Shock! Arsenal linked with versatile young French man!

It’s a common cliche that it doesn’t matter how many Arsenal transfer rumours you here, Arsene Wenger always buys an un-celebrated young Frenchman, and this season could prove no different.

The latest reports are saying that the Gunners are now targeting the 19 year-old Paris St Germain midfielder Adrien Rabiot, who has reportedly refused to sign a new contract at the French giants.

Rabiot has definitely been impressive during his 31 game career with PSG, and has shown good promise since he played with the France U16 team. Since then he has amassed 38 games for his country up to U21 level, so it is no wonder that Wenger knows all about him.

I can see the main attraction for the Arsenal boss is that, although he is listed as a midfielder, he can also play in the back line.We all know Wenger likes to muck about with players starting positions…

I know he’s French, young and cheap (Apparently just £5m) and obviously “one for the future”, but that doesn’t mean he will be a bad buy does it?


  1. Renard says:

    French gooner here.

    I say don’t buy.

    Not good, not bad, a “meh” player. All of our midfielders are better than him.

    Don’t believe the hype.

    1. rock88 says:

      Acc to SKYSPORTS Man Utd are in talks to sign Roma defender Benatia. Hopefully we are also in
      talks to sign CB , CDM and ST.

    2. juhislihis says:

      Renard, what you think about Alexandre Lacazette?

      1. Renard says:

        A really, really good young striker. Quick, good movement, not a brilliant passer of the ball but deadly on the counter attack. Good finisher. Definitely one of the brightest french prospects at CF.

        He scored the only goal for Lyon vs PSG last year in the cup final :

        In my opinion he has a bright future. Lyon will sell him, but not this summer – they’re really, really short on strikers this year. I’m not sure he would be a good fit for AFC but he has a great career ahead of him. He’ll be with the French NT in 2016, I’m certain of it.

        1. Patrick Shiiiza says:

          I have to agree with you, Lacazette has a bright future. Some really good young french players coming up, not to mentiuon Pogba of course. Digne, Rabiot, Laporte, Zouma, Thauvin, Benzia, Kurzawa, Imbula, Kondogbia, Varane, Martial, Sanogo XD and there is always Niang, but he hasn’t impressed so far…

    3. mesuts eyes says:

      What a waste of 35 mil on Sanchez…Did you see his crossing today?
      Also Theo will never live up to potential.
      We need to get a better RW like Nani or Mirallas. Someone who can skill past defenders and score goals.
      Honestly, you wonder who scouts for this team.
      And if finances are tight, we could probs cash in on Ramsey for 30 mil, maybe even get 25 mil by selling our young players like Chamberlain and Giroud.

      1. jonestown1 says:

        Amateurish attempt mate if you don’t mind me saying so.

        1. JStarrr says:

          Yeah….I was so pissed when I started reading that I missed the possible attempt at sarcasm.

      2. JStarrr says:

        This has to be the dumbest comment ever. Please stop writing dumb s***. Sanchez is a hundred times better than Nani. He has to adjust to his team a**. He is eager to impress that’s why he is messing up. He was a success in both Italy and Spain and needs time to adjust.
        Il admit he had a stinker….but in the one set piece he took he got and assist vs Carzorlas 15. Go sleep bro. You know nothing of football. Fans like you disgust me. And you diss Walcott. Hmmm this’s really pissed me off … Sorry others who had to read my rant.

        1. atid says:

          He’s winding you up mate.

        2. chris001 says:

          it was actually funny to me

      3. Gooneristic Truth says:

        Alexis did have a stinker of game, but still oozed quality & works quite hard off the ball. It can take as long as a season or so to get used to the English game. You can tell by his play that there will be hell to pay once he clicks with the rest of the squad. 90 minutes is far from enough to call a player a waste of money!

      4. JoJo says:

        Iv’e read some stupid comments on this site.
        But this one.. *claps* bravo bravo
        F*cking amazing.

    4. jonestown1 says:

      Thumbs Up: If you want Carvalho and have never seen him play other than a uTube Clip but think he looks the part.

      Thumbs Down: No to Rabiot although you have never seen him play other than uTube clips and think he looks a little weedy so he must be crap.

      1. JoJo says:


        1. jonestown1 says:

          No fooling you JoJo eh? Still think Khedira will turn out to be this years Higuain, a massive red herring.

          1. JoJo says:

            haa, unfortunately i think you’re right. 🙁

          2. jonestown1 says:

            Don’t despair, pretty sure a couple of surprises are still on the way – I like surprises but have given up second guessing Wenger a long time ago.

      2. chris001 says:

        Rabiot has made some good passes on seen on uTube clips

    5. Gigi2 says:

      j’ai vecu en France pendant 3 ans, il y a environ 15 ans,

      1. Gigi2 says:

        nothing to do with actual arsenal stuff, but thats where i read about this french coach arriving at Arsenal….and i became a gooner

  2. gamer says:

    no thank you we need a established dm player arteta cant handle a full season at his age and he gets bullied in the big games, flamini is too ill disciplined bring in khedira or my preference carvalho i believe if we bring in a quality dm player than it can compensate for a cf and at of the 2 positions i rather arsne get a dm instead of a cf wont complain if he gets both but dont see it happening but will see

    1. rock88 says:

      We also need CB. We have only 2. Chambers is more of a versatile player. Miquel and Hayden
      are not ready.

      1. gamer says:

        if we can get carvalho he could be our 4th choice cb but if we get khedira than i agree will also need to bring a cb

    2. jonestown1 says:

      Gamer – how many minutes of Carvalho have you watched? Come on be honest. I wager you haven’t seen one minute of him in Primeira Liga, maybe a few WC minutes when he came on and some uTube clips. Man United have been scouting him for 2 years and haven’t made a move. If, and big if, AFC are genuinely interested then they will know their man and will make an informed decision – and then see if they can knock down the ludicrous alleged buy-out of £37M or whatever.

      1. CarlosSilva says:

        Well I’ve seen a ton of Carvalho and can tell you he’s an amazing player. Not the greatest on the ball, if anything slightly below average, but he’s an absolute monster when it comes to winning the ball back. Which is exactly what we need, a good old fashioned DM. Also as gamer said, if we we’re to get him he could easily be our 4th choice CB, he can cover at the back very well if needed.. Also may I point this out search ‘LPFP awards’ on wiki, who in the breakthrough category apart from Josue do you guys not know?

    3. atid says:

      Just wondering which of carvalho’s 30 league appearances you actually watched? And why you was so impressed you want to spend £37m of our money on a player from the potuguese league.

      Whereas for £8m you can buy a world and european champion who has played over 300 matches in the last 8 seasons at the very highest level.

  3. ravi2485 says:

    We have plenty of players in the mid field
    but in current scenario we need dm and cb
    so its not a good buy .

  4. rock88 says:

    Why Gibbs always gets injured? He has a history of getting injured every season. Last season also
    he was out for 6 weeks. I hope Monreal defends better than last season.

    1. DanielC1989 says:

      Monreal did well when he came on. but Palace were knackered by that point

  5. Twig says:

    I’m not joking, but I think Marounne Chamakh is the tough tackling defensive midfielder we’ve been looking for! What a performance 😀

    1. rock88 says:

      Yes he should have been a defensive midfilder LOL.

    2. NY_Gunner says:

      I was wondering why he bossed their midfield so, when he’s supposed to be a CF. He cleared their line a few times also…

      1. Twig says:

        Some people waste their entire career playing the wrong positions… imagine if Gareth Bale was still playing left back or Thierry Henry spent his entire career on the wings 😉

        1. NY_Gunner says:

          Yeah, its too late for him to reinvent himself. Dudes 30…

    3. Goontz says:

      Chamakh tried to break our players because he wanted to avenge his hoe brotha Nasri.

    4. Gigi2 says:

      hahahaaha twid this is the funny comment of the month

  6. Insanity. We need William Carvalho, strong, dominating and technically astute not another bloody pansy like Adrien Rabiot,. We need a big, tough, alpha male sitting DM who wants to dominate. Pay the dosh to get quality and more importantly what, and who we need. Wake up Wenger before the team and supporters pay for you going back to type.

    1. rock88 says:

      Yes Im also tired of small creative players.

      1. Young Gun_AFC says:

        Adrien rabbiot is over 6ft tall… If thats too small for you them damn. Clearly you have not even seen him to make that point.

        1. GoonerG1 says:

          Rabbiot is 6ft 2″. He can play CDM or in an advance role. He has the ball skills Wenger likes (Wenger doesn’t like defense-only CDMs). His price is around 6 million pounds. I would be happy with that purchase. I’m not so happy about the reports that Arteta is in contract-extension negotiations.

    2. jonestown1 says:

      If “big, tough, alpha males” are your thing then try watching rugby league. You won’t find any in football.

    3. atid says:

      So get khedira for £8m and with the money saved buy reus

      Carvalho 30 Portuguese league appearances

      Khedira 300+ in la liga, bundesliga and internationals

  7. Tayla says:

    On the defender front, i was thinking the mexican centre back looked good in the WC, hector moreno. Don’t think he should be too expensive would be a good signing i think

  8. rock88 says:

    Manolas, Carvalho and Cavani

    1. Gigi2 says:

      oh yes, definitely,
      I wouldnt hold my breath but oh yes I want them too, those 3, now

  9. Ted Drake says:

    We need to either play Sanchez as a striker or buy a price goal scorer as Sanogo is still raw and Giroud is average.

    1. Twig says:

      Sanchez as striker wouldn’t do, as he’ll limit us to ground balls. Honestly, I would be okay with Benteke or even Huntelaar and then sending Sanogo on loan. We need a proper centre forward to challenge Giroud directly for a starting place.

  10. Jimbeam says:

    What I learned today:

    1) Sanogo should go out on loan and play 30 EPL games before he comes back into our team. He is not good enough in any way shape or form. He doesnt know where to run, he doesnt know how to control the ball, I am not saying he cant learn but he shouldnt learn in Arsenal’s first team.

    2) We have to learn how to defend spot kicks!!! This is just effing training guys, we get scored training ground goals from spot kicks all the time!! Watch the video learn where to be and mark your man.

    3) We need a versatile defender or a DM that can play defense or both Howedes or Carvalho fits
    the bill

    4) The best striker in the team is Sanchez play him there. Or play him with Giroud in a two men front.

    5) Chambers is damn good.

    6) When we dont need to defend Arteta is ok, Spraying passes around, what will happen when we need to defend? I guess Besiktas and Everton will show us what we wre lacking early enough. Again get Carvalho.

    7) Cazorla on the left is not really happening, and we all know this. He plays well one game then gets lost 3 or 4. He is too good a player to be played out of position. He should play that number 10 spot along with Ozil this year. we will have 60+ games, thats enough to share.

    8) I miss Theo.

    9) Jack will be better this year.

    10) Ramsey is a beast.

    11) Give Campbell a chance. He looks better than Ox, And Cazorla on the wing.

    So nothing we didnt know already. Ideally we need a defender, A DM and A Striker.I would be happy with one, ecstatic with 2 and I would run around naked in Emirates if we got all three.
    Since I know Wenger that seems impossible to happen so you guys are saved!

    1. DanielC1989 says:

      how can you defend penalties?

      1. atid says:


        What epl team is going to want a striker that hasnt scored a goal in 15 appearances and only 1 goal EVER in top flight football?

        Be realistic, first he needs to score for arsenal at u21 level, which is something afobe and akpom have managed. Then if he is lucky he might get a div1 or championship club that will be interested.

        Unfortunately this is one of Wengers stubborn gambles that is simply not paying off at present. He really needs to be strong, admit sanogo is not ready for a starting berth and bring in a new striker. Sanogo is young enough to play under 21 and not even as an overage player.

    2. GoonerG1 says:

      Give Campbell a chance, yes. Next game please. Players need to be rested. Start both Campbell and the Ox.

  11. SIK says:

    More links. Not going to happen

  12. Jake the Snake says:

    Unfortunately today is what will happen if we continue to play 3 centre midfielders. Ultimately we are sacrificing a creative/quick player to play a more defensive minded player/position. We desperately lacked a cutting edge and a playmaker today. Can’t wait for the return of 4-2-3-1 and more importantly Ozil!

    1. Pearsenal says:

      4-3-3 should be retained against better teams who will attack us, 4-2-3-1 should be used when we need to break down defences who aren’t attacking us as frequently.

      1. atid says:

        But we played 4141 today

  13. DanO says:

    I thought chambers was outstanding today ,what a player we have here ,he will be a big player for us,disappointed for Campbell today thought he deserved at least a run ,sayin dat I think he will have a big say in our season,not the best performance today but would have taken that result before kick off…!

    1. jonestown1 says:

      And to think that CB is his least experienced position; first a CDM then a RB and now filling in for us as CB although he has dabbled with this position before. Dare I say it that over the last 3 matches he has been our best player?

      Serious question for the serious minded on here: Why can he not be a solution at CDM for us? I hear all the clamour for a “big name” and how he is too young etc but most of the names we are shouting out for were first team CDMs in big leagues at 19/20 years of age. Some players can handle the responsibility at 19/20 – others can’t. CC looks like he can imo. Hell, Carvalho is a gnarled, veteran at 22 and listen to the noise for him!! I know many want an immediate impact at CDM for this season – fair enough, but there is only one way to find out whether he is good enough and that is to try him. Pretty sure Wenger will in his own good time – may be in League or FA cup.

  14. haywill says:

    i seriously think that aaron ramsey deserves statue 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  15. goonerian says:

    Its difficult to win at old trafford, not even manchester can win there.. Made my day lol

  16. goonerian says:

    Seriously people need to give jack a break, he’s just a scape goat for all pundits, who think they are genius, for simple stating the obvious, I understand that jack needs to improve, but judging by todays game, so does carzola, arteta, schezny and ox..

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Jacks gonna have to be twice as better than he is now in order to get match time.

    2. DanO says:

      I agree ,jack is an easy target for pundits at the min with smoking and dat but I say judge him at the end of the season full stop.

      1. atid says:

        Is he on the dat aswell?

        Would it really hurt to write that instead of dat?

        But if you come from the bronx, harlem or some other scary gangster villa write however you like.

  17. Kentox says:

    What !! Sanchez is a waste? Dude you’re not only a deluded fool but also a daft nonentity !
    Admin pls kick this low life spud out !

  18. rock88 says:

    Acc to Kostas Manolas is undergoing medical at Arsenal. Hope its true.

  19. Ozil_Sanchez says:

    Just get Carvalho

    He can be 4th CD as well as 1st CDM

    1. atid says:

      Carvalho for £8m yes, but not at £37m.

      He is simply an inexperienced Portuguese level.player. I bet you have never even seen one of his 30 league appearances?

  20. goonerian says:

    @N_Y gooner I couldn’t agree more, he really needs to work hard, am sure he will come good @Dano spot on mate, if he stays injury free, am sure he will come good

  21. mortal says:

    how good is the manolas guy

  22. Balke says:

    I don’t know why you guys keep saying we need to buy a DM? Wenger has come out and said that when Mertesacker gets back that Chambers is moving there. Enough already

  23. haywill says:

    carvin a statue wont cost a lot of money 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  24. haywill says:

    and why dont we buy khedira hes only 8mil now l!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  25. royalman says:

    Gibbs injury cost cambell his game today

  26. ruelando says:

    I though Chambers was excellent in the mach, although he picked up a yellow card and at no time i fear that pace would beat arsenal back line today, i did worry about set plays and it did come to past. We beat Crystal palace 2-0 on both occasion last season, i think that Crystal palace will give all the top teams problem, if they use the same tactics they used on us, so we should not be feeling bad about the score line, many team will be hoping for a 2-1 score when they play Crystal palace.

    Ok the Rabiot story, well he can play DM, (more a deep lying play maker for me) has good pace, good technical skills and good height. he is definitely not the physical monster we would want in the middle of our field,, but to me fits Wengers idea of a DM. Well heard on Goal Manolas doing medical, that would be nice if it was true, because i heard on skysports radio he wanted starting options, but wenger told him he would have to fight for that . So it seems that we might be getting one of the two position sorted soon

  27. jermaineBryan says:

    Adrien rabiot is a very talented cm he is rated the 6tth most valuable teenage cm
    He could be groomed as a arteta replacement. This lad is very tall and techniqualy sound.

    Ideally if we were to go for a young dm then yuri teilemens is destined to be something special. He is a regular Lready at anderlecht at only 17 years old he is also the most valuable teen dm in football today

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