Shock as Arsenal starlet Omari Hutchinson joins Chelsea

Now this is a great shock this morning as it has now been confirmed by a journalist for the Guardian and ESPN that Omari Hutchinson is leaving Arsenal to join up with the Chelsea U23 side this summer.

It was first reported three days ago by The Secret Scout, but now we have a more official confirmation in a Tweet from Freddie Paxton…

This move could simply be a by-product of the arrival of Marquinhos from Brazil, but with Arsenal already having the rising stars of Hutchinson and Marcelo Flores in the same position, we certainly didn’t expect either of them to leave. Both Hutchinson and Flores played half a game in the Ipswich friendly and were expected to get game time in the Europa League this season.

We are waiting for furter details to emerge, but whatever the reason, I am shocked that one of our most promising starlets is going to one of our biggest rivals…


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  1. Well if he does join Chelsea he’s not going to get many games in the 1st team so is this all about money ?

  2. If Charlie Patino is not Protected
    and CONSERVED, that will be the next Shock
    This I can see it coming as he was left out of trip to the United States of America

  3. @AA Already hit panic button with Patino meanwhile his ben made a first team player and also important to the whole process.
    Well good luck to him but we should put some clauses if it’s not a release.

  4. Can somebody please tell Edu to send Marquinhos back To Brazil. Hutchinson is a real talent we should have given the chance academy product as well.

    1. same thing was said about Balogun. Who cannot even get a game in Championship. Every youth talent is “generational”. They need to actually show it before demanding high wages. He didnt want to sign for us because he wanted more money.

      1. I don’t really care about the overhype we keep putting on pur academy products.. For 25 years how many of these players have made it into Arsenal first team and went on to prosper? We have had 100’s of these academy players and out of 100 I can count about 10 that have gone on and just about justified their hype in 25 years..
        Wilshere, ESR, Gnabry, Saka, Coquelin, Nelson, Martinez, Willock, Nketia, Iwobi etc?

        I remember the likes of J.E.T, Eastmond, Afobe, Akpom, Zelalem, Dan Crowley etc were the next big thing.

        I remember Willock and Nketia being hyped up as the next big stars. People getting made that Emery, Arteta were not giving them game time. The moment they were given game time then the same people turned around and started throwing abuse and insults towards them. How they were average and championship level etc..

        So I never take these Academy overhype catchphrase seriously.. I just leave all that to the managers and coaches to decide if any youngster is ready or good enough to be promoted..

  5. If he’s gone to Chelsea it’s obviously for the money as he’s got less chance of getting anywhere near their first team as he would have had with us.

  6. I can’t understand why are we letting omari leave! Bcos he is the next big. Pls somebody should advise the board not to let go.

  7. Nooooooo! He was my favourite player in the U23s.
    Before we all pile in and criticise the club – if a player wants to leave at the end of their contract there are only a couple of things we can do – guarantee a first team slot or offer them more money, and even that may fail. The first is tough when we already have such a young squad, and the second is unadvisable if it breaks the club’s pay scale and makes other kids resentful.
    No way he’s going to Chelsea’s first team, so probably it’s for more cash – I’m pretty sure Chelsea’s kids get more than ours. Or he may be a closet Chelsea fan. Or just unhappy here. If he’s only thinking of cash aged 18 then maybe, good as he is, long term he’s not right for us. As with Auba and Ozil, paying players too much to stay rarely works out.
    Or maybe it’s untrue…

    1. Since most 18yo don’t make it in the top level, making dacision based on money is logical. You think- i’ll get as much money while i can bcos in 2-3 years i might work at McDonalds. If i will succeed in football i’ll succeed never mind the team i am at at 18.

  8. Gutted. Really loved what I saw from him and was looking forward to seeing him in some Europa games.

    Odd choice to go the Chelsea unless he’s a fan as suggested above. Yes their Academy churns out quality players but they don’t have a great track record of giving them a chance in the first team. Maybe he wants to see the world through loans.

    Does Arsenal get compensation?

  9. We should stop hyping these players. He obviously wanted more money because for the life of me I can’t understand how he has chosen Chelsea over arsenal for his development. Chelsea sign ready made players for first team. Calum Hudson comes to mind. What is he smoking? A bad choice. Good luck to him. Good riddance, if you think you’re bigger than arsenal or you must be guaranteed a starting spot, then you need to have a rethink.

  10. He can go for all I care., even to Totenham. No player is bigger than the team, especially an academy material.

  11. No need to be so blindly loyal Dada, there are two ways of looking at this. Either the Brazilian kid is so good Hutchinson feels he has a better chance at Chelsea or we have blown it again and made another Ashley Cole type gaff in letting one of our best prospects get away. From what I’ve gathered though Hutchinson had already jumped ship as be a 14 year old when he left the Chavs to join Arsenal so he owes us nothing.

  12. He has Saka and Marquinhos to contend with and we are said to be bidding for another wide player. He is probably responding to the fact that they didn’t bank on him to provide cover for Saka. If we do bring in a right winger well then his pathway is blocked. I wonder how Flores will feel about it all, is he not right-sided too. If Arsenal believed that Hutchinson was capable of reaching Saka levels over the foreseeable future, then he would be enticed with a larger contract offer and he’d be taking up an important first-team spot

  13. Chelsea academy players mad far more starts in the PL last season than Arsenal academy players
    Mount, James, Chalobah, RLC, CHO stacked up more than 100 PL starts .
    Historically tells us that Chelsea didn’t promote youth but that is now just not the case. Arsenal can’t sit on their laurels because the fact dips that Chelsea clearly are developing more top class players than Arsenal and many of those youngsters are rated too highly by Arsenal supporters.

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