Shock in store for Sanchez on return to Arsenal?

We have all phoned in to say we are too sick to work that day, well I have at least and I reckon most of you Arsenal fans have too. Oddly enough it has often been after a night out, but coincidence can be a funny thing. It might also be a coincidence that our Chilean international star Alexis Sanchez has posted a picture of himself looking sad, wrapped up in a scarf and accompanied by the word ‘sick’.

It is pretty clear that the striker wanted a transfer away from Arsenal this summer and it is increasingly clear that Arsene Wenger intends to stand his ground and keep him, with The Mirror reporting that the boss has declared that he expects Alexis to begin pre-season training on Sunday, along with our German defender Shkodran Mustafi who is also back late after featuring in the Confederate’s Cup final.

Sanchez may really be sick and if so will probably not be training on Sunday but that will only postpone his return and if this is the start of his attempts to force Wenger to sell him then he could be in for a shock when he arrives in north London.

More specifically in fact, he could be in for three shocks, although the biggest is likely to be in the shape of Jens Lehmann, as our former keeper is not the sort to stand for any sulking or attempts to disrupt the dressing room. There are also the significant presences of our current number one Petr Cech and our club captain Per Mertesacker for Alexis to think about before he starts messing the club about.

Would you want to get on the wrong side of those three giant Gunners?


Updated: July 28, 2017 — 7:07 pm


  1. Well at barca he was playing in the shadows of the messi’s and the iniesta’s.Then,he came to arsenal,was athe lone star in a descent squad and became the main man in the first season only.It was then only that he caught the eye of the europe’s elite.We saved his career from becoming a fluke despite the titles he won at FCB.Trust me,even I didn’t know that an alexis sanchez existed at barca.Now rather than being grateful he wants to leave.That’s modern football loyalty for you.

    1. True but the harsh reality is footballers don’t owe fans anything, its our club who needs to take initiatives. Sanchez can make a strong case as to why wenger didn’t surround with big names when he is at his prime?…

    2. The best case scenario is starting to look like we get as much as possible from City and he contributes to a unhappy dressing room as Pep realises their aren’t enough attacker minutes for him, Aguero, Jesus, Sane, Sterling, DeBruyne, Silva et al.. The last two titles have been won by relatively small first teams defined by great team spirit.

    3. Has anyone actually read any quotes from alexis saying he wants to leave? All I have read is that wenger has said he is not leaving and will honour the last year of his contract, the equivalent of anyone here working their notice period. Arsenal know what they have to do to keep him. That is qualify for the champions league again and pay him circa £15-20m a year. However, this season he will still be on £140k a week unless he signs a new contract or Arsenal decide to sell him

    4. You do realize he chose to come to us instead of Liverpool who was paying more. Show some gratitude.

  2. Let us sell him for 60mil to City and buy quality players. He never won any trophy for us. What is the guarantee he will for City. Just move on in life. The problem is Wenger the asshole who cannot take decision. We should look at Costa/Benzema/Auba to replace Sanchez and may these guys will win us the league. Get a quality midfielder to replace Cazola and one Central Defender and we have team to challenge for the title. Idiot Wenger has to move his ass and do business in the transfer market but will the asshole move ? That is the question

  3. you snooze you lose. get business done so we can get on with football

  4. Arsenal is bigger than Sanchez. Let him go, the standard cannot change! Get Lemar or Mahrez and Serious.

  5. I don’t want us to lose Sanches but he’s turning to be selfish and ungrateful I believe Arsene saved his career and Now he’s running to the man (Guardiolla) who almost destroyed his career, let him go there is no player bigger then the club, I hope he rots on the bench wherever he goes.

    1. You are 100% correct, Wenger (Arsenal) gave him the ability and tools to become the player he is today. If he really wants to leave, let him. Tell him, you may go to PSG or another club away from the EPL OR you stay and play or watch from the bench! Period. That damn image of him wrapped up like a winter fashion model with his “dog” and that wussy pout he is showing is embarrassing and pathetic! That alone should be cause to sell him to a foreign club!

  6. Arsenal have to show power and keep Sanchez and do the same Manu did with De Gea.
    Dea Gea was all set to join Real but now he is still at Manu and performs well. keep Sanchez on the bench 2-3 matches and he will sign a new contract. This club must make a statement that they dont sell their best player once for all.
    i cant understand fans are happy to cash in 50-60 mill for him. his value is way above 100 mill

    1. It’s a different scenario, de gea didn’t have one year left on his contract..

      1. he had one year left 2 years ago but then he signed a new deal when the transfer to Real was off

        1. De Gea has never behave as Sanchez

  7. Ciaran Paul Mohan

    Sell Alexis Sanchez why keep him
    I really was fed up watching his strops on the pitch last season and now he wants us to feel sorry for him because he has a runny nose
    Best a man Sanchez get on with life you don’t know how lucky you are.

  8. Same old sheit at Arsenal. A very frustrating replay so far of the last several years, to a damn “T”!

    Hoping for some upbeat times, but if Arsenal start off with a sputter, it is going to come quickly, having to listen to and read, “Wenger Out!”, so soon this season! I am desperately hopeful for a good start and a solid season, but I am also very cognizant of the chance that things could unravel and become very ugly, quickly, with a lot of pent up frustration from so many fans. And rightly so, unfortunately.

  9. I absolutely agree with Sukhjot Gunner and Black Irish. We cant tolerate his arrogant stubbornness, though i am a die hard fan of him. It will spoil the entire dressing room mood. Let us sell him. If he is not happy , one can’t expect a stellar performance from him. With that money we can buy quality young players even if we have to shell out a bit more. Sanchez was a shadow when he played for Barcelona and when Bayern drubbed Barcelona by 7 goals in the two legs of champions league

  10. The best question to ask him if he claims to play champions league is was arsenal not in champion league or why he didn`t qualify them and challeage his move? To me let him be sold to psg so he could win the champion league.

  11. World cup is just @ d corner i will keep him on the bench for 20 games and mek sure he misses out on d world cup squad then he will realise dat no one is bigger than d club.. Ungrateful and stupid sanchez

    1. He could miss the whole season, and he’d still be the 1st name on the Chile team sheet.

    2. Obviously, Samij you do not know much about the Chilean team, even if Sanchez had two broken legs and had not played for 2 years he would still be the first name in the starting 11.

      I do not believe in cutting off our nose to spite our face, and keeping Alex is exactly that, we bench him for the year and lose him for on a free to the same Manciti who we are not selling to at the moment, WOW what logic.

      Force him to play then he destroys what ever chemistry the team is trying to build and the media would continue help to surround arsenal with the negative vibes like last season.

      I would rather sell him for 1 million to city and go buy some players the Mahrez, lemar, Seri or Goretzka

  12. Why are we overreacting? Sanchez is also a human being. He has the all the right in the world to do whatever he wants last time i checked is its not wrong to take a selfie with your pet is it????
    Lets find something else to talk about than believe the mirror last time i read there crap we had signed benzema and higuan!!
    I think we need to give our players some slack and wenger saying he will back means he must have communicated with the player.

  13. @Khanguners; Sanchez is going beyond personal right: the guy is contesting everything at the club and our focus alike . Sanchez should have make his point clear if for his respect to prevail, what manner of right when his manager announces his due date for training yet in just less than 5hrs he creates sudden sickness? It is taking ages for him 5th respond to important rumors and questions. He is way far from exciting his right. He is creating roophole to improvise his access valve; he wants to chanel enmity btwn him and fans 5th a rival team he wants to go. Am sick, tired of him though am his great fan.

  14. See I don’t like the idea of walking on egg shells, for a player that we pay huge salary every week, will the three people you mentioned beat him? Let’s sell this guy and move on, the only problem is that we dont trust wenger in the transfer market, if not we will replace with a top top squad that will win together..

  15. It’s sad… anyway ARSENAL for life…

  16. Why must arsenal always have this contract problems year in year out? It’s not only Sanchez that’s on a year left, Oxlade, Ozil, Ramsey, Gibbs, Wilshire, Jenkinson and others have a year left as well. When ever I play football manager, first thing I do is sort out contracts. The arsenal I love is sick and something has to be done. I think Sanchez should be sold once and for all, no one is bigger than the club (you can ask Clichy, Sagna, Van Persie, Nasri and even Cesc). It’s best we get 50-60 mil for him now and use that money to get a good replacement then force him to run out his contract and leave for free.

    1. @Zesire, the reason is not far fetched, when you have a coach, who is playing the role of a club director & contract negotiator instead of focusing on his primary assignment & allow others do their job, the outcome is what is happening now. The Club needs to put things right. Lot of Arsenal players i.e van persie, clichy, Ashley Cole etc took advantage of their contract situations & moved to other clubs, so sanchez is not d 1st and wont be d last if the club continue ds way……..

    2. Were the ‘big’ players there when he signed for arsenal? With all the big players at Barcelona what did he do with his career?
      If he wants to leave, he should wait till his contract expires, simple.

    3. Arsenal has had a contract on the table for Sanchez for over a year, but he refused signing. What do you expect the club do do ?

    4. No one is bigger than the Club… Except Wenger… He has achieved nothing in 10+ years and last one was a disaster. How can Wenger play mistery for two months without saying he will renew or not….we lost valuable time in the transfer market.. Wenger lied to Alexis, promised him to build a competitive team and failed year after year.

      I agree the flu pic is childish and pathetic, but why did the board let Alexis run into his last year of contract, should have secured him in January. Its only natural to try to leave when you have lost confidence in the board and the manager….Any of us at our everyday job would do the same, ask for a raise if we do a great job and seek for a new one if our boss denies the raise.

      If you think that Kolanisiac and Lacazette will get us back to CL or even EPL then you are wrong….if getting back to CL is your only goal…then we are probably fans of a different club.

  17. He shoud look at kos most clubs would take him ,but he loves arsenal also hes on a fraction of sanchez salary,sell the little snake

  18. if sanchez and Ox dont want to sign there contract let them go now and replace them with mahrez and Lemar ?

    1. And ozil? He is in his last year, so too is wilshire and cazorla and chamberlain. However, the only people I have heard say they actually want to leave is perez, well his agent actually said that. I think the fact that perez and Gibbs trained away from the first team squad and were not involved at Borehamwood and also are not in the Emirates cup squad means they are as good as gone.

  19. By the way, what kind of sick he has? Wengeritis? Dude, no medicine for that yet! LOL…

  20. Many don’t remember that Sanchez was reported early in the year to have said that he would leave Arsenal if Wenger remains at the Club.It was the Club that issued a statement denying that but I did not read anywhere that Sanchez himself denied the statement. That is what is playing out. I do not blame Sanchez if he feels that his ambition is not realizable in Arsenal under Wenger.
    I support the Club’s stance not to strengthen a direct competitor but it must be said that Arsenal has been having problems with transfer since David Dein left the Aresenal Board. Unfortunately the power monger who wants to do everything about players’ transfer in and out has exhibited egregious incompetence in doing so. It is a shame that Arsenal is embroiled in transfer controversy with players every year due to poor human relations and reactive nature of Wenger. Wenger is not a proactive manager and that shows on match days when changes are not made until 70th minute or after preventable goals are conceded . Last week ,Wenger said that Sanchez has not told him that he wants out when the football world has been reporting this for months!
    A proactive person would have called Sanchez to know his mind based on reports. “Okay son, you want to go, but you can’t go to any of our rivals for the PL title but you may go abroad. Contact any club interested in you and let them approach us” That could have clipped Sanchez’s wings without any noise or bad blood. We all know that Mancity had tapped him up and that is where he wants to go. Put a call to Pep “Are you interested in my player as being reported in the media?” Since ‘tapping up’ is an offense, and Arsenal has not been approached ,he would deny.
    A proactive manager would now drop the bombshell : “Well, if you want Sanchez, let us have Gabriel Jesus in whom you are well pleased or Aguero in a swap deal ”
    That would have been the end of the matter since no manager wants to lose his best player to a rival. Pep himself would have been the courier of the ‘ bad news’ to Sanchez that the deal is off.
    Unfortunately there is no intellectual approach to issues in Arsenal .
    It is sad .

    1. how do you know what has or has not been said by Arsene and the club ? Because you read The Sun ?
      Only comments from either party is Alecis saying he wants to win Chanpions League.. he did not say when or with who… Wenger said he has had positie dialogue with Alexis.
      The media wants to sell papers or get click throughs and have no integrity… and some fans are happy to be sheep

  21. Arsenal are not going to be top four even with him there.
    Wenger simply is incapable of learning from past mistakes so what is the point of holding a top class player at a club where he has no chance of achieving success…

    1. I really didn’t like saying that but its time that Arsenal fans realise that we simply are not competitive any more..

      1. 3 fa cups in 4 years and top 4 last 20 years which also meant Champions League for 20 years except last year ? Finished 2nd two years ago…

        Chelsea Man City and Man Utd have billionaire owners who pay over inflated prices for players for years.. we are playing catch up after years of austerity havjng to pay off the stadium… laat 3 years have seen us spend between 30 and 50mn which would and should be seen as big fees yet now Pogba goes for 80mn plus and Mbappe now being pitched at 150mn plus and Neymar 200mn !!

        If UEFA had any balls and properly implemented FFP then would be a level playing field!

        1. FA cup may be the oldest tournament in football but hardly comparable with CL.

          If participating in CL for 20 years is good enough and not qualifying this year is a good result to warrant that manager a 2 yrs extension…. Then the board lacks the ambition the win anything.

          If as a fan you are happy with that
          …well good for you.

  22. It is hard for me to understand that we would want to turn on Sanchez because he wants to play somewhere else. Don’t speak about loyalty because that is a joke. That doesn’t exist in football. Football now is a business. How loyal were we to Perez and Campbell?

    We should wonder why a long list of world class players continue to want to leave our club rather than get angry at each and every one of them whilst they go on to win major trophies with other teams.

    We should fix the reasons players want to leave or not join us rather than blow anger in their direction.

    We need a mentality shift from owner to manager to fans. If you want to win you have to have a winning mentality. We don’t have that. Winners win and attract more winners and retain winners.
    Losers make excuses, point fingers and cry foul.

    Time for us to become winners again.

  23. Alexis is a top player, but he cant treat us like this. He is no more important to us than we were to him. There are players in the past who have done more for us than he has and they didn’t treat us like that. It good to remember that when Alexis came we had won the FA Cup without him, and after his arrival all we have done is the same. So there is no legendary contribution from him.

    The sad part is, if we sign Lemar, and maybe Seri and Mahrez, and it does look likely that we do, we can, if we commit to it, win the title. If Alexis is in a title winning team, then we can all say he is knocking on the door of legendary status at Arsenal. Probably even make it to top 10 greatest players ever.

    This is what we should do –

    Sign Lemar and Mahrez. Add Seri if we can. Sell Alexis and balance the Math.

    Lacazette, Lemar, Mahrez and Ozil is a good balance of creativity and finishing. Seri and Xhaka will provide the combative midfield we need.

    OG, welbeck, Ramsey, Ox, Walcott, will provide the attacking competition. Coq, Elneny, Wilshere are Midfield back ups.
    At the back we would be fine. Mustafi, Boss, Monreal, Bellerin, Sead, Holding, Mert, Gabriel I think can do the Job if Injuries are a little kind.

    That is a team, with proper tactics, immense support from the stands, and little luck, can win the title.

    Alexis would be a distant Memory – just like the Van Persie’s before him.

  24. I like that bit about RvP and distant memories. Sanchez never got any of his previous managers to trust him as the team’s top strike for a whole season. He came into his present status on the back of one man’s trust – Arsene Wenger.

    That was a huge risk and could have backfired horribly. Guess who would have borne the brunt of. Yet some still hate the man for having ‘lost it’. Nobody is prepared to give Wenger the full credit for today’s version of Sanchez, least of all Sanchez himself.

  25. If Sanchez wants his arse licked and extra padded with some more money, he can bugger off to Man City.

    Am not going to be surprised if it goes horribly wrong for him there in City.

    Who knows, Pep might not do well with his team, in spite of the huge finances on players. Their league position may necessitate him being sacked before the end of the season. Who can give guarantees that this will not happen?

  26. We must keep Sanchez. He has to play and perform to ensure that he gets his dream club and dream wages next year when he is a free agent. Arsenal on the other hand can surely achieve more with him than without him. Not exactly a win-win, as we will then loose him for free but no disaster either.

    1. He is a professional…so if forced to stay, he will perform as great as usual. Its only on his best interest to keep other clubs wanting him next year.

      Sell him now to PSG, that will keep him away from EPL until the end of his career. Keep him now won’t warrant us the EPL title nor the CL. We will loose him for nothing and he will haunt us from another EPL club for years

      1. Good to have different perspective. I respect that. However, I feel he will not be as successfull with teams like Chelsea or City. The reason being, that he will not be the main man at any of these clubs. He would have to compete with either hazard or aguero/de bruene for the spotlight. It is Arsene and Arsenal that offered him the freedom to be the player that he was NOT at Barca.

  27. Obviously Sanchez is going to mark the beginning of a new era where players will not take arsenal for a ride

  28. Buy Lemar ,Keep Sanchez and bench him all season..
    Then we would see who would b dumb enough to give him even 250k per week

    1. Sure bench him like Wenger did agaisnt Liverpool…then begg him to save you again.

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