique an article without being abusive.

  2. Gunnerphilic says:

    They all can’t be wrong you know. Unai Emery was the misfit. Let’s not shy away from that fact. You may not like Mustafi, you may detest Ozil and have a poor opinion about both of them. But the fact is, that coach didn’t inspire the check confidence of these boys.

    I don’t think Arteta will end up the same way Emery did.

  3. jon fox says:

    two entirly separate truths here. Emert was not capable of proper communication an dnot merely in language, but also in tactics. His teams wer shapeless confused and playerts seemed not to even know what was expected of the, That has now massively changed for thr better under MA. Secondly and separaately, Mustafi was then and still is a rank poor player, mistake ridden to his core and most, though not all, of his mistakes when Emery was here, were down purely to Mustafi himself and his own lack of ability to think and act rationally, speedily and efficicientkly. He has had in my view far more leeway than he should have ever been allowed and if he never wears our shirt again it will still be too soon. Some think he has improved, purely because for the last one whole game and the last hour against Chelsea he made no more costly errors. Big deal-a “mighty two and a half whole hours” without a catastrophe. RATHER MAKES MY POINT, I BELIEVE.

  4. JW says:

    This is an interesting comment from Mustafi, which I think is very much on the money as far as Emery was concerned.

    Communication is not so much important, as it is vital in a team game.

    The players need to understand what the manager requires of them. They all need to be on the same page or you get chaos, especially in defense.

    I believe it was reported that the young English players had to ask Freddie Ljunberg what Emery was saying, since they could not understand him.

    So I think your comments about Mustafi, and possibly other Arsenal players who express the same views, show how little you know about everybody “singing from the same song sheet” in a team game like football!!!

  5. Jay Alenby says:

    Mustafi is culpable but Emery exacerbated his shortcomings. Mustafi is correct that communication is important to improvement. A good manager will try to understand a players limitations and work to minimize them.

  6. Loose Cannon says:

    hey the primary job of the defender is to kick or head the ball away from your net, thats it.You do not need communication for that.Pass the ball to any of your team mates wearing the same jersey.You do not need binoculars. Mustafi is an accident waiting to happen even if he thinks he has improved.They are paid millions just to kick a ball so nothing much to read from the post unless he is trying to tell the world he is an erronous footballer.Well Arsenal have/ had plenty of those, remember that Kosceilny incident with Schnezy against Birmingham for the league cup?

  7. Sean Williams says:

    Their are some facts. Why was/is Mustafi hardly playing. May I suggest he is not good enough. He is our modern day Sebastien Squillaci. Buy poor players, put out a poor team, get poor results. As near sure as Einsteins theory of relativity. Poor players = Poor team. How we know the players are poor. We are just a few points from the bottom and playing poor football. Not hard?

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